Dear Steemians, I Want To Live My Steem-Dream And I Need Your Help! I Have Created SteemLab!

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I have a dream! I have a steem-dream! Well, a dream is what I readily call this, that i am about to write about! This is a lengthy post, explaining my steem-dream and imploring steemians to support me in my bid to live this steem-dream

Reading this post till its end, is very huge support in itself. 

Do buy out opportune time to read it!

@good-karma @sirlunchthehost etc; aren't they living their steem-dream? I wonder how they feel about some idea they conceived of, coming to life on the steem blockchain? I wonder if they haven't started living their steem-dream? 

I wonder how @fabien; @ekitcho feel as they silently watch the growth of I wonder if they aren't living a steem-dream?

I want to be like them. 

I am not tech savvy, when it comes to developing or game-making or making and I certainly don't yet have the resources to foot a website and ico around steem, like @steempowertwins  or @steemsports; but my tiny dream is still accomplishable within the resources available to me!  

Resources available to me:

(I have my existence in the 21st century and the existence of the amazing steem blockchain and this makes an idea and some direction; sufficient for a steem dream come to life. 

Genius @ned and @dantheman have created a model that is built to keep running. They have great steemian minds incessantly mining steem. 

This is the definition of a cycle.    

This is all you need to make a steem-dream/dream; equal to reality!)

"So I am going for it!"   

image source/credit to: 9gag

I will always resound, how much I marvel at the wealth of knowledge that steemit holds. People are constantly researching, creating, curating information from all over the Internet to create steemit knowledge. People are constantly looking for ways to maximize the privilege of having access to bare steem blockchain. 

When I say people, I am saying great steemian-minds! Every person on steemit is a great mind

If you found steemit, you are a great mind! A mind soughting after change; is a great mind! 

A mind that knows how to back up a steemit password; is a great mind

Great minds, incessantly innovating ways to mine steem with their minds; is power! "Dreams have just become ever more attainable!"  

My dream is simple! "I believe steemians can build things beyond the steem technology; some innovation that will bring solution to pertinent problems of the world; so that it becomes known to the rest of the world, that the steem initiative, found cure for cancer or created the first mind-controlled-phone etc.   

We just need somewhere to dump our findings, a Steem Dump

As we research and research information for our next post, we come across a lot of tiny information on the side. We read forums or comments on Reddit or Facebook etc. Sometimes this info appears valueless at the time as it may be off-topic etc, but this info, however trivial, may be the missing puzzle in some other steemian's project; it may be the missing puzzle for @timcliff, who is stuck looking for the next piece of code; it may be that cure for cancer!

(NB: the ultimate steem dream is way below and it is called Steem Lab)

I wish we had a Steem Dump. Somewhere, where we can offload every tiny bit of info, however 'nonsense'; into!

A Steem Dump, where we can place drafts, excerpts, links, or posts; that never evolved enough to constitute a steemit post etc. 

I want a Steem Dump, that can be dug in the future by the rest of humanity, scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers etc; as they sought and sift this dump to find pieces of information that can be assembled; to fix! 

"There is sense in nonsense": According to me, nonsense is harder to conceive of than sensible stuff. "Going to moon"; must have been jested upon as being nonsense sometime in the past but today it is overly possible! 

The way steemit is; even our drafts can constitute much knowledge. The crumbs of great steemian minds, should at the very least, be able to create a school curriculum for taming lions. It is that good!

So I want a Steem Dump but this is a sub-dream. My main steem-dream, is a Steem Lab

I want steemians thus steem, steemit; to become renown in the near future for having created a solution that fixes problems in the world that hasn't got solution until now. This is very possible! 

On steemit; we do more research daily than most people in the rest of the world. Even google must have benefited from our posts! Before steemit; Google must have been tired of recycled information. 

The Internet became boring but I found steemit and my eyes forcefully got opened to new information. 

I am not scientist but I have learnt that saliva has enzymes that deters HIV; I have learnt that treatment that exposes the HIV virus, so that the human body can locate this virus and destroy it has been tested and is gaining success, so it isn't that the virus can't be destroyed by the body but it is, that the virus is able to hide well and replicate without being noticed. 

@thecryptofiend has found that; Two Commonly Used Pesticides May Be Interfering With Melatonin And Causing Disease

@doitvoluntarily recently found out that : a New Study Shows Hot Peppers Promote Longevity!

Who knows what we may find soon; who knows what we are capable of finding! 

Many of the world's findings happened by mistake! Regardless though, people were searching for answers! 

Who knows; we may find out a way of making mosquitoes a bit more sympathetic, so that they go bite roaches instead of tiny kids etc.

If we curate the information that steemit already hosts; gather all our drafts so far; all our excerpts and combine these and cook them up in a Lab; who knows what we can already create? 

The cure for AIDS may already be on the steem blockchain! I am not joking! 

@ned and @dantheman aren't joking! I am pretty sure they knew what they built.   

I don't know where this dream of mine is going, but I foresee its potential.   

I don't know how to bring this fully to life. I don't have the direction but that is why I have you; steemians! 

I would love this tiny dream of mine come to live. And when it does, it will be my first dream or idea to come to life!

My steem-dream is so attainable because for a start, I'll like to start with a discord server. With support; this can grow, courtesy of any other steemian who becomes a member. 

Just like happens on, steemvenue, steem bar; (other discord servers) etc; Discord holds the functionality to host a Steem Lab

This is where i will need your support though. I don't know the technicalities behind most of this things, that is why I am starting modestly with a discord server, after which this tiny steem-dream, can go places as it is carried to the nooks and crannies of earth by other steemians. 

For a start, I will play my tiny role of saving up links from steemit, that have to do with research stuff or findings; like some of the posts I featured above and ofcourse, "findings"; can be in whatever industry. 

Too, members of Steem Lab can freely promote their posts. In my small way, I will develop my own general findings from steemit posts that I have read and I don't know if I can create something but combined with other members and discussions that can take place in the voice channel and further mining of SteemLab; we can cook up something; something BIG; a breakthrough in the real world!

For a start, it is a certainty, that we will be able to come up killer posts at the very least, on any genre; solely from posts cooked up in our SteemLab. The future holds endless creations!

Bottomline is; starting something! Thus, I have created the discord server called Steem Lab and I implore to join.  

I didn't know how to make this function well, thus, i will need your help; you love, infact!

In general, I would have loved to talk to someone influential on steemit as I truly wished this post is read far and wide on steemit; so that my vision is understood. Too, direction, would be really helpful!

Inanycase, if you are reading this post, I implore you to please support this post, so that it gets to the top! This post is really my only means at this point to get my vision seen. This is something that is possible! 

I spoke to @knozaki2015 on and he was very kind in listening to me and giving me some direction.  

I have seen many initiatives like @curie @steemsports etc and they seem to have support from renown steemians; who see their vision. I hope they see this too! 

I really want to be helpful to humanity as whole and I feel steemians in general have the same goal!

Steemians have vision and vision is beyond immediate now!  

Since, I don't know the tech part and don't know well yet; how steemit runs, in terms of running initiatives or contests etc; I am going the way of a post with hopes that it reaches out to the masses of steemit. 

Steem Dump will be a playful channel on Steem Lab and as steemians join SteemLab, everyone will have the ability to create. I doubt if I will be the head or anything as I will leave that, to the more experienced and innovative people of steemit.  

At the very least, the so-called jargons from Steem Dump can create killer posts that will hint into the future! The eventual future for Steem Dump is big and bright and so is SteemLab's

I don't know how to arrange these things well enough yet but i have the dream and steemit has the minds to help me organize this. 

I definitely need a small push or support for every steemian, so that this post gains sufficient interaction for a start, then hopefully many steemians get interested enough to join the discord server Steem Lab

Let start Steem Lab!

For me, one boy alone in the Philippines; one boy away from family; one boy who is dreaming against all odds, alone; a functional Steem Lab on discord, with many steemians loving it, is steem-dream come true!

Overall, steemit for me, is bigger than a place to blog. It has also been a place from which i derive virtual comfort from; my dreams in virtuality. Playfully, these many virtual dreams will turn to reality. Steemians, i definitely need your inspiration. 

On the side, i will end up creating a channel to help any noobs on steemit, and if you haven't joined steemit; "Please join and contact me by leaving a comment and i will reach out to you, to hear your voice and direct you on your steemit journey". 

To join Steem Lab, just click here! When you join, you'll have the option of connecting via your browser, or downloading the Discord app. Discord is really well developed; with voice channels, chat and calls. It is interesting to use!

Once joined on discord, you'll be able to join any channel via its link!

This is really really easy. Don't fret! I can always guide you. I am a comment away!

I am your boy Terry


And this post is so so so resteemable, upvoteable, commentable!

@sirlunchthehost offered to feature me in his steemit podcast. We haven't completed our conversation yet but i believe that will happen soon; an avenue for me to answer questions and explain this vision a bit more. 

In the meantime, i am so ready to answer your comments and so so ready to draw inspiration from it!


Good initiative, keep up the hard work and stay focused on your vision. upvoted + following you.

thank you alot. very inspiring and helpful. i am hoping you join the discord aspect too, it is easy to inspire one another on there. thank you for commenting, alot!

Keep writing. Take care of yourself. And keep writing.

Write your stories.
Write your goals.
Write your memories.
Write your dreams.

Stay focused on your goals and all will be well. Nice to meet you here on Steemit.

Very encouraging! Thank you a lot

I have joined the discord community of STEEMLABS already @surpassinggoogle. Nice to see your state of affairs 10months ago. You are a great mind. We can all work together to make our dreams a reality Sir.

hi @surpassinggoogle. I'm a newbie here and when I read your post, I was also motivated to do whatever I wanted to do. As doing what you've dream of. Hope to be as good as you sir :)

i already joined discord, but i don't use it yet due to my smartphone problem