My Steem On-boarding Continues: Nulheim Inc & "The Infamous", Two Startup Companies In The "Coding And Comic Industry" Joins Steemit

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My recent steem onboarding continues: 

First on the list was @brindocorp, a tech-startup company made up of youths, mostly students. By means of their upcoming ISDEV Hackathon 2017, we will strategize on how to bring in all participating tech-startups from the event onto steemit by integrating a Steem Agenda on the days of the Hackathon. 

Some of my funds will be used to help in making this a reality.

I post about my on-boarding escapades because it is an experience that i want to share as a means to teach. Moreover, i am in the most exciting phase of my steemit journey because i am currently on-boarding youths in whose lives i have been in, all along; over the years. 

It is awesome to follow the progress of these youths and see them develop over the years into defined fine people even against the whirlwinds of odds.

How do you fix the world?

Well, we can't but we can manage to adjust it; reshape it and even the whole steem blockchain and whatever breakthrough technology out to change the world, revolves around serving humans.

Why change the world, if there were no humans involved!

So adjusting the world for the better, is as easy as creating the best version of humans

When the very existence of each human has essence to the next brother by his side, then we are approaching true world change!

I am i passionate about bring these new friends on steemit! Steemit has a behavior paradigm in it model and incites people to incessantly "mine with minds" in front of a community of reputable great minds. 

The closer you get to know you are, the closer your are to nobility!

@giantbear brought her whole class of 60 students on steemit and i am sure she feels something special within her whenever she watches them as they constantly find themselves out in #gedwriting. When you have to watch this play out before you; that is utmost leisure!

Next in line joining steemit, will be two young startups and @the-infamous; made up of youths, mostly students! 

These youths were once 15 but time has flown and they are ready to enter a new phase in their development: the steem blockchain.

I managed to get their accounts ready for smooth on-boarding using @anonsteem and both accounts should be ready with their introductory posts in a couple of days.

 There has been advice to use's service with steem-power delegation but it didn't work correctly perhaps due to errors on my part. With anonsteem, you simply buy the accounts either with steem, bitcoin or litecoin and you deliver the password provided you by @anonsteem, to the respective account owners and have them change the passwords, so that they have full ownership of their accounts.

I am coordinating with core members of both teams but especially with their head Davide, to propagate easy sign-ups for each member of each team. Each of these members have different expertise but are combined in running these 2 companies!

Is a small startup comprised of three programmers, two digital artists and an animator to create a unique app that is a cross between modern MMORPG gaming and classic Literature.


Is a small startup, of 4 artists and a comic-book script-writer on a mission to develop an online comic book-store and in time create their own animation studio. 

Davide is 19 (plays lead role); is a student and computer programmer with particular interest in game development and application creation and he is well versed in almost all branches of literature, even comic book scripting.


Core members of the Nulheim INC are;

Cheyi Okoaye 

Marietta Schulze

Marius Isikalu

Melvin Bengsten

Rhoda Sylvester

Samuel Augustine

Core members of 'The infamous' include:

Alexander Miller

Alfred Osaretin

Jefferson Miller

Marietta Schulze

Each of them will land on the steem blockchain and i am already proud of the beauty they will bring. They will basically continue the process of playing out their dreams in dream-bits on the steemit blockchain, under my ongoing tutelage. 

They will find more freedom of expression as a result of steem's decentralization and they will have an open source steem blockchain upon which they can program/code their companies into full life.

Your Boy Terry


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Everyone has something to offer!

I have no idea wtf is going on but I got a good feeling...


Well, a good feeling is a good start!

Fantastic work my friend! You are one of the best Steemians here - always helpful and thinking what can be done to improve the entire community, going the extra mile!!!

Thank you a lot!

Galde you are finding more companies to bring onto Steemit! I hope this catches on more as more and more start seeing the potential Steemit has to offer them. Great job!

Thank you enjar. Thank you for always been around. Have you heard from @pitterpatter lately, is all good?

I have not heard from @pitterpatter, I have left her a few messages on, Steemit, and discord. I wanted to give her some room since it sounded like it was needed. With that said it’s been 2 weeks now. I will talk with my father when he gets home later today and see if he will call up his friend who can speak with her.

I am rather sad to see the project she puts a lot of time into go this long without a blog. I really liked welcoming new people into the community, and I hope she can get back up and running.

I left you a message on discord.