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I recently read one of the best posts about steemit that I’ve read in a while.

The author? @surpassinggoogle! If I understood it correctly, since us steemians all have some STEEM and/or Steem Power, we “own” a portion of the future of steemit. Whatever may happen to the platform or the value of STEEM, we have an interest in it and we will be going along for the ride.


In that post I read, @surpassinggoogle wrote the following:

How about if we started to treat steemit, like the co-owners that we actually are, as well!
My point is, if you own a house and you get tenants in it and they misuse the furniture and puncture the walls etc; do we hastily react and pull down the house?
Do you leave the house out of tiredness and abandon ownership of it; to the tenants?

If we viewed ourselves as people who own a portion of the future of steemit rather than as users who may become frustrated or disgruntled and either trash or leave the community & platform. It is important for all of us to be a positive contribution to this community that increases the value of this community has to offer. Switching our mindset is a great first step.

@surpassinggoogle shared what this mindset change will lead to:

We will passionately put in effort to renovate it; to fix it and if it is only one room in the entire building that we own, we will renovate and fix that room!


I realize that some of you may be thinking, “But I’m not really an owner.” Perhaps not in the traditional sense, but you still have a stake in this community and you have opportunity and a voice as well.

Each of us have different reputations and wallet sizes. We all have different followers and different numbers of followers. However, we still all have a stewardship here on steemit.

We each have our own audience, blog page, and opportunity. What we do with them is up to us, but we all still have them. I try to interact as much as reasonably possible, encourage and help others, run engaging and entertaining contests, and give away STEEM and SBD to motivate and encourage others.

I also try to consistently put out solid posts on a regular basis, so that there is always something new from @papa-pepper for others to check out. @surpassinggoogle has a distinctly different sphere of influence and stewardship, but here’s a bit of what they recently wrote.

If my dear little portion of steemit, is starting to grow scars, do i quit? I don't intend to! "I will try donate my portion to fix the entire steemit or fix my tiny portion of steemit!"

Not only is @surpassinggoogle sharing an infectious positive mindset, but they are even launching an initiative to help reward comments and inspire interaction. I’ll link the original post so you can check out everything that was shared, but here is a taste of it.

So basically, once a week, i will be publishing the contest; which will allow contestants submit curated comments in the form of unmean sTWEETs; allowing winners and who knows, all participants to earn some steem or rewards of some form.


In the end, I think that we should all realize that we each play a role in the potential long-term success of steemit. We all have opportunities and a lot of personal potential here, and we would be wise to proceed intentionally rather than running off of temporary emotions.

I think that I’ll wind up donating some STEEM to this initiative of @surpassinggoogle, and I am pleased to be able to share my thoughts about it and promote the same positive mentality that @surpassinggoogle has. Two phrases come to my mind when I reflect on this…



ORIGINAL POST FROM @surpassinggoogle:



This exactly who you are @papa-pepper - Wild-man, Gardener, Encourager, Homesteader, Lyricist, Deep Thinker, Papa, Humorist, Husband. You got me speechless. This simple looking act of yours is giant for me at this point in my life. One day, somewhere when breakthrough arrives, my story will be told and you understand fully, how i weighty this tiny gesture of yours is. It did me speechless and it is already huge. Thank you alot. How you understood my post fully. You even appeared to understand it more than me. i came up with illustrations and you explained this illustrations in totality. Too amazing! Reading the comments on your post too felt so good. it felt really good to see that people still draw inspiration even from tiny positive acts. thank you doing all this and for reading my post intently. Thank you for reassurance. Chat soonest!

good on ya buddy. I made my comments above about you.

  • have a good week my man

Part of what made me want to be a part of Steemit and set up shop to create content here was precisely the idea that it is-- in a sense-- "owned" by its contributors. That being the case, it was (and remains) my hope that the bloggers and artists here will be good stewards of the place we are contributing to.

Like all "real" families, there will be squabbles now and then... but if we're all invested here to some degree, it just doesn't make sense that people would take actions to destroy the very thing they are putting their stake into. Notwithstanding that new projects always have a share of "opportunists" who just want their profit and cash out... the recent trend of posts filled with accusations rather than solutions is a little disturbing.

But so it goes... in the meantime, I'm all for trying to keep my corner of the "house" as clean as possible.

Yep, you just keep your room clean and be a good steward, and hopefully others will follow your example!

Thank you for going around the block so much, I can see you almost everywhere, always giving your 2 cents and speaking your mind :)

This is a nice way of explaining the steem community to newbies like me, I'll keep my corner clean as well, thanks and keep following, upvoting, posting and steeming. ;)

I appreciated the positive approach in this post and in the post of @surpassinggoogle . I'm agree with you, everyone of us is the owner of "a portion of the future of steemit" and growing up our contents, our followers, our interections, we can built the future of this community. All together (everyone using his/her own knowledge, energy, time, style) we can run to the common objective. "Cooperation" is my favorite word in and out the net ;)

That's a very nice attitude yourself!

Thanks for the comment!

@surpassinggoogle always makes a lot of good posts, so I am not surprised this is from him.

I regularly encourage the guy..... I noticed his posts and mindset hours or maybe a day or 2 after he joined, it was distinct.

He makes good points as do you about stewardship.... I have always tried to treat this community like a partial owner, and like family.

I fail daily but I try.

you know i am speechless here. You have been of the greatest here since, i know and one of the reasons, steemit is bound to thrive. Big thanks!

Cheers mate, thank you for going where people are stopping, try try try again eh? :)
Yeah I remember one of my first meaningful interactions were with the then starting up @surpassinggoogle

TY for the kind words,

and I agree, @surpassinggoogle is a beaut.

Have a good day!!!!

That's quartz bro! 😜 Good attitude 🙂

This is such a refreshing attitude. I didn't realize until I read this, but some of the grumbling & negativity about whales, unfairness, powering down, etc. left me with a bad taste in my mouth for a while & I walked away from Steemit for a short while. I sure hope this attitude catches on! I'm going to adopt it myself, at least.

super post papa and great support for surpassinggoogle!

Thank you, keep up the good work yourself!

yeah, i'm still working on my mindset, it's disorientating at first b/c there's so much going on, then there is this hierarchy supposedly, and a chase for STEEM, but i think i'm starting to settle in a write a few authentic pieces, ty

How in the world did you find this ancient post?

@luzcypher referenced it in a post 14 days ago... there's a lot of good ancient stuff out there, all the noobs need to see these kind of things (-:

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We are a dysfunctional family but we all show up for the Holidays.

We are all stakeholders / shareholders in this platform and when we realize this, we'll all be motivated to make Steemit successful!