Steemit Success Very Much Involves The "Human Behind The Steemian"! Try This And Wait For Your Flood Of Upvotes!

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 Lately, i have spent hours talking to many steemit newbies and many things are obvious! 

These things should be touched on!

From day one, steemit has been built around the model of creating the "best version of steemians" and this sole knowledge will help many newbies! 

Steemit also has an "anonymity and privacy" aspect to it, thus, it definitely takes more time for existing steemians to get to know the "human behind new steemians!" 

This is one big reason why upvotes don't immediately start flocking in, even if you are the best author on the planet!

Steemit largely involves "mining with minds"! It is an obvious fact, that the human mind is very key, in trying to get to know the "human behind a steemian" and so is behavior!

Another thing that will benefit many newbies to remember is: "Steemit is also a blockchain of opportunities!" So it is very possible that even as you do your normal routine of blogging, there are other steemians out there, who may be consciously looking for "steemians indeed" to open them up to a world of opportunities! 

See #steemgigs for instance!


What happens if i was building my company called Macro-hard on the steem blockchain for instance and i was looking for steemian talents to open this new world of opportunity to, "being that steemit is known to hold a community of reputable great minds". 

Will i just open the hottest well-written post on steemit, contact the steemian behind it and give him the deal or will i prefer to look at his history of deeds, down to his transactions, interaction, engagement etc.
So do you think i will choose a proven reputatble steemian with a history, definition, vision or will i choose a best author, who only joined steemit yesterday, with all a few posts defining him?

Well, it depends! (Food for thought!)

Now after looking at the broader picture, let's apply the above scenario to a simple upvote. A number of newbies especially recently are in a hurry to earn upvotes etc, which is not a bad thing and what they pick up the most is as they journey is; "they should earn upvotes as long as they post quality content but is that necessarily the case?"

This is knowledge they may not have already figured out: People look at many other things beyond your quality post before they apply their vote and perhaps, these simple facts here, will help you journey on steemit henceforth, more beautifully!

Yes, before people apply their votes, they look at many many more things beyond your well-written/quality post. Yes, many steemians can write quality posts and you are definitely not the best author on steemit and there are many many many great authors on steemit, long before you arrived who have not earned tangibly. 

So the question is, "is the human behind your steemian proven"? Unless you are celebrity like Justin Bieber etc, you can't expect that upvoters will not look at behavior. Yes, that is one of their means, to sift the competition!

There are thousands of steemit posts daily!

 Note that steemians have a limited number of upvotes daily and their upvotes is their voice or influence; so a vote is valuable and not the same thing as a very valueless Facebook like! Moreover, steemians have the luxury of the bare steem blockchain, to check if you are the real deal; so they may be checking out your consistency, your perseverance, how you react in your engagement; if you are just out to earn money and take it hurriedly out of the steem economy; if you are two-faced; how you react in the face of no-earnings etc. 

We don't know for sure but think for a minute and imagine and you will see!

Yes, since an upvote is valuable; limited (to maintain around 100 percent voting power a day, you have around 40 upvotes at full voting power) and there are many great authors; to maintain a sense of impartiality, for curation incentives etc; you can be pretty sure that steemians check out the quality of the person behind the quality post as well.

Yes, steemians are humans too and no doubt; "there is a human factor"

Steemians want to connect with YOU! They want to know YOU and what you really constitute and the only means to this knowledge, especially when you are still a newbie is the bare steem blockchain; where you are most-likely yourself.

A full blown post is pre-empted and could also possibly not be a true reflection of the "human behind your steemian", thus, you can be sure that steemians check out your interactions, transactions etc before they decide to become your fan and start upvoting you!

Always keep in mind, you are certainly not the best author on steemit and neither i am! So there are many other factors involved in a simple upvote amongst other things! There is also likeability! People like @papa-pepper @stellabelle @timcliff @surfermarly etc; it is not exactly because they are the best authors on the planet, that they have so many followers! They are real and steemians connect with them!

The "human behind steemian" becomes obvious over time! It requires some history!

Quality Posts Plus Quality Steemian = 

The next time you think quality posts, think quality human too!

This is the way the steemit model as been built! Even the witnesses on steemit aren't competing for blocks as is the model on other crypto-blockchains out there! They are competing for upvotes from you and me, thus, they work hard to become proven as quality humans/steemians, in alignment with steem's vision of making the world a better place!

@kus-knee had this video edited to help us understand things better! Perhaps, @dan's vision about steemit, will help you get a clearer picture about the whole steemit/steem model!

Note too: "Quality content does not refer to only steemit posts"!

Your Boy Terry



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The way I see it is sort of as a reciprocal. Steemit permits the world of blockchain to judge the traditional world, or on the flip side permits the outer world to judge the blockchain. The result is somewhere in between. "This is fine place to hesitate. The space between wonder and doubt. The space between wishes and fact." -Rush

Agreed! This post is general sorta. It is just to touch on some other possibilities that are not too obvious!

We are humans. Despite not-earning much now I really like Steemit spirit. I barely post on other networks nowadays. Steemit just has that unexplainable charisma... and of course you could make money but most of all meet thousands of different human philosophies and life views. I enjoy being part of this community. Cheers!

A very very very sweet comment!

Life is evolving and there's a rising need for us to see that which is exclusively reality. That which is true, whether about us or other people. One fantastic platform to share your flaws and humanity is The Steemit Blockchain. Here, there are limited opportunities if One could look closely.

Well you've summed this all up on this amazing post. This statement inspired me :

Steemians want to connect with YOU! They want to know YOU and what you really constitute and the only means to this knowledge, especially when you are still a newbie is the bare steem blockchain; where you are most-likely yourself.
Thank you for being awesome @surpassinggoogle

Hhahaha if you only new how people are sourcing out my old posts. It is honoring. I have forgotten how my intropost was and i valency commented from it earlier. Awesome. Thank you much

Hello @surpassinggoggle

Thank you for taking the time to explain this concept.Many new Steemians fail to grasp the fact that Writing good content is not enough.

And it is not about your message being correct, it must be current, i once a blog post about growing your blog and some of the advice was not applicable here on Steemit.

There were tactics that you can only use on a wordpress blog, so it was obvious the person just wrote that post to get upvotes.

The first i do when i enter a place is to know how the psychology of of that place works and find out how to adapt to it.

I see many new Steemians with less than 20 followers but they pump out content on a regular basis and hope for 100 SBD, if there is no one to read your content, you won't get upvotes, post are constantly pushed down on the New Page at the speed of Light.

My best advice for new steemains is that just make your introduction post and go out an interact with people find out what works before you start pumping out content, and your Major aim should be Increasing your Steem Power.

Thanks for this Terry.


Yes, you grasp! This post was aimed at some of the new steemians i speak with! You grasp! You got it right! The psychology of the place! Then thread at a nice pace cos the truth is you met people who were here before you! It is only logical!

I have found out that this is something that needs to repeated constantly so that it will sink into people's heads, we get new steemians everyday and most of them don't know their left from their middle(their right is so far off).

This is the major reason I am starting The Blockchain Blogger series on my blog, it cost me some SBD's to promote the post and keep it at the top, but i knew that it was something that needed to be done.

Apart from that i have to go out everyday to meet new steemians and point them towards the right path.


How do you gain "steem power"? Newbie here ☺

there is another shorter version here

and I'm sure I and many others have written on this topic too just :) ""

Hahaha, yes it needs to be done! Keep at it, the dividend is long term!

long story short, engage with other powerful people so they can "credit" you every vote gives you a piece of the reward pool, based on the vests of the person voting you, so you gain $0.01 because of a +j3dy vote :) in a week.

That's about 0.01 in steem power, if you get your SBD sold on the internal market for steem which you can then power up on your account, and when you reach my ~700 power every upvote you do will based on the steem price give maybe 1 cent :D

As you can see there are many maybes, but it's fun to interact, learn and earn, find your way. I don't care much for rewards, but truth be told I need them I suppose :D

Be the best you can be and maybe others will value you more :)

Giving you my short road here, started off just reading and being interested, then learning little by little, what everything here does, how it works, who the people are, then I was mostly looking for people to follow for interesting posts, I got them off the comments, where people gave nice "speeches" when they got good conversations, whatever interested me. Then @dragosroua hosted a 30 day writing challenge and got me hooked, I made a few posts, saw it's hard, couldn't keep up for more than a week, and "failed" the challenge with 10 posts(maybe) and +100/200 followers. Here I'm missing the fact that I'm mostly commenting, and when I posted I saw I needed more people around me, since spending 2-3-4-5-6 hours on a post, writing it, promoting it and all doesn't add up to .30 cents in reward. It's rewarding to me as a person far more than the reward gained, but I got my net stopped due to bills(bill is a good guy :D ) shit like that, real world costs that I don't care about but are there anyways :D and the other layer, of having more power and getting people to take you seriously :D

So there you have it, the answer and my answer.

Humm somebody actually thinking here is great :)

I think the best thing that newbies can do to make contact with established steamians is to read posts that actually interest them and make a comment that is pertinent to the article. At the same time, being themselves, rather than a sycophant seeking reward.

Very simple! Seeking rewards is fine but ofcourse humans want to connect! Talking with is established steemian will definitely speed things up! i am always ready to talk! Look here too:

Interesting read. Yes, reward is a great motivator. I agree that the work done behind the scene by the coders is absolutely content.

hahaha, yes! Money is definitely a motivator and ofcourse it is our right to earn for our intellectual properties but again rewards takes different forms and some can be long term. Even learning is earning!

"learning is earning" intellectual capital, you can then invest or digest, bringing you rewards from others for your contribution to their intellectual capital :D (if you write here)

Exactly my advice. I'm a complete newbie, haven't yet reached my first 7-day payment, but I have experience of similar social blogging sites. Browsing my activity, I estimate that my comments are currently earning about the same as the articles. However, the comments must be relevant and interesting - and maybe funny too!

There doesn't seem to be much point in writing "good article, give me three cents." If you're not going to read the post and comment on something directly from it, don't bother. I believe that it's important to continue to post new content daily and not necessarily to anticipate a monetary reward of note, only to put out a body of work that others can review.

The best approach for a noob is to directly interact with the platform thru comments and make some friends that way. Without an audience, Shakespeare wouldn't do well either.

my friend @ogochukwu that introduced to this awesome platform mentions your name every time he tells me about steemit. so i joined and i also found out that its not only ogo that talks about your guidance and humor. i opened your home page and so far i have stayed on steemit(for a week now),i have not seen one how have resteemied others post like you have done. i have to scroll down for about 30sec.just to find a post by you then i found this,just when i think i have gotten all the advises a newbie can get,you now hit me with this ." Quality Posts Plus Quality Steemian". nice one cos its all about our personality. hope you don't mind if i follow,i need people like you in. once again..thanks.

Great! To hear! I am always reachable! Thanks for the effort in getting to my post!

you welcome pal..

Yippee, I'm the first to comment....good post needs quality comments and dialogue 😘

Hahaha, so much sweetness!

Ask my grandkids, I'm a bitter sweet grandma, I make them behave and enjoy torturing them by feeding them healthy food😏

Bitter sweet is ultimately sweet!

Another good post. I made a post today about how I feel some Steemians' posts are too sterile... Sometimes the opinion of the person is appreciated!

Yes, it is a beauty when your posts reflects the "human behind the steemian". Even when your grammar etc is will flaws, people will still like you! @papa-pepper for instance, @kus-knee @benjojo @virtualgrowth etc, people like them among many other things

well said and struck

Hahaha you got the "struck" part!

lol...nice outro. Hope you'll view my steem cosmo coming out tomorrow

Thanks for the informative post. I am here because I have a friend who likes it and encouraged I join. I don't even understand the money aspect yet, so I try not to think o0f it when creating posts. I think (hope) that's the way to go!

That is just the way to go! Be free, yourself, grow, then bring you vision, dreams on steemit and play it before yourself till it happens and inflict steemit with your own beauty. join my discord, i will guide you or on, i have the same username:

That is another post that will help but you are already way on the right track!

As a new Steemian @surpassinggoogle thanks for the post and advice. No doubt we all live in a very transparent world now and it's good to see more consciousness derive from that. - Chef Mickey

You are a Chef? Feel free! We can always chat. links are underneath this post!

Meeting others with the same interests and commenting over time on each others post helps people get to know each other. I am here to interact with others while building my reputation. So far I have met some incredible people.

The most important aspect of any relationship is building a trust and friendship. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed reading it and the comments. I am learning everyday. @surpassinggoogle

You are very welcome! If you want to learn more, we can always talk. The link sould be under my post. i always use surpassingoogle!

Great post.

It varies by the voter though. I remember @laonie saying that quality content, even from known people, wasn't always valued. I feel luck has a big part of it and I'm just trying to keep it honest for the new people here so that they don't feel discouraged. Have fun - that's the most important thing!

Yes! Be yourself! If you want me to explain in totality in layman term, you can join my discord server or on i will explain in just in layman terms! This post isn't all fact. it is more logic! There is still more to how curation works but that requires chat but once you know it, it is more freedom!

I prefer quality posts. People change.

Yes very possible too! My post is just opening people to other possilibities but ofcourse many love quality posts! Hahaha, this post was sorta targeted to some newbies that i have been talking to. Thank you kyriacos for being here!

worth of an upvote here steemit is not like facebook where you can abuse it. Once someone upvote your post means that they appreciated your work. I realized from this post that we don't beg for upvote we should earn upvotes!

This is so great view about :)

Quality post + Quality Audience = 0

Hello surpassinggoogle

I have actually tried to analyze the personality traits of a typical Steemian.
The results can be found in my latest post here:

I definitely agree with your observations here. You do not need to be a Shakespear to become successful on Steemit. When looking through the most paid authors on you notice that the most paid authors publishes new posts regularly. Typically about 3-8 times each day. With that frequency one cannot expect it to be Shakespeare quality.

Those people are enjoying success because they connect with their readers.

Thank you

Life is evolving and there's a rising need for us to see that which is exclusively reality. That which is true, whether about us or other people. One fantastic platform to share your flaws and humanity is The Steemit Blockchain. Here, there are limited opportunities if One could look closely. Well you've summed this all up on this amazing post. This statement inspired me :

Steemians want to connect with YOU! They want to know YOU and what you really constitute and the only means to this knowledge, especially when you are still a newbie is the bare steem blockchain; where you are most-likely yourself.

Thank you for being awesome @surpassinggoogle

Thank you for sharing this informative post :)

You are so welcome!

Hi, I am new to steemit and trying to figure things out. Thank you.

You are welcome! Another post from me today will help! But you can always chat with me too! The urls to reach me are underneath my post and i use same username in chat!