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I'm kinda new, and decided to have a go at voting for witnesses - the trouble was that the list of witnesses only showed the top 50, and I was sure that some others had thrown their hat in the ring. Anyway I did some research to find out who the other potential witnesses are, and thought I might as well share the results with everyone else, so they have the full voting list.

Here is a really useful article about what witnesses do:


Regarding the candidates, here is the list of the top 50 candidates to be witnesses:


And here are some of the people not yet in the top 50 list, in no particular order:

If I've missed any out, or the list is wrong, please leave a note in the comments and I will amend the list. To vote for people who are not in the top 50, go to the witnesses list and manually type in their name at the bottom and click vote.

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Hey I found this post really useful so not sure why barely any votes so heres mine and thank you.


Thanks! There arn't many votes because I'm just a minnow. But I thought other minnows might find it useful. There are some people like @cryptos who arn't in the top 50, but operate the robotev curating bot which has helped minnows a lot and deserve to be a witness.

It's great to bring attention to some of the witnesses outside of the top 50 (and thanks for linking my article).

To make the article better, you could've pointed out things some of these non-top-50 witnesses have done, e.g. @klye has gotten coinpayments to support SBD while @roelandp has made too many tools to even mention, including https://steemtools.com


Thanks for stopping by and adding those links.

I just set up my server to be a witness. I would appreciate any witness votes. How do I get on this list?