SBD / STEEM Integration Update! (Good News!)

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We're Getting SBD / STEEM Listed on!

I'd taken the initiative to raise funds to get both SBD and STEEM listed onto their service in order to help the ecosystem expand as well as create more demand for both SBD as well as STEEM. Once Coinpayments is done integrating our network currencies into their systems setting up web stores to sell goods and services for SBD / STEEM will be incredibly easy due to the "runs out of the box" approach wordpress e-commerce sites offer.

Check out the original post: Let's Get STEEM & SBD Accepted on Coinpayments

It's taken a number of weeks but I've FINALLY received confirmation from (Woocommerce crypto payment gateway) that they've got enough information on the API to start implementing Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) and STEEM into their extremely popular Wordpress / Woocommerce payment gateway.

I'd like to thank all those who'd shifted their efforts towards properly documenting STEEM in order to make this become a reality. While I may have been the ambassador representing our network to get us integrated on Coinpayments it was YOU, the STEEM Community, that at the end of the day made this possible!

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I likely won't be in the top 50 witness list yet.. That's fine for now!
However you can still vote for me by scrolling to the bottom of the page and typing klye:

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This is what witnesses do.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

It's part of my witness ongoing campaign and spreading of the STEEM network!

I FINALLY got my witness node running 100% so now just to expand the STEEM empire!


thats awesome... my pledge still stands lmk how much you need

I think by the time the smoke settles the post had raised about 1.4 BTC of the ~1.70BTC needed to get both listed.

I think @berniesanders was also in to pay some as well. I guess you two can sort out who's paying how much? :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Well done!

People need to make sure they use it. Bitwala was complaining that after they added steem only a handful of people used the service. It really is "use it or lose it".

I imagine they will. Truth be told I've never heard of Bitwala. :/

Love what you write and your drawings. Also lately you are doing even more good things for the steemit community (like what this blog post is about), really proving yourself to be a good witness. Because of this I voted for you as a witness. keep up the good work.

I appreciate the witness vote and the words of encouragement! <3

It's my pleasure, I feel you really deserve. You really do well with expressing yourself and your personality. I wish you the best of luck on your journeys to become a witness.



This will open up a LOT of doors for the community to easily build e-stores. :)

Good job @klye!

Thank you sir! A lot of sleepless nights trying to get proper documentation for their admin to work with.

In the end it was a community effort. I was merely the person spearheading the push. :)

Dude. Rock on!

Cheers sir!

Keep up the good work and good luck bro! :)

Thank you Fire!

Bro this is absolutely awesome, I am sure the entire community will be stoked this is happening. You have definitely gone out on a limb to make this happen. Thanks for making this possible mate :)...Kudos


Cheers @cryptoiskey Thank you for being a friend of KLYE!

This is awesome! Awesome work @Klye!

Thank you fellow moose-rider. :)

Congratulations on getting your project to bear fruit!
I've also voted you and a few others as witness. Good luck getting to the top! :)

Thankss merej. :)

Thanks for your efforts here, this will be a really important expansion!

You are welcome! STEEM has been good to me. Feels nice to do something good for it.

Wow! This is one great news! Soon people will buy directly with STEEM or SBD from my store products like this one! Can't wait to see this happening! Thank you for your efforts @klye !!!

Right on cryptojoy!


Cute little trash cat that one.