The story behind naming @paynode, my witness node on the Steem Blockchain

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My name is RoelandP, and quite often people ask me: where does the P come from?

Some guess it's the P from Pancakes as my parents started a pancake restaurant 35 years ago. My childhood nickname used to be just that: 'pannekoek' (pancake in dutch), maybe you know it from the beastie boys: "and when I'm in Holland I eat the Pannekoeken".

But no its not. The P stands for Pieter. The story goes that when my mom gave birth they called me Pieter. Only hours later they thought about that one of my nephews (couple of years older) was already bearer of that name. So they decided to go for another well know name in the family "Roeland" and left Pieter attached as second firstname. I'm proud to have the name.

Coming to the @paynode naming: it's quite simple too. The P from Roeland P in dutch is not pronounced Pee but as 'pay'. Therefore (and because i was dabbling with payments for Steemit) I named it @paynode.

@paynode is my small vps witness which runs the Steemit blockchain and mines to verify and find new blocks.

If you have a moment I would kindly ask you to give your upvote to @paynode by filling in on the very bottom of this page like so:



Voted, my man! Good luck!

That's a cool backstory. I also have a somewhat unique name -
Benjamin David Josiah Miller (born 2/22/1989 hence the username)

On my birth certificate I am known by Benjamin David Miller officially because between my Mom's vote (David) and my Dad's vote (Josiah), my mother won (probably conceded to by my Dad, but a win for my mom nonetheless).

But I like the uniqueness even though I often get asked if I am a DJ (Disc Jockey) when I tell them my email address. I am not, but I have a deep respect for thse that are like steemit's very own @rok-sivante.

"and when I'm in Holland I eat the Pannekoeken"

What a great blast from the past to a group who really changed the game and a funny connection to your name.

In the US (I'm guessing you live outside, but correct me if you live inside) we usually spell the name as "Peter" instead of "Pieter," which makes it quite unique to me. I can't say I personally know anyone with that specific spelling for their name.

I really like hearing the backstories about names and you might appreciate @rok-sivante's reason as to why he chose that name. (I'm not trying to plug him for any rewards, but he has become a friend and I really enjoy his writing and insight as many others do). The Origin Of The Name Rok Sivante

Best wishes to you, as you are quite a trailblazer and add both humor, insight, and helpful applications for all users.

I'd love if you could share the source code (if you have not already) for I would love to learn how to program, but am relatively new to computer coding and have done a bit more in html and css web design than application creation. Any help would be appreciated.

Hey ben. Thx for ur extensive reply. Its great that you want to learn how to code. Im not sure u should start with my code tho ;) in regards to steemstream, just hit view-source in ur browser and see the magic :)

I'm sure you're far far more advanced than I am.

Is there an intro type course, or can you tell me which languages you used to program?

I'd love to fiddle with some stats someday if I can, but I realize it may take me a very long time to learn.

what will you do as a witness?

I will do my official witness testimonial later on but i am actively engaged with the steemit community and will add my share off thought and inspiration (if any :d) towards the ongoing development and enhancement of the Steemit platform.

Long time no see Roland . I love that new feature feeds :) to know who I follow . Tired of those trending stuff . Yes, I vote for you anytime ! You rock ! Maybe I see you ate ADE in Amsterdam for a drink

Voted for @paynode. Good luck!

En weer een stem erbij, succes!

I will vote too

O, I voted only for 3 witnesses, so I vote for you

Thx busser ps i noticed you voted twice so you unvoted again :

yes, first time i thought something went wrong, tried again. Now upvoted again.

Not a prob @roelandp voted! hope your paynode gets in

Thx warren ps i noticed you voted twice so you unvoted again :

ah shit so i must vote again will do, im a silly noob xD

@roelandp voted! I hope it helps. Good luck!

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