Witness Thread: dr2073

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Greetings, steem!

I'm DR2073 and this is my application to become witness for the steem network.

I'd been working with computers for more that 30 years, beginning from coding in machine codes and ASM and managing my first Unix server about 20 years ago. Few years before I was working on security software for Russian National Bank. 

I work with blockchain and cryptocurrency from early days of bitcoin and created some prototype coins myself: IMC, BAC, CMAIL, UBIC, ABC, IPC.

In other words I have lots of experience and skills to become good witness.

I have good social influence: Klout score 64 (also proof of my identity), bitrated score 110 and I have my own online game (Russian language) with about 500 000 registered users and cryptocurrency as part of game and I use it to promote steem. These few votes for me as witness come mostly from my game players. 

I registered as candidate to Russian Parliament in next election (September 18) and for few years had been working to lobby legalisation of blockchain tech in Russia. Last decision of government was not to jail people for using blockchain, partly because of my actions too.

And you can read my intro post (in sci-fi style).

My witness node is located on enterprise level hosting and easily can be scaled up as needed. I have seed node located in the other country (first seen node in Russia afaik) and price feed script is running too.

I plan to implement "Heavy duty witness node infrastructure" as proposed in @gtg post, with some my own improvements. Final goal is to create an open source, fully autonomous, AI controlled architecture, which witness controls with major decisions. I want to make such decisions hearing people who vote for me (direct democracy) and implement some tools for this too, so any witness can use them.

I have a lot of ideas how to make steem better (but I'm already a big fan of current White Paper and think it's really innovative) and have some projects in development, but it's too early to announce them yet.

My goal is to help to make steem the most powerful source of news, information and communication for all people in the world and simultaneously make all of them aware of cryptocurrencies. I think it will make big positive impact on the whole society. We only at the beginning of this process and my interest in steem is very long term.

If you'd like to support me as a witness, you'll have my sincere thanks.

  • Witness: dr2073 (secret location)
  • Seed node: steem.imcoins.org:2001 (Russia Moscow)

Anyone can vote, each user can choose up to 30 people to vote for, and there are two ways to do it:

Visit the Witness Voting Page, scroll to the bottom, enter dr2073 and click the Vote button.

Using your cli_wallet, enter: vote_for_witness YOURACCOUNTNAME dr2073 true true

Thank you.

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Hello. There is still a steem.imcoins.org:2001 seed node listed on status.steemnodes.com under your name. I assume this is no longer a valid node? I plan on submitting a PR soon to remove it. Please let me know if it should be kept.