Witness glitterpig - Because everything is better with a bit of bling!

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Greetings steemians!
We love our platform, we love earning **STEEM Dollars** and **STEEM Power** from quality content. You may not know this but steemit runs on a blockchain, a healthy blockchain means blocks being produced every 3 seconds containing all your awesome posts and comments. If a block is missed because of a misconfigured or down witness node this can cause delays to upvotes and comments.

**glitterpig** runs 24/7 in the AWS cloud with scalable compute resources to ensure efficiant block production no matter how big our community gets. Lets keep the sparkly times rolling by ensuring the blockchain is healthy and producing quality blocks in the engine-room. You can do this buy voting for a reliable Witness Node who will ensure that those glittery blocks keep getting signed! **click on the three lines in the top right of the steemit site** **click on "witness"** **or just click here: https://steemit.com/~witnesses** **upvote this** **to this** Healthy backup witnesses keep steemit running the way you like it, upvote the one and only **glitterpig** ## **
Shine on glitterpig!

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I love bling ... keep it up

Keep on shining 🐷

Oink oink Glitterpig - cher-ching!