The Walking Dead S08E10 "The Lost and the Plunderers" (My Review)

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If you don't want "Spoilers," scroll down to the "Non-Spoilers" section where I give my broad conclusion and overall thoughts

Spoilers (In-Depth Analysis)

  • The Scavengers
    If you regularly watch the Walking Dead you already know that there are communities and you got Alexandria, Kingdom, Hilltop, Oceanside, Saviors, and the Scavengers. Now that I am typing this I feel like another community can pop up. After watching that episode you know that they are out of the picture leaving 5 communities left instead of 6 or more if another one pops up.

  • Simon
    He is the one that caused it. But this is where I will go in-depth with how the writers make stupid decisions for the characters. Hard to say who is a bigger sociopath/psychopath. Him or Negan? I guess its Simon since he killed the Scavengers. Also the way how he gave a threatening speech was not convincing? However that can be subjective. Also I wish they showed a backstory to how The Saviors managed to get the Scavengers to fall in line because there is history between them. I would feel convinced to how Jadis made her people surrender their weapons if they showed a bit of backstory. They should show the backstory not ONLY to make this convincing but to add more content to this episode. The first ten minutes of this episode, I'm not going to lie feels bullshit where you see them try to put out a fire on some kind of porch that holds sentimental value. Why did Simon kill them? It wasn't logical at all. I don't think Negan will accept this since he disobeyed him. Its hard to think how Negan is going to put up a good fight with Rick since three quarters of his lieutenants and their men are dead but we still got 6 episodes left of this season.

  • The Grind(er)
    Not talking about the grind of pushing out content on Steemit, I'm talking about the human meat grind. That was one of the highlights of this episode. This was my most favorite part of this episode. I loved it. I believe this is how vegan people see how meat is made or why they see meat is disgusting. That, at least for me, is another great way to display tragedy and the Walking Dead has always been gloomy with the way how characters talk about how much pain they are going through and you have to hear them mope a lot but this one is UNDERRATED. Honestly, I thought I would never feel bad for the character Jadis but now I do after watching this scene.

  • Enid and Michael
    I question myself why did the writers of the show decide to make them (accidentally) kill the leader of Oceanside. If this is some way to make twists and turns then this is a very bad decision. However I can't imagine how they will side with Rick in the war. I finally have one of my questions answered. It is nice to show this scene in order to not go to fast with the story pacing cause if you go too fast then there won't be enough story for future episodes.

  • The ending.
    I mean yes some people see Negan as a complete asshole but he still cares about Carl in a way. Rick told him Carl died and Negan felt bad. Negan gave a serious speech to Rick how pointless the war is but he was being OVERLY condescending. Maybe that is my opinion but I feel that the writers kinda screwed it up with the dialogue or maybe Negan really feels it that way every word he said to Rick but that is an interesting way to end this episode.

  • Unanswered questions
    What is that helicopter that Rick was chasing at the end of S08E05 "The Big Scary U"? Seriously I think that is the question I am most curious about.
    What will happen to Jadis? Where will she go? Will she be able to help whoever's side she is on? Will we forget about her at this point?
    At least they answered a few questions about what is going on at Oceanside with Michael and Enid.
    Will Negan find out what Simon did?

Non-Spoilers (Over-all Thoughts)

This is not really a spoiler to begin with because after you watch the first 15 minutes of this you already get the idea what kind of episode this is.
This is still somewhat of a recap where everybody is just reflecting on what just happened previously in S08E08 "How It's Gotta Be" and how they are mentally trying to get back into focus.
If you are expecting a tense part of the war don't bother.
People from all sides are really FEELING THIS just like in S08E06 "The King, the Widow, and Rick"
Don't get me wrong this is pretty much like S08E06 "The King, the Widow, and Rick" but this time you really feel tragedy and you really feel it for the character/characters who suffer.
"The Lost and the Plunderers" really focuses on characters like their emotions/development and I'm not going to lie they don't do the best job especially Morgan who goes back and forth from being a positive and negative person but they did a good job with Carol.
Few parts, two I count where I feel that the characters made the STUPIDEST decisions (I already went in-depth in my "Spoiler" section)
I feel like this episode would be amazing if they showed a backstory so that I can feel pretty convinced with character's decision and that way the episode will have more content but it is plenty of characters reflecting back on the bombing of Alexandria.

My Grading Rubric:

This picture grade means that it is simply AMAZING. It shows that the replay is high and makes you want to watch it again and again. It also means that the show excel in every bit with drama/story/plot-progression/build-up while leaving you excited for the next episode. The two-thumbs-up ALSO proves that it is highly memorable one.
This picture grade means that its GREAT if not amazing. It means that it while it is not perfect it still has more strengths than weaknesses meaning that some parts are slow/boring while the rest is exciting or it gives plenty of thrills but overall generic. Even though it is not a two-thumbs-up the show can still be very memorable after watching the whole entire season.
This picture grade shows at it is just MEDIOCRE at best. There is plenty of good parts that make this show still enjoyable to watch. Replay is low and after watching it once you don't feel like watching it all over again unless you a HARDCORE fan and/or if you just skim through it to watch a few scenes.

This simply means that it is CRAP. It also means that for an amount of time you spend watching a movie/episode is also the amount of time you are never going to get back. I can simply have another picture that is two-thumbs-down to prove that it is dog shit but this picture grade shows that it is horrible and you want to avoid it at all costs.

My Grade For This Episode:

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