The Walking Dead S08E01 "Mercy" (My Review)

in #walkingdead3 years ago (edited)

I am two and a half weeks late to write this but hey, better late than never. Am I right? This episode called "Mercy" is SEASON 8 EPISODE 1 of the TV show, The Walking Dead. The episode in a nutshell is the assault on Sanctuary.

This episode is adapted from the two issues of the comic book; issue 115 and issue 116. SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE COMIC AND THE TV SHOW. The TV show does a good job adding details such as how Rick brought the horde of walkers to Negan's hideout, stealth killing people in the outposts, Father Gabriel driving a car upfront into enemy's territory , the way how Rick confronts Megan with several if not dozen of cars with armor, etc.

-The show's climax is doesn't really feel like a climax even though they did a TON of build ups from the second half of season 7 and that both sides are officially at war.
-The scene where you have the full bearded Rick Grimes waking up to a festival outside of his house. (I think this scene is a filler and if I had to interpret it I guess this is one of Rick's idyllic scene where he won the war similar to the one in Season 7 Episode 1 where everyone gathers at a table eating dinner with Glenn and Abraham both alive)
-I wish they rearranged the scenes and ended it with walkers surrounding Sanctuary so that the episode ends with a powerful cliffhanger. (This is just my opinion)

-Killing on the outposts. (Gives the show more detail/depth)
-Gregory's betrayal against Rick. (One of the surprises from the show)
-Hordes of walkers coming into Sanctuary. (The HIGHLIGHT of the show)

Mercy is the 100th episode and it is a bit underwhelming since this is still a build up to the REAL war against Negan and his Saviors. I guess many people expected the 100th episode to be VERY SPECIAL and similar to SEASON 5 EPISODE 1 "No Sanctuary" but with more suspense, more people dying, more explosions since you have two BIGGER groups (Alexandria+HIlltop+Kingdom vs. Saviors) going at each other instead of just Rick's group vs. The Hunters. It's a lot better than most of the episodes from season 7 for sure since season 7 is just all about what life is under Negan's rule and starting a rebellion against him and his Saviors. Regardless of how a bit underwhelming, it's still a very solid episode with a few good surprises. If I had to give it a score I'd give it an 8 out of 10. If I had to give it a letter grade I'd give it either a B- or B.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you guys think of my review as I am open to constructive criticism.


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