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Sorry for not being on time but I had midterms coming up and I just had a class presentation.

For the people who haven't seen it yet just scroll to the bottom to read my "initial thoughts", "conclusion" and after if you don't want any spoilers.

Initial Thoughts:
The last episode was okay to crap mainly of the story taking a very slow pace with only a few interesting parts that could not save it entirely. I have higher expectations for this one as we explore more on Rick getting himself captured and the side characters in Sanctuary (Negan’s Hideout). I also have higher expectations since we are getting PRETTY close to the mid-season finale and I expect the episode after this to be Bigger and Better.

What I love/dislike about it (Spoilers):
The first half feels slow with showing just a bit of Rick being held hostage by the Scavengers and PLENTY of Eugene talking to a bunch of other characters that HARDLY advances the plot. This episode payed a lot of attention to the character Eugene. Eugene for me is one of the most interesting side characters in the TV series because you don’t know exactly what he is going to do and at times he seems scared or weak but his smartness keeps him far and alive in the show.
Eugene talking to one of Negan's wives was one of the few useless scenes of it where the show creators expect us what happened about a season ago that many people even casual fans like myself can't remember. The scene with Eugene and Father Gabriel was stretched out a little for me. The only scene I liked with Eugene is him with Negan and him with Dwight since they are the two moles in the Sanctuary. That's enough of me talking crap in the first half lets move onto the second half.
The second half I loved the part where Eugene tried to build one of his inventions to lure the Walkers away. Eugene is definitely a unique character full of surprises. He did have few highlights, two since I counted. The first highlight was him trying to fly a plane with Dwight holding a gun at his head and seeing characters (Daryl, Michonne, Morgan, Tara) striking Sanctuary at the same time was a perfect coincidence. I almost thought that either Eugene or Dwight was going to be buried in deep shit if Negan found out about the betrayal but he played it smart and instead of saying "Dwight did it" he said "I found a way to fix the telecommunications." I was thinking wow what a relief.
Let's move on to Rick. I don't know if I buy into the way how he convinced the Scavengers. They could have just simply shoot him in the head or he could pull some navy/army/police combat skills on them like those 80s action movies where the main characters kicks everybody's ass but I guess the tv producers were cheap so they decided to go with him fighting a walker and a few bodyguards. I guess we can imagine Rick getting out of situations like this like how Jackie Chan would do it because Jackie Chan is creative and his action scenes are REALISTIC and this tv show is a REALISTIC zombie apocalypse.
Moving onto the truck ramming through Sanctuary. I thought to myself FINALLY!!! FINALLY WE SEE SOME PLOT PROGRESSION!!! I was thinking to myself how screwed Negan is but that ending really threw me off.
The ending just came by and was one of the biggest shock turn of events of season 8. Pretty much all the Walkers surrounding Sanctuary are gone. I for one LOVED the ending of this episode. For so long we thought Rick’s group along with Hilltop, and The Kingdom have the upperhand in the “All Out War” and with that ending we do not know exactly who has the advantage. I love how TV shows throw an ending where it makes itself less predictable when all along you thought the plot was heading in this direction but not. I loved how the ending is a complete 180 to everything that just happened before. Before things were looking really bad at Sanctuary where the truck rams through the building bringing in the Walkers then the problem escalates so high that it just vanishes in the ending scene where Rick doesn't see them anymore. It feels like one of those main episodes of the X-Files where they build-up a story and then when the story gets big something happens where the whole story doesn’t matter anymore. I believe the next episode will fill in the gaps with what happened up to the ending and the fillings will most likely be in the beginning of the next episode to grab viewers attention with its intense opening.

Conclusion (No Spoilers):
This episode is DEFINITELY better than the last one. Not a perfect episode but pretty good. The first half feels pretty slow but the last half picks off and it picks off so fast the ending makes you wonder how did all of that just happen so quickly what happened exactly between the middle and the ending of the events in Sanctuary. The first half there is so much talking a lot of it was unnecessary chatter about their own situations but good thing the second half saved the episode. The ending, the ending is pretty much the BIG plot twist to this episode. The ending served two purposes; the plot twist and the big cliffhanger. I really can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode. Not like the first four episodes where there is lots of gun shooting, casualties, and tragedies but more of Eugene's moral conflict and the buildup to the ending.

The trailer for the next episode:
I can't wait to see how this is all going to end for the mid-season finale and AGAIN I expect this upcoming one to be BIGGER and BETTER and MORE AT STAKE. I also hope that they explain about the helicopter scene from episode 5.

My grade for this:
Photo on 12-1-17 at 2.19 PM.jpg
I would have given it a two-thumbs up if it wasn't for the slow first-half.

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Nice review! Also, good luck on your midterms!

Thanks man I meant finals but i made a typo lol

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