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I am glad that I am reviewing this episode on time. I just posted this the day when it was released.

For the people who haven't seen it yet just scroll to the bottom to read my "conclusion" and after if you don't want any spoilers.

It seems that in this episode we are taking a mini break away from the war and seeing how the war is taking effect on the characters emotionally with a few interesting parts.

What I love about it:
I loved the part where Rosita shot that guy with a rocket launcher. Talk about overkill. This has got to be my most favorite scene. The buildup with the characters Daryl, Rosita, Michonne, and Tara coming together to stop the two Saviors from trying to divert the Walkers away from Sanctuary was one of the few reasons that made this episode worth watching. The beginning part where Rick goes to the Scavengers got my attention but it doesn't show much which is where I will elaborate in the weakness of this episode.

Weakness of this episode:

  • I wanted to see more of Rick and the Scavengers. The scene where Rick tries to make a deal with the Scavengers where Jadis turns him is down is all this episode has to offer and it ended by show Rick being held captive.
  • The part with Carl and Siddiq is when I realize I have finally lost interest in this mini side story. I seen this part where they first meet each other in S08E01 and a little interaction between them in episodes after. I really do need to watch them fighting Walkers together. Where is all this going to lead to? I don't mind seeing this character but what I do mind is showing too much of him with LITTLE story progression. I wonder if the producers are going to make him play an important part of this War or the next story after this? If not, then this would be a big disappointment.
  • Carol trying to help Ezekiel pull himself together is boring as it just shows him feeling guilty and defeated and no resolution to getting his inner strength back.
  • The kid wanting to join the fight with Carol was completely just a filler scene.
  • I'm pretty sure I left out one or two details in this but the way how this episode carried itself made it completely forgettable.

This is the weakest episode by far of season 8. You can clearly see that this episode is really trying to stretch out the comic's "All Out War" story arc into 16 episodes with the comic having only 12 issues. This episode spread itself too thin which is another great way to describe it. If you thought the trailer for this made it exciting to watch just letting you know hardly anything happens. The episode could have been much better if it showed more action with Michonne and Rosita. My guide to watching this is to simply just watch the scenes with Rick, Tara, Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, and Hilltop. Other parts in this are boring and are just filler scenes. Seeing the way how the war is taking an effect on the characters is pretty much pointless as we have already seen it in the previous episodes. Also it is a stupid decision to take a break from the war when the war isn't even over. The trailer for the next one seems promising and the viewers like myself expect more stakes and more on whats going to happen to the characters. I will end my conclusion saying once you have seen scenes with the characters I mentioned just skip to the next episode if you intend on binge watching the whole season.

My own rating is "Just Okay" with my thumb pointing sideways not at me.
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Extra comments:
If it was amazing I would have given it an "A" and a picture of myself with "Two Thumbs Up." I think my reviews are improving!!! If you guys enjoy what you read please PLEASE give it an upvote and follow me!! Also check out my other blogs!! Stay tuned and see you guys in the next blog!!!

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