The Walking Dead S08E04 "Some Guy" (My Review)

in #tv3 years ago


Now I am finally caught up I can write reviews on time!!! First off this episode was amazing!!! The action was at an all-time-high!! The characters were an all-time-high!!! Even the tragedies felt really tragic!!!

I have to give it to King Ezekiel, Carol, Rick, and Daryl but the one who is the most badass of them all is Carol.
She can really cut down a bunch of soldiers in a single round and because of her she made the first half of this episode really intense. Pretty sure many people have heard of this but I will say it again. She is the character with the most kills. The way how she manages to survive so long in the apocalypse and how she has the best strategy in combat really shows in this episode. She has not only one but two badass scenes in this episode.

Plenty of GOOD action in this episode. Again Carol making herself look badass two times in this episode. Because of this episode I can list Carol's top 5 badass moments overall in the series. I also have to give it to the Walkers that made this episode heart pumping AGAIN which I haven't felt for a very long time since season 7 rarely shows them. The last time where the Walkers gave me the heart pumping feel was the beginning of season 6. With the last half of the episode comes we see Rick and Daryl have their moments where we have a real car chase scene that gives us a little bit of the Fast&Furious action.

The tragedy comes from King Ezekiel where we see him lost many of his soldiers. The beginning part of this episode really does emphasize his loss very well and for the death of a character I really want to elaborate deep into but I will say just watch it as the tragedy really speaks for itself. In war there can be no victory without sacrifice and this episode really shows it for King Ezekiel.

My extra comments:
The first episode got the blood pumping. The second and third episodes are okay but this one really brings back the best of The Walking Dead. Even before watching this episode the trailer for it made it exciting when it showed a few seconds of the car chase. Three of the episodes did not show Negan but when I saw the trailer for the next one people can finally see what's happening on his side. Now we can finally see whats happening in Sanctuary.

My grade for this episode:
Yup I am giving it an A for AWESOME. This episode really delivers with the characters, action, and the tragedies. People who disagree with this really don't know how to enjoy a good TV show. This is by far the BEST Season 8 Walking Dead episode and I am so looking forward to the next episode.

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