OCD - Introducing #ocd-resteem - Get Resteemd By @ocd

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You shouldn't have to pay for resteems on Steemit, period.

@ocd was started with the intent to discover undervalued, under-appreciated Steemit gems from across the Steemiverse, and provide them a platform to rise and shine.

Success on Steemit requires a combination of many things - Creating kickass original content is key, but your content getting discovered as well as you engaging with like-minded individuals are other important parameters.

And we aim to help those in need of help - in the process, allowing their content to be discovered and valued.

Announcing #ocd-resteem

  • The tag 'ocd-resteem' should be used by content creators on original, creative work authored by them in order to merit a Resteem from the @ocd account.
    Note - #ocd-resteem need not be the primary tag as the primary tag represents your content.

  • To be fair to newer Steemit users and talented content creators whose posts earn less (0-10 in $ rewards), it is requested of you to not add the tag if 50% of your posts make over $20 rewards.

  • Individuals continuously abusing the #ocd-resteem tag will be blacklisted.

  • Resteemed authors cannot be Resteemed again in a month in order to provide this opportunity to as many authors as possible.

As with the posts that get featured in our daily compilation, the posts resteemed by @ocd shall be rewarded with a vote from @acidyo and his trail, giving a noticeable boost in earnings.

Rules for @ocd curators

  1. Every week, 5 curators will be assigned daily Resteem duty (to scan through content in the 'ocd-resteem' tag)

  2. Curators shall submit their nominations for resteems (checked for plagiarism, stolen images, copy paste, etc.) into Resteem channel of the official ocd discord.

  3. All curators shall vote once using the upvote emoji ( ) to decide the top 3 posts (out of 5) to be resteemed.

  4. The selected posts shall be resteemed and curated by team @ocd.

Up to 3 Posts Resteemed Daily by @ocd !

Support quality content on Steemit with a Vote/Follow/Constructive Comment!
And keep up the good work creating original content.
You never know when @ocd may be around :)

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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Great idea, how many posts will be resteemed? Should help to bring to light even more fantastic posts! Great job guys keep it up!

It will depend on the amount of posts using the tag and them getting curated by the team.

With bots, mine don't make $20, could i try? I'll add it to my most recent (which i'd really love an RS on!) and see what happens :)

Very cool idea does #ocd-resteem need to be the first tag or can it be the 2, 3, 4 or 5 tag in the post?


It does not and shouldn't be the first tag. :)

Okay thank you very much @acidyo I will use this great service tomorrow.
Have a nice day :)

i think its a brilliant idea that you have taken. thanks alot for your best support us. .

This would be a great way to be able to get attention especially someone like me or shall I say most of us minnows. I can hardly get any attention on my original postings that's why I kind of slow down. I feel it's a waste of my own creativity just posting it. Well, I so glad to hear from you @ocd for the help you'll be extending to us. I hope my next post will get more attention.
Great idea! Thank you very much!
Have a great day!

I also give the this good news to the people of Indonesia, so they know and more spirit.
I ask permission from you. ^^


definately I'll try it out
thanks for great news for us

upvoted dear

Btw, the #ocd-resteem tag shouldn't be your first tag as the first tag should indicate what the post is about.

I found this a great idea. The possibility to get resteems without paying for it. It will help​ many authors which post are going down here in this deep Ocean :)

Rock on! I will give this a try here in a sec. You continue to impress and inspire me with your excellent curation as well as your efforts to boost the performances of us little minnows.

Amazing service to the community. I really love it. Thank you for making that happen. I resteem it and suggest it to friends. I am lucky enough to not apply for it anymore but I will suggest it to friends!

Yahooo🕺🕺🕺That's a cool thing to do!Thank you for thinking about people here and your support😊

Yes since starting here about a week ago I have seen many posts about paying to get resteemed posts. Don't fall for it friends. @ocd is the way to go!

Can I edit an old post and change the 5th tag to ocd-resteem?
Thank you!

I have the same question. Did you ever get an answer to this @scottermonkey? My post is 22 hours old, so I reckon time is limited. Maybe re-posting with the tag is that answer.

This is awesome, I think a lot of people undervalue re-steeming as everything is about "upvotes". It is critical to building engagement.

Hi @ocd, I think that's great way to give back to the Steemit community. I fully support and back your vision. Let me know wherever you need my help to lift the undervalued gems of the Steemit society and I'd love to help.



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Learn much from your post Boss, i m newcomer here so it is guideline for me. your thinking is creative about #ocd-resteem tag it is admireable i shall use your tag in my posts.much thnx to u for this kind of informative and valuable lesson share with us.

Cool idea :) tip! 0.5

You shouldn't have to pay for resteems on Steemit, period. I like it, I want to try the instructions that are in this content. thanks for sharing

that's an original and empathetic idea! A question for all the steemians here: I am new and intrigued by Steem but I feel a bit under pressure with this idea of emerging, being original and create value..do you feel like this too? (No i'm not a nostalgic of FB, actually I deleted it one year ago) ;-P

Great idea for minnow and steemians who make great content and don´t have any visibility... Greetings from México!!

Thank you and just put the hashtag ocd-resteem to my post.

what a great idea. I will give it a try and following

YayAAs, this is an amazing service. Great for finding cool new Steemies to follow! I'll definitely TRY to remember to tag the #ocd-resteem in my next post x Basil

Wow nice.
I like your post

That's brilliant what a wonderful idea.

This is brilliant, I do not have a lot of followers and I have a baby on the way, I created a GoFundMe page but I simply do not have the audience to get it out there. I'm just trying to raise some money so I can have my drivers license when the baby comes, I would LOVE if it you could reseem mine.

If not, no worries, but I love that this options is available, THANK YOU!

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great post thanks for sharing

Great idea. As I am quite happy with $ rewards, my content isn't widely viewed tho, so I added #ocd-resteem to my newest post and it is gonna be first and last time I use this tag (as I said my rewards are ok, I just want to try widespread my content).

Hi @ocd! @cardboard is sending you 0.5 SBD tip and @tipU upvote :)

send tips with @tipU | earn interest in @tipU profit

great, i like it! :)

Thanks for explanation. You have beautified my day, thank you from the heart

Nice blog

the best help for SteeMit users, for all content and to be creative (without stealing other people's posts).
will try it!

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Thanks for this support opportunity, regards @ocd


Interesting idea.

upvoted and resteemed

love it

That's a nice idea 😌

Here's my recent post. Comments, suggestions, upvotes & resteem will highly appreciated. Thank you!


Awesome idea. Gonna give it a try. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for your help @ocd

Very cool. Thank you for doing this for the people ;)

Hi @ocd , does the tag #ocd-resteem have to contain the hash (#) at the front, or just the ocd-resteem words. Sorry for the (dumb) question, was wondering if i did it right.

You don't have to add the # if you are listing the tag in the 'tags' section when creating a post, but if you are listing it in the body of the post itself then you will need to include the #. Hope that helps.

Thanks a bunch mk40! It sure did!

amazing post @ocd

Steemit is so amazing.

I love this idea. Making your service free is a great motivation for new steemians.

Excellent! Thanks for this @ocd & @acidyo! How about you try this @louielowa @shairanada, this would probably help you guys.

Sorry but I didn't get it, if my post earns 5-10$ then I can use tag or not?

I just comment this post to find it again for my next post :)

Good idea. The more people resteeming and spreading word of good posts, the better.


Nice post!

Nice 😊 The team is doing a great job :)

@ocd Thank you for obtaining this out..

Excellent idea and thanks @ocd and @acidyo for very nice work ...

I have a doubt and it is how many times can you use the tag # ocd-resteem or does it matter and can you place the times you have an original post?

It is suggested to use the tag on your best, original content to get a resteem from @ocd. After that, a author cannot be resteemed again for a month. So you can use the tag again after 1 month is over.

Very smart idea! Noe i understand this OCD!

Can I tag other people article with #ocd-resteem in the comments?

Hello there! Can I also use this tag? I actually never post which reached $20, or even $15. I am still on the midst of learning here.

Well, I like this news, I will continue to work and fight to be taken into consideration. Thank you.

actually a great idea, I'm on it!

Thank you... This is a very positive move for content creators. Many people in all platforms post. But very few are content creators. This is truly great move towards letting good content "breathe" in Steemit . Cheers to you guys :)

If we wish to be part of this, am I understanding correctly that we should only use the ocd-resteem tag once every five weeks?

I post almost nothing but original content, and if I post something
From another source, I link to it, and/or do my best to give it the
Correct attribution.
In my 5 months here in Steemit, I think ONE of my posts made over
$20,... 95% make less that $0.50. Most in fact... around 20¢...it varies.
I JUST heard about this today, and used the #ocd-resteem tag.
So far, I've not seen any traffic on the post I can say is linked to that tag.
In fact, so far there have been 3 comments. Only.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Can i edit a post and use the tag or shall i use it before posting it?

How late i am, for this party!!
Thanks a lot. I am starting on this service now.

when is the next round of posts to be chosen? Otherwise thanks for the service. It should be of great help to my kind who are still trying to find our footing here. Thanks again.

Thank you so much @ocd, I appreciate the good work you're doing in discovering hidden undervalued potentials.

Here's my recent post;
I strongly believe that the quality of this post might meet your curation standards @ocd. I hope to get a chance of being selected, curated, Upvoted and resteemed. I will be extremely grateful.

Oh my! I wish I had known about this a while ago.... I'm still spending hours and hours on certain posts and sometimes only get very little views.

Not complaining because Steemit has encouraged me to write my travels, something I had been talking anout for too long.

Thanks to the @ocd team, I'll give ot a try!

excelente esto! el contenido debe ser en ingles? o también puede participar la comunidad hispanohablante?

Great initiative. Thanks for helping out the new members . I will definitely use the tag soon!

Oh I see... Now I know why it should be used. :)

Added the tag here for the first time, this is a great initiative:

Thanks so much for this initiative @ocd

@ocd I do not think my blog is good contence, but it is for a good cause and I would love it to go arround a lot. I would be gratefull if you would resteem it.


veramente una bella iniziativa, anche per l'Italia!!
parteciperò sicuramente e lo comunicherò anche ai miei amici!

Upvoted and wittnessed!

This is such an awesome idea. Thankyou for supporting us minnows. I didnt even know that you can pay for resteems! Lol

Cool thing! Will definitely include ocd on my tag today. Thanks for sharing this. :)

Idea Stupenda!

This is a great idea. Do you have to use the hashtag before ocd-resteem?

@chood try this on your next post.

This is very encouraging to me being a newbie. On posts that I think are worth getting attention do I use #ocd-resteem?

Then if ocd dont allow for already existed post then i guess artist has no stand in your promotion because arts are just natural, it has existed and still existing. I may choose to lay the portrait of mona lisa with a little modification noticeable to the artist and the team on seeing it to be familiar would knock such talent off. I love the idea which the team has introduced i'm just willing to know if upcoming artist can really benefit from this? Would love to have some response on this. Thanks

I recently published a letter to my life-long dog that died on Tuesday... I would love that many more people could read it, surely they would feel identified, especially those that see the animals as one more member of their family.
I have used the # and I hope you take me on count. Greetings and blessings for all of you.

I witness you ;)

Excellent idea!