The Walking Dead S08E03 "Monsters" (My Review)

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After I'm done writing this I can finally write my episode reviews on time. Life kept me busy and I just started Steemit last month incase if anybody is wondering why I'm 2-3 weeks behind with these reviews. Back to the review.

"Monsters" kept the same momentum as the last episode. AGAIN...we have more people dying, guns blazing, bodies hit the floor(pun intended), and the ending that wants the audience to know what happens next. There are plenty of new things we see in this episode otherwise I think I might have to give a lower score than the last one. The new things we see in this one are more of Rick and Morales, the aftermath of the battle in one outpost, transporting a group of hostages who all surrendered from a different outpost, the conflicting opinions of mercy between Jesus and Morgan, and Gregory coming back to the Hilltop.

Let me start off with this character: Morgan
First he's a softy then he's nihilistic then he's a non-killing hippie claiming all life is sacred and then he's a merciless soldier. This character is so fucking inconsistent. I don't know maybe this is his character just like in the comics or maybe the creators of the TV show are making this a filler when he gets into a fight with Jesus on whether to kill the group of hostages or not. I don't like his character anymore and I hope he dies in the next episode.

  1. He was a complete asshole when he was nihilistic during season 3 when he tried to kill Carl and Rick.
  2. He was a complete fuck-up when he was a non-killing hippie claiming all life is sacred during season 6 when the Wolves attacked Alexandria and he let them live even though they were complete savages.
  3. No surprise that he is a complete fuck-up again when he couldn't respect the group decision to transport the hostages to Hilltop. He could've just pistol-whipped the long-haired prick, Jared who was being annoying.
    At least Jesus is a consistent character. From my life experiences I DONT like people/characters that are inconsistent. These types of people are annoying and retarded.

Moving on, it was interesting to see the group of hostages being transferred to the Hilltop while fighting a bunch of Walkers along the way. It was interesting to see Gregory coming back to the Hilltop. It was interesting to see Rick and Daryl fighting a bunch of Saviors in the building. I got to admire the way how Rick created a smokescreen to mask himself and Daryl from being shot in the hallway.

The scene with Rick and Morales:
I thought the scene with them catching up was a great way to add more details into the show and a great way to pace down from the action. I felt a bit disappointed because he died not long into the show. When he died it made the ending from the last episode pretty useless. I expect he would play a bigger role into the show since they brought him all the way back from season 1 but at least they didn't drag him on for too long. This reminded me of the ending of Thor: The Dark World where Loki is alive disguising himself as Odin with the scene making it look like he was planning something very sinister for the next sequel but we all know from watching Ragnorak that the ending of Dark World didn't mean shit. That's what I felt with this scene in The Walking Dead. Oh well, at least this scene has more depth than the ending of Dark World.

With the war going on there is obviously going to be tons of casualties with plenty of tragedies.
The 3 minute scene with Aaron and his boyfriend I felt that the show dragged on a bit and that they should have just condensed it to a minute or a minute and a half. The scene with Aaron and the baby gave me more of the feels.

Comparing this episode to the last episode I liked the ending of "Monsters" better. This episode had a bit more feels to it than the last one. A few scenes dragged on a bit longer than it should be but overall it was a not bad episode. The replay value of this episode is moderate when you watch it with the first two episodes as this one feels like a small part of the whole package. I hope people reading my last sentence knows what I'm talking about. Storywise not a lot happened in this episode but we see more of what happened in the war. I don't see Negan in this episode and in the last one so I hope they show him in the next upcoming one tomorrow. He is after all the main antagonist of this season so we should be seeing more of him. I believe this is one good reason I didn't give this one a grade letter "A."

My grade for "Monsters":
With the ...people dying, guns blazing, bodies hit the floor(pun intended), and the ending that wants the audience to know what happens all feels a little BLAND since we've seen it before. Also the tragedies in this one are not as tragic as the ones we see from season 1-4.