Virtualgrowth to trade and market make with VIVA and XWANG to be available on tradeqwik and more updates!

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Virtualgrowth, VIRGROW, & WANGCHANGE to evolve now with viva and exploring VIVA links along with some other updates

MrWang & Friends Are Taking Over Your Feed

So the @MrWang brand will expand into Viva land and will now be working with STEEMIT, BITSHARES, GOLOS & VIVA. Along with other related projects and collaborations including Beyond Bitcoin with @officialfuzzy, VIRGROW with @virtualgrowth, NobodysPerfect with @sykochica and many more.

XWANG to be on tradeqwuik in exchange for vivacoin!

Great working with all sorts of people in various communities. In talks with people and working on getting another WANGCHANGE family asset in the works! This will be XWANG which can be seen as a (XWANG/VIVA) trading pair with VIVA on tradeqwik. With WANGCHANGE currently pegged at a value of $150, WANGCENTS is valued at 1/100th of a WANGCHANGE. Thinking that these smaller units will better for the market we have decided to peg XWANG with WANGCENTS. This will allow WANGCHANGE for longer term investments and WANGCENTS for shorter term investments and a more liquid market by comparison. Also to note holders of WANGCHANGE get payouts from the @mrwang brand through the bitshares network currently. WANGCENTS initial idea is to increase in value with reinvested payouts and reserves for buying back WANGCENTS more readily. The properties of these assets will be adjusted accordingly with the interest of investors, traders, and fans.

We will also have a chat room with the viva coin community where people may interact in learning about these user issued assets. More details of all these new comings will be shared over time through all this excitement and extra work we have come upon! Great thank you to the viva coin team and community for working together with us in expanding new possibilities together.

Beyond Bitcoin Hangout #204

Will be talking tomorrow about tokens / projects I am working with, Viva coin, and tradeqwik. Have been working with @mrwang and we are in the process of having XWANG listed there which will be trade-able with Viva. This token will have a value of about $1.50 just like WANGCENTS and 1/100th of WANGCHANGE. XWANG is going to be equal to WANGCENTS with a 1:1 ratio initially. This may change as we consider ideas of reinvesting profits and/or distributing dividends with respect to possibilities, tools, and what makes overall sense to be manageable. There will be an upcoming meeting where more of these details will be worked out. XWANG can be seen on tradeqwuik but will still be inactive until further notice. There is still numerous things to finalize which will be shared in the near future.

Bitshares and assets giveaways is growing with great success too! Giving away a few dozen coins / assets per day and yesterday's post: Steem, BTS, and Asset Market Update 4/26 and Giveaway for 5/3 after one day already has a new record potential payout of about $35!


This exchange is where Viva coin is available along with crowns. Other assets that may be traded, deposited, / withdrawn include: BTC, CROWNS, ETH, GOLOS, LTC, STEEM, USD, VIVA, VLP, and XAU. The website is currently in beta. Virtualgrowth now has stake in Viva coin and Crown with vested working interest there expanding and growing. Next we will work on getting VIRGROW listed there or come up with a new named asset which I thought about doing as well. Perhaps I will ask the community for ideas and input on this.

Virtualgrowth is now a crown holder & here's some steem / viva links

Some VIVA memes I created@okean123
Today @jrcornel joins the VIVA economy!@jrcornel
I've Been Crowned@taskmanager
URGENT!!! VIVA Needs Your Help To Takeoff@fisteganos
MrWang & Friends Are Taking Over Your Feed@mrwang
Viva! Un projet porteur d'espoir... en gestation!@grandpere
VIVA meme - dedicated to the team@deanliu
VIVA COIN Meme Challenge: Break the Status Quo@nepd
It's written on the Wall; a Star is Born - mixed media VIVArt by @mariandavp

OBITS cryptocurrencyOpenledger-1

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These are so badass! I leave for the States for a day and come back to all this news! So excited to hear about the disruptive collaboration going on! You guys rock <3

Thank you! Greatly look forward to working together!

Growth is happening full-on! Congratulations to @MrWang for it all. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Hi there @virtualgrowth. I just made an account with viva chat and trade qwik, but my extremely right-brained leanings means this will all take me a minute ;) Following you here now. I'm friends with @fisteganos, but if I have questions that he can't answer or he's not available would you mind if I asked you?

Feel free. :)

Really looking forward to the beyond bitcoin hangout. Nice Crown btw!

Thank you!

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@virtualgrowth thank you for sharing!