URGENT!!! VIVA Needs Your Help To Takeoff

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This is a very short, straight to the point call for help.

VIVA is all about people and now she needs people to help her.

Please, go support the Thunderclap campaign

All you need do is signup with any of your social media accounts (twitter, facebook or tumblr) and on May 1st, a message will be sent out via your account informing the world of our ICO. The message to be sent is visible in the blue box and it's a one-time message. No risk of spam.

There's a minimum number of supporters we are supposed to hit and we are currently still far from this target. A minimum of 250 people. You don't even need to own any VIVA before you can be a part of this campaign, just a love for us and what we do.

So please, hurry now to support our Thunderclap campaign before we run out of time. And then convince your friends to do the same.

Thank You!

If you're yet to sign up, there's a surprise if you follow this link now

Catch up with us:
Chat - https://chat.vivaco.in
Steemit - @vivacoin
Twitter - https://twitter.com/viva_coin
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/vivacoin
Blog - http://blog.vivaco.in

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Added my Fb account, 767 additional outreach... thanks for letting us know how to help more!

Yay! Awesome work! You can also share the link. The more the merrier ☺️

I have resteemed and shared your post, but I've been giving tutorials on VIVA to all my friends and colleagues. Let's see....

Very interesting!

Join the50! @fisteganos!

Thank you! & Keep up the great work everyone!

I added my Facebook network to support the launch of Viva. Thanks for the heads up @fisteganos!

Great! Thanks for the support.

Hey! I'm just now learning about this, I saw jr's post which led me to yours, then remembered merej99 was talking to me about viva. I signed up for the chat and have been reading along, but I'm totally lost, techie stuff, not my strong suit. Say the word bitshares and my mind wanders to the window like I'm in a classroom again LOL.

LOL. I just try to stay around and slowly assimilate the little i can from everything flying around. There are still many things that are over my head but just being in the environment helps.

So i guess all i'm saying is that with time, you'll get a hang of it all. You're welcome!

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Bro you just won the first prize. 12,000 VIVA. Congrats!

So i just got out of bed and i'm slightly confused right now. What's going on?

Oh shit! I see it now!!!

Lol. Dang dude. Haha