VIVA COIN Meme Challenge: Break the Status Quo

in cryptocurrency •  3 years ago 

Break the status quo and join the new Vivaconomy.

Read more here if you're thinking about joining the ICO on May 1st!

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Print More Money...It was a cause of the fall of Rome and could very well be the fall of America. It's just a matter of time before we can't afford the interest on ours. Viva will be able to soften the burden on those who believe when the time comes for that default.
U.S. Debt Milestones
The Debt Exceeded: On This Date:
$19 trillion January 29, 2016
$18 trillion December 15, 2014
$17 trillion October 17, 2013
$16 trillion August 31, 2012
$15 trillion November 15, 2011
$14 trillion December 31, 2010
$13 trillion June 1, 2010
$12 trillion November 16, 2009
$11 trillion March 16, 2009
$10 trillion September 30, 2008
$9 trillion September 5, 2007
$8 trillion October 18, 2005
$7 trillion January 15, 2004
$6 trillion February 26, 2002
$5 trillion February 23, 1996

Possible breakdown in four years. Numerous major and minor cycles point to this possibility...

lots of mini bubbles right now waiting to pop. Auto loans...Who does 7 year auto loans? Why have an auto loan at all? The local real estate market is booming. Housing prices are steadily increasing. Student Loan Bubble...just waiting. Thank guaranteed school loans for that. Stock Market at an all time high...But yet retail is shutting their doors like crazy. It's a crazy hot mess out there.

Mess you say? Yes, all time high stock prices... but profits and revenue are not, therefore they shouldn't be at all time high. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I agree. Earnings per share is just not there. Investors have lost their minds.

A great way to put it! We really need VIVAconomy!

Upped for support to fellow Viva enthusiast.

The times, they are a changin!

funny! join those who are thrown out of a window.

I love how this comic can be used for so many things. That's a good one!

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Very nice and funny! Will post some VIVA memes later this day too.

Thanks for sharing!

I think I am liking the innovative, Viva economy!

I love this comic! Thank you!