Some VIVA memes I created

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Hello friends in 4 days the VIVA ICO will start. I decided to create some memes and share them with you. I hope you like them.


So here they are:

The Worst Trade Deal - Crown under 1 Mio.jpg
Donald Trump’s First Order of Business - Vivaconomy is amazing.jpg

Drake No world bank but viva.jpg

Feels Good after bought crown.jpg

forgot ico.jpg

how many crowns.jpg

Yoda - buy viva crown.jpg

give this man a crown.jpg

Thank you for reading my post.
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These are fabulous! Are we allowed to use these on other posts or social media? Great job, and Go VIVA!

Thank you! Of course you are.

These are great!!! Thank you!

Thanks :)

LOL. Nice memes.

Thank you