It's written on the Wall; a Star is Born - mixed media VIVArt by @mariandavp

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2017-04-26 15.37.58.jpg

I don't know if you have heard already, but there is a word on the street that a new star is being born...

I made this mixed media artwork inspired by the new hot thing in the crypto town; VIVA.

By the way... Have you heard about VIVAconomy? It is a newly born financial system, that

1. Is crypto based but it also uses the traditional fiat system; Mastercard, ATM network, fiat currency and cellphones... everything plays;

2. is built on the blockchain technology, the difference is there is no mining, there is minting and on top ANYONE can become a worker and gain VIVA coins, just by registering her/his computer to the VIVA network;

3. has a three layer investment structure to choose according to your financial ability, return targets and risk profile - VIVA Crowns and VIVA coins and v(Fiat)

...and much much more sexy attributes that aim to address various crypto and non crypto issues of our financial system!

I definately don't know it all but if you want to find out more, click on the link below and request the White Paper!

The VIVA ICO party is real and is happening on May 1st, 2017! Still if you want to get some VIVA coins you can buy TODAY at

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Excellent piece, thanks for sharing!

Upvoted, resteemed and shared! All for one and one for all. Namaste :)

Thank you my dearest @eric-boucher!! All for one and one for all. Namaste ;)

I'm helping translate Viva's texts into Spanish. And as I translate, I'm discovering that it's a great idea. Inspirational! With people like Viva's team, the world has a secure future. I like to think that with ideas like this, there are many good things to come. I loved your mixed media artwork my friend! And I'm glad that you are participating in VIVA.

Thank you @tincho for your comment! Should the VIVA team materialize 30% of their plan and it will already be a big success... to my mind it builds a bridge between the parallel economy of cryptos and the standard currency world. Thank you for your efforts!

Totally agree. And please stop, because you're going to make me move to Greece, haha

Hahaha ok 😊

This post has the usual beautiful @mariandavp touch!

Promoted and resteemed.

Thank you so much... !!! For the compliment and the promotion and for resteeming!

Awesome post! I love what you did with the logo. Only word of advice might be to make a clickable link.

Excellent work! Upvoted and resteemed!

Great, thanks! I posted the link 😎

This is really cool!

Thank you!

Rising stars! Zooming through the galaxy! These are exciting times. Honestly, Steemit and VIVA are making it so easy for a non-crypto person to enter this strange new world.

Exactly! Steemit is the first step to get to know cryptos, earn some, exchange them too and find out how to move around. Viva is the second step, to get to know and earn some for help moving around the energy of cryptos.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Your art is badass!

Hehe 😊 many thanks @badassbarbie!

Hey lady,
I've been in your beautiful city since Tuesday. I went running today up Λυκαβηττός. When enjoying the view I remembered that you are a passionate runner. Thought that maybe you would like to join for run together. Probably we wouldn't talk much during haha but could go for coffee after. You could show me some nice route, though I am far from your form. Can't run 40km but 10-15 definitely as I have just started preparing for races last week. I am here till 1st. Then I go hiking around islands until 15th, when I'm back to Αθήνα. Then I leave on 20th.

Btw, just saw your mom's posts. She is awesome (-:

Heyyyy there! Welcome to Greece and Athens! Glad to hear you are around, we got at least 2-3 more Steemers in Athens or closeby these days, maybe we need to organize an outing. I am not running much these days due to an injury 😎. We' ll be in touch to meet either now or post your return from the islands!

Aw I see. Sorry about injury :-S
I have not use Steemit since like 5 months ago. I just powered down everything. I hated myself for what i became - crypto prostitute... major cognitive dissonance between monetary system hater and capitalist Steemit toady attention seeker for steem dollars. That was not who I am. Bad addiction imposed by personal financial difficulties. Also couldn't stand that capitalist power structure of whales and investors exploiting content creators and authors for potential investment buck. The investment they have treated with no consideration or respect. All they want is content creators, artists and programmers to do stuff for them and their investment.
Mr N can put his gold ring up his ass (while he has been doing fuck all, watching all of us evolving platform for him).
That fucking gold ring was a final moment for me. I won't be Ted's crypto capitalist whore no more. Fuck his SBD.
Btw, we can still go for a coffee in Exarchia one day. Take care miss