VIVA meme - dedicated to the team

in meme •  3 years ago 

This isn't fake news, this is meme for VIVA.  

My dear VIVA friends, with the ICO coming in less than 5 days, how long do you think this could become real news? 1, 2, 5 , 10 or even more years? :)

This meme is inspired by this post: Who is the team behind VIVAcoin ?

Welcome to the VIVAconomy! The future of finance & your financial future. Get updates and whitepaper here

Note. meme generated on: with photos from VIVA whitepaper

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This is great THANK YOU @Deanliu!

I will be satisfied when William gets the Nobel Peace Prize in economics! :-D

oh, the one that is comparable to VIVA award? lol.... thank you!

If Time Magazine is truly on the ball, that cover should be a only matter of months!

I'm looking forward to your cover, too @merej99 !

If I'm ever rich enough to be on Forbes then I can actually have the funeral of my dreams! LOL I may have to write a post about it. LOL

I love this! Definitely worth. They need to be on the cover of Fortune 500 too. ;) Way to go Team VIVA! May 1 is right around the corner.

Thanks to the team, this is your story ... LOL ...

Bwahahahaaaa I love this!

Can I share on my channels?

OF COURSE!! Thanks! :)

That would be absolutely amazing. I will think of you when I see a story like this on the cover of time!

You change steem for viva?

absolutely! Go to and register.

Thanks, I saw a post already on changing SBD to VIVA but wondering should go with SBD or STEEM.

Whichever you prefer. When you go to your TradeQwik account, it will be in your USD (US Dollars) wallet. If you send SBD, you will see 1:1 variance (none). SBD is treated like a US Dollar in TradeQwik. If you send Steem, the SBD equivalent will be deposited into you USD wallet.