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I heard so much about it and might give it a closer look now. Thanks for this helpful post to understand better

Take a look, see what you think!

I just finished reading the white paper. This is one of the most impressive collaborations of ideas I have seen in recent years.

Same here... it was enough to convince me. :)

Haha, it was for me as well. The innovation in the crypto space continues to astound me.

Yep, I am interested to see when it starts to catch on with businesses...

Do you think we need to see a mainstream acceptance of the dangers of fiat before crypto comes into its own with businesses?

It's possible, but hopefully not. Hopefully they just migrate over that way because it makes sense, ya know? For example with Steem being fast and free it certainly makes sense for people to transact in it... not many other cryptos have those 2 very important features at the moment.

Agreed. As a business, it makes sense to transact with a medium of exchange that allows you to keep more on your bottom line. I am intrigued to see how quickly the debit cards of cryptos that have little to no fees attached catch on.

Yea same here. There are some rumblings that perhaps steem will have one at some point here...

Not a game changer but a world changer

I'm fairly cynical when it comes to financials, having been part of the fallout of the mortgage crash in '08. That VIVA has impressed me enough to invest speaks volumes! I may not have much, but I'm confident enough in their goals, solutions and odds for success to risk some of my nest egg on their gameplan.

WE can make this happen!

What's impressed me more is that the leaders seem to be some of the most decent human beings. Glad to be a part of the community. When it comes to getting behind projects I'm always interested in knowing the values leadership holds. I'm all for a holistic approach to life, business, investing, and relationships. I'm more interested in the oppurtunities for everyone rather than just a select few.

I would have to agree with that!

Yea I have been impressed as well. It will be interesting to see how everything goes once it leaves the "in theory" phase and moves to the "in practice" phase...

So far the things they're rolled out seem to be working well. They have a Mastercard you can use now basically anywhere - just like a regular debit card. (Haven't ordered mine yet - but soon.) They've also had ATMs up and running in Mexico for about a year.

This ICO should help build the next level(s). Heck, they've even got me thinking in terms of small business ventures that would be a good fit.

Yes they have. The mastercard is pretty neat. I look forward to the day when they have more physical ATMs up and running. Having any up at the moment is already pretty impressive :)

Where do I get the Mastercard from?

Am back. Trying to find the link I thought I had bookmarked, but evidently not.

I asked in a separate post -#ama: Ask Me And @williambanks Anything About May 1, 2017 And Viva - as they should have the info handy.

I want to order one, too, so it's a good thing you asked about it! Thanks!

Dang, am just about to run out to an appointment. Will find the links for you when I get back... unless someone beats me to it.

Does anyone know if this coin will be traded on the larger exchanges in the next few months? If the TradeQwik platform goes down, can you hold the coins in another exchange or wallet?

You can trade it on Bitshares

I'm happy to see you write an article on VIVA! I've watched the project since it first appeared here on steemit and it really has come far. TradeQwik has been great for me, many profitable trades. Looking forward to a great future in the VIVAconomy!

Yea I have been impressed with TradeQwik as well. Very user friendly and easy to use. Thank you for the kind words :)

GREAT article! Thanks a bunch for sharing the information and links.

All for one and one for all! Upvoted, resteemed and shared! Namaste :)

Take a look and see what you think of it :)

On a late Friday, after work like this, I kindda need a bit of a break. I'll be reading it thoroughly tomorrow afternoon, so I run a chance of understanding it. ;) Thanks for the motivational push. Namaste :)

Let me know if you have any questions. I am no expert but I can point you in the direction of the people that are. :)

This is what @merej99 has been trying to coax me into...I was resisting the temptation due to time constraints, but now I think I'm going to cave. My husband can thank you later @jrcornel, LOL

Haha there you go! I was as well. I feel like I have enough on my plate to the point that I can't handle one more thing... but when I started to understand it more it doesn't seem as daunting as I first thought. Glad you are taking a deeper look into it! :)

I'm glad you posted about it, in fact my husband is looking into the ins and outs as we speak...suddenly I may have a purpose for some of the sbd I've been accumulating :)

Splendid stuff, I liked your explanation of the getting coins and compounding them. The Viva Train is coming!

Haha yes it is and thanks! :)

Thanks, I'll take a look at it over the weekend.
I'm looking for a "what's next" project.

It is very interesting. Much different than Steem and Steemit. I wouldn't call it a what's next project but very well could be a side project to be involved in as well.

I'm going to have to look into it more. My guard goes up immediately though when I read a quick explanation of it.

It has been a challenge to distill the complexity and beauty of the entire project. I hope you do look deeper, we have worked hard to address all of the pains in the crypto space and in our modern economy. It is a paradigm shift to be sure. If you have any questions we are covering our chat channel pretty much around the clock between us until all of you crypto savvy experts have a chance to learn about it and can help explain our project to others, so we can get busy getting this project developed for the general public :-) If you look at our business uses we have designed I think you will see how we intend to make this relevant to everyone. Let me know if you have any questions.

Right on, so thrilled to have your support and participation in this!

Thank you! Glad to be a part of it!

I heard about VIVA about 3 or 4 minths ago and thought it was a really great project. At the time I didn't really dig deep into what it was about so the last few days I've been feasting on their white paper trying to continue to get my head around it. But now I understand thanks to all the people involved in promoting it and explaining it so well. Glad I got involved pre ico.

Have not read the paper other than the exec summary but just jumped and traded some steem for viva. blind faith or #myexperiment.

Haha sometimes a blind squirrel finds a big fat acorn... ;)

Thanks for posting, Welcome:)

Thank you! :)

Great! Nice to have you on board.

Thank you!

Hmm @jrcornel seems interesting... why is Viva NOT a ponzi scheme?