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Project Details

Node.js, by definition, is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside the browser. This means that now it is possible to execute a program written in JS outside a web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, etc. This creates an extension to what the language can do, besides just creating interactive websites. With the help of the V8 JavaScript runtime engine, it can now take the code and convert it into a faster machine code, e. g., Node.js eliminates the waiting and continues to take care of the next task.

From my personal perspective, Node.js represents an advantage for the coders to write code, since it still has all the capabilities and functionalities JavaScript offers, but now in a more extended way. Also, thanks to all the time I have been contributing with this project, I have realized the huge amount of time and effort that the Node.js team has taken in order to make it as good as it is and also to improve it with every single upgrade.

You can take a look at their Crowdin project here.

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

This is the 39th translation I made for the Node.js project, and on this contribution I kept working on the Changelog_IOJS.md folder, which I define as follows:

-- CHANGELOG_IOJS.md: this folder is meant to keep a record of notes related to the Node.js project, such as notable changes, known issues and commits, made throughout every upgrade of the project. The format of the strings on this folder is organized by paragraphs -which every single one defines a unique change made within a function or a file- that starts with the code number of the change, followed by the change, and ending with the name of the author between parenthesis.

On this contribution we translated plenty of strings related to the Collaborators and the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) of Node.js. Therefore, I would like to extend the information we have about them and what is their function inside this project.

First, let's define what a collaborator is. Based on the Cambridge Dictionary, a collaborator is "a person who works together with others for a special purpose" (2018). It refers to an individual whose work is realized to reach a certain goal and may or may not be paid. Now, a collaborator in Node.js is an user who makes significant and valuable contributions to the project. However, in order to become official, the person has to be nominated by the TSC and therefore discussed with the current collaborators in order to be added to the list. Once you have been added, there is a guide you have to follow in order to keep collaborating. In this case, the different ways to contribute are by welcoming first-time contributors, closing issues and pull requests, handling own pull requests, accepting modifications, among many others.

Now, let's talk about the Technical Steering Committee. Their main goal is to be responsible for the Node.js Core project and both the depended and adjacent problems to Node.js. These three different kind of projects differ in:

-- Core Project: All the contents found in the main repository where the node executable and associated packages are built.

-- Dependent Projects: Additional projects which are required to plan, test, build, document and ship Node.js releases. Examples of these are the TSC, the Build Working Group and the Release Working Group.

-- Adjacent Projects: Projects that are either created and managed by the TSC or the ones adopted by them from outside the organization.

To find the complete list of all the different projects, you can click here.

Among the plenty of responsibilities that the TSC has to follow, there is:

-- Managing code and documentation creation and changes for the listed projects and resources

-- Setting overall technical direction for the Node.js Core project, including high-level goals and low-level specifics regarding features and functionality

-- Making decisions regarding dependencies of the Node.js Core project, including what those dependencies are and how they are bundled with source code and releases

-- Setting and maintaining governance rules for the conduct and make-up of the TSC, Working Groups and other bodies within the TSC's domain


-- Node.js Github. Collaborators Guide (https://github.com/nodejs/node/blob/master/COLLABORATOR_GUIDE.md)

-- Node.js. Governance (https://nodejs.org/en/about/governance/)

-- Node.js Github. TSC (https://github.com/nodejs/TSC)

  • Languages

I translated from English to Spanish.

I have translated over 100,000 words utilizing the Crowdin platform and this has given me experience to always grant great quality translations.

  • Word Count

I have translated 1,105 words. This contribution has been made between the dates Dec/21/2018, when I realized the translation, and Dec/30/2018, when I realized the corrections.

Previous translations on this project:

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