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Our posts today remind me of All Along The Watchtower which is one of my favorite songs I listen to most days both from The Jimi Hendrix Experience and from Battlestar Galactica with Tim Russ and Dominik Hauser. The line "There Must Be Some Kinda Way Outta Here" really sticks out to me in the song because this is what many of us are looking for. We are consciously stuck in The Matrix and hoping for Neo to come rescue us.

Personally I could do without showing up online ever again and live a simple life of gardening and being with family, friends, and neighbors. It feels like my duty in living free now to step consciously into the mind world to show more the way out and to help make the transition is the old version of the world collapses into the new. In the new world we need no governments, companies, or mental structure to guide us into what we need to do each day. We simply each look around us with awareness into our greater relationship to the whole and do what needs to be done.

If this world seems to already exist, we are probably in it together. If this makes no sense at all, we are probably desperately dancing to hang onto the old world with its ideas of progress or despairing about the future.

Today's posts give a few ways out which we hope are useful today in the journey!

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I am testing new cameras and a lighting setup which allows me to present this beautiful photo today :)

upvotable 26.png

Jerry Banfield

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Dear Slow Jerry,

If you really think that face of yours is going to attract people and gain votes, you're sadly mistaken.

I think it's a work of art xD jerrybanfield for steemitpost.jpg

Why are you always hanging out on his blog?

I like people that are consistent in what they are doing.... The success is inevitable!

Me too I am consistent for the whole 3 months, posting everyday, writing the best that I can, doing contests and giveaway, promoting people, recording video but to be consistent is not enough on steemit, you need to invest a lot of money to succeed here, if you don't have a lot of money to invest in steemit you will earn so little money that you never feel :( I hope things will chnage in the next 20 hf ☺

I upvoted you 100%. This is my gift to you just to prove that consistency works!!!... Don't give up, there is no better option of this kind anyway as of right now. :)

thanks a lot, i hope you follow me and upvote my posts sometimes to support, because it's really bad when you work hard and don't get rewarded, I follow you, thanks for your kindness !

Don't thank me, thank Steemit and the whole cryptocurrencies' space; and be grateful that you live in such exciting times.

very moivational ☺

don't give up bro. You will succeed. cryptoeera speaks the truth!

Follow please i'm one of your follower

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I am sure that consistency is the key. I have only been on here for 4 weeks (tomorrow in fact) I have posted 3 or 4 times every day and intend to try and do this for a full year. In fours weeks I have gained 200 followers and my reputation has risen to 50, which I am delighted with. I write on various topics but try to keep consistent within those topics. It is all a bit of a minefield, to be honest. But it is a minefield in which I am happy to be treading carefully. Thanks to people like you @cryptoeera I am slowly starting to understand. Have a good day. Upvoted and followed.

Thanks for posting :)

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@jerrybanfield I am in the middle of watching your 1 hour+ video on Youtube about Steem, and I realize that I need to get into the cryptos. It's not so easy though, when you are 71. My gold and silver investments have been decimated since the major market manipulation intensified in 2010, 2011. I am tired of the fraud. I will follow your videos on Dtube as I see the tremendous potential here.
Thanks for your great videos.

THat is very deep @steemengine1! Best of luck getting started in crypto!

I would suggest going little by little as there is too much information. Just start getting Bitcoin or Ethereum or both to diversify and keep learning as you are in the train!

You're welcome and I hope when I reach 71 I am as open to learning as you are!

Hear Hear @jerrybanfield. I am 63 and have just started on Steemit. It will be 4 weeks tomorrow. I am manage to achieved a reputation of 50, which I am very proud of and have 200+ followers. It's quite a ride, but your videos are starting to help me. Thank you.

Thank you very much @aarellanes and @jerrybanfield!
Children On The Road - A personal story of the power of intentions and the beauty of the path laid out in front of you
The Difficult Path Will Get Easier Along the Path, The Easier Path Will Get More Difficult Along the Path Watercolor Tutorial - Wet on Wet -

@luckysteem thank you very much for submitting so many articles for each post to be included!

Hi Jerry! I must tell you that i came here on steemit after watching one of your videos about steemit and i'm glad im here! I will try to bring some investors here, maybe next month. I have some ideas how to bring them.

Thank you so much @jerrybanfield for giving a space to my work at your esteemed blog post. I am glad you liked it.
Thanks to sir @aarellanes and his good eyes who saw something worth sharing in my content. I whole heartedly thanks to all.
Now, for the next upvotable I would like to submit a post from @lturner. She's has given a perfect example of a woman's life to describe their hardships and the psychology of happiness around it.
Have a look .

Thank you.

You're welcome Salman thank you for writing so many great articles for us to share!

good post

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good post. upvoted :)

Thank you :)

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Interesring content like every time ...@jerrybanfield

Thank you @upbuzz for making the first comment within 2 minutes of the post going live!

@upbuzz, what was your favorite post? Look forward to your post submission in the future!

I just can move my eyes from the eyes of @jerrybanfield.
Jerry really?
Killer eyes :D

Hey @jerrybanfield! Thanks for the mention! Also, I think today's a great day to be outside...time to walk the dog :-)

True true, mine would be having my investment in crypto to do good. I think that is my only ticket out of here (Kalgoorlie). Winning the lotto is not happening so yeah I just wait for my crypto investment to do good.

there is always going to some wise ass who will find a naive one and thats why no chance for perfect world :)

There is always chance

@yazanstorm, please dont spam here!

Fantastic selection as always @jerrybanfield. Would be THRILLED if you had a gap to check out some of my latest :)

Jaynie did you see the official Steemit Twitter account just retweeted you?

Ola! I totally did @jerrybanfield 😁 time for a happy dance... dont mind me... hehe :) hope all is well in your world. 👌😎

If you check out and link this post, I would be really happy!

It is about BLS again, the rewards go to charity again (proof of last time is included!) Here it is:

This post could literally SAVE YOUR MOTHERS LIFE! Rewards put to CHARITY!

Great post! Unfortunately the payout is too high.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Today I would like to nominate 2 posts for the next upvotable.

  1. Please check out this post by @akohdon which talks about how to prepare yourself for pursuing career as an entrepreneur and taking the most difficult first step of quitting your current job.

  2. Please check out this simple to learn 3D art drawing by @enrikeprez

my bad....from next time I'll do a more stringent check from my end

I hope it okay that I post 2 blogs. Both done today and unique to Steemit.

  1. Doing what you need to do, not what you want to do. Lesson my mentor taught me.

  2. Future of Social interactions is live streaming.
    and I just started live streaming on Steemit. Please have a look out for those. They are to have open discussion in the moment.


Thank you! :D

Thank you for so much @aarellanes for accepting my submission. I always try to link the best content in upvotable comment section so that people will get to know about good content. Jerry, you are doing great work here.
Another post I want to submit.

That is why I spend my time on the beach in Mexico. Just spend 2 days a week in the rat race per week. Thanks for the post.

Hey Jerry,
I just finished your Cryptocurrency Course on Stackskills and, well you convinced me obviously :) Hope you follow me, I will create music and art content and hopefully other awesome stuff too. KEEP STEEMING! :D

Highly qualified content @jerrybanfield

When is the next upvotable contest? i wanna submit my posts too.

You can submit what you want in Upvotable 27 :)

How can i be among the upvotables?

Good question, I would like to know too! ^^

Just post the link you want to share right here!

Cool! Thank you, it has to be in English? Or Spanish is okay too? ^^

Everything is ok but more people speak English

Thank you @eco-alex for answering questions :)

happy to help you guys!

Interesting list, gonna take a peak and check them. Some of the titles wake up the interest in me. Thank you for the post @jerrybanfield.

Thank you! :)

Good read.

"A bit" off-topic here.
I'm VERY new to Steemit and dropping in to pay my tribute to you. I had started to follow you at YouTube after watching video by CoinFomo in which he spoke highly of you. And when I saw your videos... YES, you're The Man!

It was from one of your videos that I had learned more about Steemit and dtube. I was encouraged by your success and decided to open an account too. Had also bought some STEEM at Bittrex which I will transfer to here soon (Am still rather vague about STEEM and SteemDollar though. But never mind...)

I strongly believe people who provide useful content for others - you, Boxmining and others - should also be rewarded for their efforts. And this can happen through Steemit, dtube etc.

I'm still learning the ropes and trying to understand the Steemit and dtube system. But I'm excited by the potentials. Had bought some STEEM at Bittrex a few days ago and will send this to here soon. I hope to do more research, experimenting and then introducing this to my Friends and Followers at Facebook.

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All of this information!! :D Thanks for the value Jerry!

Maybe all you need is the right theme song ...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Read all these posts. Just one word to say that is 'awesome'.
You people are really working hard for the steemit community.
Thank you jerry and albert.
Here is a post which may be worth sharing in next curating series.

My entries for today is about social engineering, Fake People, Identity Theft and Search Engines: How Well Can You Prove That You Are You?
My second entry for today is about HUNGRY GHOST FESTIVAL : GHOST STORIES

Thank you for post.


When you reference the titles of other works, I suggest you use italics. Doing so would make posts like this much more readable.


I would like to submit my post for consideration:

Thank you for your time.

Resourceful Jerrybanfield

@ jerrybanfield man you are everywhere, I have started to believe in"this world is a small place" :P

I saw you on Udemy selling courses, I saw you on youtube on fb adverts I saw you lot's of retargeted fb ads, I saw your live gaming videos, then tutorial videos.

I joined steem yesterday and bam, In my first hour I saw your name popped up :P , you are everywhere man, by the way I too run few fb pages..some are over 2m likes with more than 12 million weekly reach.

I am still learning to use steem though. Trying to put up interesting content

Checkout my intro post, leave a review :) -

THank you for the post, unfortunately introduceyourself posts arent selected

Hi Jerry! First time commenting under one of your posts (it's about time!), but I have been following you since I have first heard your name positively coming out from @craig-grant's mouth. I really like your personality and what you bring to Steemit. Keep it up being inspirational for other Steemians!

May I suggest taking a look at @mariandavp artwork and story, it's beautiful and fascinating:

BEAUTIFUL! THis payout is way too high though.

The payout wasn't that high when I proposed the article. lol

Has a maximum amount been fixed for excluding a post from Upvotable?

Follow please i'm one of your follower

Interesting and useful list of articles.

Hi Jerry, You are my new ... "mentor". I have been watching your videos almost all day! :-) i like the things you write or talk about. And the way you do it. The question is- when will i know even half of what you talking about?! :-) Cheers!

Jimmy hendrix is god

I first heard this song in the martian, thanks for sharing this

I have seen your video in Facebook,which actually makes me interested in steemit.Thanks for that.


Thanks for sharing.

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I am learning tons thanks to this guy Jerry. Keep up the awesome work!

That is great to hear! :D

@nortjenn shows us that a little progress is a lot bigger than we think:

Another well thought out piece. Very interesting and gets u thinking. Thanks for your work!!

Yes Jerry, you are really helping a lot of us see that inner light and believe in something. Your course on CRYPROCURRENCY INVESTMENT brought me here. Happy to be here

Why dont you try to relax sometimes @jerrybanfield. i feel that you are tired of reading or listening to the negative impact of other people? Are you? Take a deep breath and go to the beach... 😊❤😊

Hi Jerry, you might be interested in this idea I am developing for SteemTowns :

THis is a good post but it is a steemit post.

Okay no problem.

Ill check these out first chance . Thank you for sharing .

I love @cryptonet's posts but their posts have been selected so many times that I am looking for other content.

One more from vikbuddy about self confidence

I'm sure you've seen this DMB cover of one of your favorite songs, but now's a good time to see it again.

(source: Youtube)

Definitely checking the auto upvote link. Thanks for that! Streemian seems totally flakey on fanbase..
Half the time it doesnt even do it. Id love to know if thats just me or what!?

nice @jerrybanfield i upvote and resteem your post..kindly do me a favor..and help me .your upvote will set a big help for me..


share your blessing sir jerry

@jerrybanfield Community is important either online or offline. Better to make most of this experience!

Jerry you are too kind to do this for community, here is a post from @thatindianlady worth read she is a great writer but newbie didn't get much spotlight :

Nice photo.
Your article is always nice.Upvote and
Please upvote follow and leave a comment.
Thank you.

very nice :)

again a very interesting read! thx @jerrybanfield

Hello @jerrybanfield you are really doing a great job in the steemit community helping the minor :
I read a post by @knowledges and saw how great you are really doing
See post link here

Nice post, unfortunately steemit posts are not selected.

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 10 with 608 upvotes

I love Battlestar! Great reference! I look forward to checking out the upvotees and following some more great content!

Awesome post..jerry thanks 👌👌👌👌

If i made any mistake in the thanking post please forgive me.
A post just to say you thank you.

@jerrybanfield MUST SEE! I think this might be your favorite post I made yet :) Cheers!

Very good @jerrybanfield.. Thankyou for sharing

Here is my entry. A poetry about my love for steemit

you hard work on your post is really good opportunity for us

Hey ! From @smfleu See Ya !

I just realized that I'd been watching you on youtube and not here!! (What the heck!) I rapidly changed that just now!

I absolutely adore tropical fruit, so here's my post about the DURIAN - the stinkiest and most controversial fruit in the world. (Funny - when I sniff it - (it's really unmistakeable) - I smell fruity, sweet, with a faint aroma of garlic / onion. But other people smell "dirty gym socks, rotten onion and cabbage". Amazing...

Here's the post!

I've just recently discovered the writing of @lordmok and I really think his work deserves more visibility here. He has a unique flair for telling a story. :)

You are the best.

A guess i will have to check them more. Thank you for telling me that!

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Please do not spam!