Let's Stay Together in Upvotable 24!

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How do we collaborate to give the authors contributing the most enough rewards to keep writing? I hope these upvotable posts help us find authors we love following and help ensure enough rewards are earned to make Steem a priority. Ultimately our success on Steem is dependent on balancing authors giving readers what we want with investors earning a return by holding Steem Power and using it to vote up the posts that do the most for readers.

The biggest challenge on Steem is currently for authors giving the most to get started earning and consistently be rewarded at a level fair for the contribution. I hope upvotable helps with that by allowing readers to get 10 SBD for every post included here while authors earn more in upvotes.

Readers earned 50 SBD today for helping us make the list below while the authors included collectively earned $50 or more in upvotes today as a result of being featured here!

How did we create the list above?

  1. Comments sharing posts in the previous upvotable post as seen at https://steemit.com/dtube/@jerrybanfield/lcq7842t
    My favorite posts from authors upvoting me the most from @steemreports at http://www.steemreports.com/top-voters/@jerrybanfield.
  2. Posts I upvoted which I found in my home feed, trending, or referrals in comments. See all the posts I upvote at https://steemdb.com/@jerrybanfield/votes.
  3. Would you make comments here with the posts you would like to see in upvotable #24 here because you will get a 10 SBD finder's fee for sharing a post written by another author that we share? 50 SBD were earned by curators submitting posts successfully today!

Jerry Banfield

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I like the system.

Im happy to hear that you like the system @jerrybanfield and I are working on!


Thats pretty cool!

I would love to understand the system a bit more, but it sounds very interesting.

Well, dive into Jerry's videos and blogs both on YouTube and Steemit and you will get a pretty good understanding; he covers a lot of aspects.

upvoted and followed.... now upvote and follow @nido097

upvoted and followed.... now upvote and follow @nido097

that is good

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good post

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We all love to upvote who are crating value in this community and of course your post deserves more rewords so you keep sharing your knowledge. I was inactive on steemit for long time. But when I was watching your sponsored ads on facebook again and again. I came back and started to promote my humanitarian activities projects . Within two months, I received more than $400 for me and my charity school @schoolforsdg4 .

I will definitely vote you as my witness :) Many best wish for you dear .

Congratulations! This post has been upvoted from the communal account, @minnowsupport, by azizbd from the Minnow Support Project. It's a witness project run by aggroed, ausbitbank, teamsteem, theprophet0, someguy123, neoxian, followbtcnews/crimsonclad, and netuoso. The goal is to help Steemit grow by supporting Minnows and creating a social network. Please find us in the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network (PALnet) Discord Channel. It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there.

You should check out @fishmon s Steemit cards ,
Cards look great , but as a minnow , he doesn t have allot of views


Kissvote for you! Those cards are super cool. Thanks for the link.

Thanks for posting so much great content! I've noticed lately that most are not making as much as they were a couple months ago. Do you know why this would be?

upvoted and followed ,,, upvote and follow @nido097

@jerrybanfield Thank you!!! You mostly leave me speechless and doing ridiculous looking "happy dances" around my lounge haha!!! (no really - My family thinks I am nuts... I probably am. lol)

An honour! Always! I love WHO you are. I love WHAT you are doing and I love the ENERGY that you have!!!!!


Thank you again!

Much love to you!


Thank you @jaynie same here :)

Hi @jerrybanfield Respect for everything you do for the community. For fun I made you a gif in support of your upvotables project.

I've also put together a collaborative Steemit animation project where people can submit content to be used in an animation. It'd be really great if you could give it a bit of support.

STEEMIT COMMUNITY ANIMATION | Submit Your Own Creative Content To Be Used In The First Steemit collaborative Animation

Keep up the good work.

These are really cool but you are sharing the gif for the current Upvotable so we will miss it and not be able to use it for the next one.

Hi. Yeah I know. Sorry. But I did reply to you with this Upvotable 24 gif within 30 minutes of you requesting one. Unsure whether you received it or not, because I know you guys are busy, I then jumped on you Washington hiking post (great photos btw) and left you a 2nd comment linking you to the gif again.

Then when I saw Jerrys Upvotable 24 post and realized you hadn't seen my replies I didn't want it to go to waste that's why I used it in my reply here. If you guys would still like some for future posts I'd be happy to make you some for Upvotables 25-35 if you wanted. Not a problem.


That is great. Would love to know how its done.

Hi. Thanks for the interest. I do animation tutorials on my @animate account . So feel free to drop us a follow and you'll see how it's all done.


Perfect, will do. Thanks!

Thank you for posting these upvotable posts @jerrybanfield

What is the difference between voting outside the top 50 and voting with a proxy? #confused

Voting outside the top 50 casts one vote for a witness that is rank 51 or below while setting a proxy sets all votes the same as the account set as a proxy. For example, if you vote for me as a witness outside the top 50, you have 29 votes to spend on others. If you set me as a proxy, I make all your votes for you which can be undone at any time.

Well done to all the people who made the list :)

Thanks Tomas! I look forward to checking out the content you and Jerry made together!

Thank you @tomasgeorge x

Congratulations to all who made it and making 10SBD worth of Posts...

I'll take your word . As always of course .

It seems like for new starters it is challenging to earn reasonable... or maybe I am too naive?

Thank you @jerrybanfield and @aarellanes sir for all these great posts. I am sure everyone would learn something from them.
I have a post to submit . This is by @miriamslozberg. I am sure it can help in diminishing the stereotypes related to obesity.


This is a good one - I almost recommended this one myself!!!! Great recommendation :) SUNSHINE247

thx for sharing

I love your upvoteable articles! Here is my submission:

This is AWESOME! When I get out of my apartment I want to get this done!

Great post that one'

This is quite cool stuff, I was surprised it didnt earn more...


Thank you Jerry, I am @coinkingz, I lost my password, so I moved here. Please do not upvote the Bristol post.

that's true. I can vote, post and comment because I have the posting key. I lost the password.


I lost my original account password too. There should be a support group. Lol

Today I would like to nominate 2 posts, I hope you guys like it too.

  1. I'm sure this step by step drawing post will be very helpful for people who want to give a shot at drawing @apprentice001

  2. This straight to the point and some useful tips by @outrayjust on how to achieve something that you have never tried before

:O I really liked the art post! Thank you!

Welcome :)

Hi Guys!!! I know this post is already valued way to high to be considered but I think it is a great post for Jerry to acknowledge on his post because it can be very helpful for may bloggers. Maybe he can just read it and see if it is something he can at least acknowledge. For those of you out there who need a little STEEM lift, read how much a 'Thank You' post can lift someones spirits .. It is so important to give good comments and acknowledge someones efforts. I love you Steemit Friends .. Keep putting your heart and sole into great posts .. it truly is appreciated :) SUNSHINE247

Hi Jerry, I see you went into the post I recommended you visit :) Thank you so much Friend, it is obvious that you read your post comments and this is AWESOME to me!!! I so very much appreciate all that you do .. aside from the GREAT posts that you share, you go above and beyond to recognize others .. this does not go unnoticed at least not by me!!! I love you Friend .. SUNSHINE247

Here isa post i would like to recommend for next upvotables...
What you need to know about Charcoal Teeth Whitening? How safe is it?

Thank you for submitting a post!

I want to promote this guy, it's a big investor just hiding behind steemitbaby account, if he will earn good money from his post he is thinking to invest good amount of steem, I hope you will promote one of his post, this one for example : Is there just robots on steemit ? no people ?

I am promoting people's posts also, if someone want to be promoted by me, you are very welcome to promote here : Promote and Earn - First post -

Please submit just a URL in the future. Thank you!

Thanks for shaeing. As usual. Maybe this time we have room for some juggling and art?



Lucas Malabarize-se

Sorry, This is just a video and will not be included in upvotable 25.

Hahahha ok.
I'll keep trying

Lucas Malabarize-se

We all have a voice, even if we aren't creating content curation is a way to voice our opinions. Sometimes we can say the most by not saying anything but just lending our support.
I'd like to recommend https://steemit.com/politics/@ecoinstant/the-pros-and-cons-of-capitalism-and-how-to-move-forward

always interesting stuff from you Jerry, upped.

Namaste @jerrybanfield ! I am @tilak Everyone tells me you are top Steemit person on here. I only started one day ago and my friends are helping me to learn. If you can, please see my first post:
Look forward to learning more from you.
Have a Nice Day. Thank you very much

Thanks for what u do! Another great selection of new and undiscovered posts!

Guess what!? Part 4 of the Remarkable Diary is out if u want keep up with the story! Some fun dramas in this chapter!!!
Hope u enjoy!


FINALLLLLLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Thank you @eco-alex! This payout is too high but I am adding a sub section separate from the main upvotable.

im so happpy you guys are reading this!
next time we REALLY get into it!!!

thanks for Alll your support aarellanes and jb it really really goes a long way!

Their are some CRAZY talented ppl out there!

Hi Jerry. I recommend this post for upvotable 24. It's beautifully documented, covering the whole home-growing process, from seed to sauce!


Congratulations to all those that made the list this time!

Great post but this post is over $10 Payout.

Ah ok, I didn't see that rule. I guess it's in an earlier episode. Still, glad you enjoyed!

Although, I understand that we are supposed to recommend someone else's posts in upvotable.
To @jerrybanfield, I must give a million thank you for the invitation to participate in upvotable by recommending one of my recent posts :

Many thanks to everyone else for their support.

I hope I will be able to participate in the future with better posts from my blog and other people's blogs as well.

Love and peace to all :)

You are my 3rd vote for a witness.

I think I am starting to get the hang of this.


Nice to read all the posts again. Good job @jerrybanfield .
I was ready a post today and I guess you can find it useful.
Written by @indian-mom and concentrated on raising creativity through hobbies.

Hi @jerrybanfield, Upvotable is a great idea and I hope there can be a better system to do it in a streamlined way. You're doing an awesome job by guiding, inspiring and pinpointing the good, the bad and the ugly of steemit ( For reference: Me too!)

By the way, I am trying to follow your footsteps and wrote something to show the bigger picture of Steem in one year The Simplest Maths How I Earn $69000 at Steemit in One Year. There are beginners who've decided to quit because all they're making is just 1 Steem/day on average. I proved how much it becomes in a year. I hope you take a quick look at this article.

A little each time goes a long way...

Yup, the bigger picture looks so beautiful. :)

please include the URL and not just a title

Very good post, I follow you, you can follow me on @sid9999 lets make a streamit community and help each other to gain knowledge abòut blogging .Hope to get a positive response from you soon.

Jerry !! You are my hero!! I love your stuff !! ❤️

That is very kind of you to say!

I found this posts
The quickening...a time lapse journey...quicker than you think https://steemit.com/life/@copa-communion/the-quickening-a-time-lapse-journey-quicker-than-you-think
Freedom of expression isn't a birth right? https://steemit.com/life/@maya7/freedom-of-expression-isn-t-a-birth-right
Learning Chinese with... SONGS | 月亮代表我的心 | Bright month generation table https://steemit.com/cn/@rootingrobert/learning-chinese-with-songs-or-or-bright-month-generation-table

Thank you for bringing me to steemit Jerry, i have shared your video min 30 times about steemit. thank you a milion times man.

Thanks for always supporting the community. I'm submitting the post for consideration. I believe it's quite apropos: https://steemit.com/life/@outrayjust/name-your-price

Good luck 💪 niic @Jerrybanield. Upvote me ☺

I love these so much! Great post @jerrybanfield and nice work again from you and everyone who helped making this list!

Thank you! I hope you submit a post in the future :)

Thanks for posting so much great content

Here is a post about Why We Hate"Follow for Follow" and "Vote for Vote" https://steemit.com/life/@creatr/why-we-hate-follow-for-follow-and-vote-for-vote
If You Want to Have Something You've Never Had Before..


Great, thank you.

Congratulations to all the winners!

I would like to submit this beautiful original post for your next upvotable

I found ALL of these images in a basic google search.

Please submit a post.

Good job! @jerrybanfield ☝️🏼🔝💯

Thanks Albert for picking me! A great post about 7 Time Management Tips https://steemit.com/life/@vikbuddy/7-time-management-tips

No Problem! I will look at this post but I would encourage other authors too! :)

Thank you for more submissions! I am trying to limit picks to 1 per user. I already selected a post you submitted ;)

EDIT: I Am going to change my mind! I will consider more posts! :D

Thank you for your post!

Thank you for having me

This is a really great idea! I have so many interesting stories that I would love to share on here! You touched on one of the problems I run in to though. It would be disheartening to spend hours on writing a story just for it to not get read by only a few people. I have been lucky on a couple of my posts where one in particular received about 100 dollars from upvotes!
I would love to participate in something like this! As far as nominating someone, I would recommend @rebeccaryan! She is an extremely intelligent and skilled lady and all of her posts are always well written. She deserves more recognition than what she is getting in my opinion.

I really hope i make the list too . i am new and really trying my best .

good work nice great post

Good to find out...nice pos upvottable..upped

You are the hero I want to be like you and I would be grateful if you supported me

I think you have came up with other great on with "upvotable" so many people put a ton of time and work into something and should be recognized for there efforts. $65 for a "me too" comment WTH that just ain't right. I understand life isn't fair, but dang. Keep up the good work to help make steemit even better👍🏻👍🏻👊🏻

hum!!! that's very good, good luck too !!

Killing it as per usual Jerry! I would live to see my stories up there one day. I have found my writing again thanks to steemit, and i am practising daily. The fine people i have met so far have provided great motivation for me to continue doing so by way of their support.

So steem on Jerry! You're lightyears ahead of me with knowing how this all works, but we're both on the same page when it comes to helping out 'round here...

Keep on doing what you do so well, and have a looky loo @thedamus if you feel that special je ne sais pas...

Cheers JB!

Thanks for the mention @jerrybanfield it's greatly appreciated! Heading to the voting booth now😉🐓
Love @mother2chicks

I would like to submit this beautiful original work for your next upvotable by @artedellavita https://steemit.com/psychology/@artedellavita/the-beauty-in-taking-time-for-yourself

I like this but I try not to pic posts that are mainly videos.

Very informative post love it! Thanks for sharing.

I'll take your word . As always of course .

You are doing a great job for the community jerry!! Here's my nomination. I hope this helps raise awareness among people who have or will soon have babies. Stay safe everyone.


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See the full rankings and details in The Daily Tribune: Aug 25 - Part II. You can also read about some of our methodology, data analysis and technical details in our initial post.

If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

Jerry love how much great content you continue to delivery. Trying to get the flow moving right now with this one segment to bring the community together... https://steemit.com/money/@bitdollar/online-income-opportunities-2-ecommerce-with-shopify What do you think?

We all love to vote if it is legal

jaja esta muy bueno tu comentario !

Cool good luck

i will set you to be my proxy! Promise... But @jerrybanfield not all is earning 10$ at their blog? They are trying their best to express their feelings at the blog, but usually i suggest from the newbie who is asking me; Be true to your introduction. Like this a new one here...

this is just an example of them especially @jerichternida? He is asking me about his earning. Then i give the link of your blog to know more about steemit technique....

Thank you for choosing @mother2chicks post about living deliberately! She deserves the eyes! It really was an inspiring post!

happy too! It was good :)

Just tell me how do you get so much done! I could barely make a post a day lol

Sometimes when you are free just sit down and write a few creative posts and post them different days. So you can get a payout every day :)

As a noob of one month or so the thing I've found is that there is a relatively short window for posts by a minnow to be discovered, and then the chance is gone. Unless you can devote some STEEM to self-promoting (and I don't know if that has any proven ROI for Minnows) it's like throwing a dice as to whether someone notices it and throws a few $ its way, or it dies in obscurity.

After a week all revenue potential is lost (right?) so no amount of self-promotion like "here is a list of my greatest works" will help accumulate STEEM after that point. That all adds to the ephemeral "now" feeling of Steemit, vs a place to publish long lasting bodies of work that could accumulate you STEEM for weeks, months or years.

I don't know what the logic is behind that, I would guess it is something to do with stopping cheating in some way. perhaps someone can explain.

All this leads me to write articles that are trying to attract a quick hit - salacious click bait titles, images that look interesting and "tabloid" style content. I definitely wouldn't bring a long story, or detailed scientific work to STEEM, it's just not going to get the love from Steemit readers IMO.

Also identifying niche communities who would be interested in your content and upvote is hit and miss IMO. If someone just happens to be browsing a given tag at the right time they may see my article, but the difficulty of finding new content and filtering it from stuff you've seen already makes it unproductive. If I could just go to a take and "mark all read" I might browse to a tag more often. Otherwise I'm at the mercy of my feed and clicking buttons hoping something interesting will show up. I also can't exclude tags from my feed. All these things stop me being an effective curator IMO.

Nice work & great idea!

It's hard for a newbie to build a community and the system is so versatile that at first glance it is very complex. An ad second glance it still is. ;)

You really are helping with the success of Steemit.
Thanks again.

I nominate this steemer for being a steemit promoter on reddit and giving us a great tutorial about how to go about placing a Reddit ad.

This is a well done walk through and did you know the ads on Reddit are cheap??? This loyal, talented, and optimistic steemer just created and paid for the ad himself!

And then! It got rejected :)


how can i earn by posting or liking or commenting ?

Start with commenting - only like 6-15 a day and keep your power over 75%. Make good comments and learn. Follow good people. Wait on your first post for a couple of weeks. get a profile pic and make yourself look good. What is your niche or interests?

The payout is too high for this but I will include this but in a different category so everyone can see it :)


Wow ---......

Nice post, very beneficial for us, follow me @ ryzal.valendzo and will follow back. Thank you

Thank you for the love. I will like to submit a post by me @ewuoso https://steemit.com/life/@ewuoso/the-bad-side-of-procrastination

plzz help to increase my level of earning ... upvote and follow @nido097

Here you are again in another post nido097 pestering for upvotes and followers .. Please be kind and stop this disrespect .. I would love to just upvote and follow you because you have posted something awesome .. I love you Friend but how you are going about this is not good .. SUNSHINE247

A great post showing us how to make our own Biofuel! - Save Money - Become More Self-sufficient https://steemit.com/stilling/@gardenbsquared/make-your-own-bio-fuel-save-money-become-more-self-sufficient-why-still

THIS IS AWESOME! But I already picked one of your posts. I might consider this still.

I'm happy that you like my both post nominations. I think you should choose one you think it deserves more to be in the next upvotable 25.