UFC Fight Night

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My daily ULOG
My ulog today covers the last few days as my signal, hours & flying schedule have dictated.
I set up projection for the fights in Utika New York
This pictute shows the lighting department (& is that a celebrity from west coast choppers with his back to us?) infront of the octogon.

Going a day back intime our flight passed over the grand canyon on our way in. (Steemit is having fun flipping my images 90-180 degrees)

A view of the octogon from another angle

I slept through all the fights so have no news about who won any fights. Here is a shot at 2am as we are tearing out the equipment.

Another shot at 2:30am as you can see the truss is lowered just above the octogon.

And the next shot is my walk home in the morning at 3 am I found a cool looking old building with enough lighting to shoot right outside of our hotel.

In case you wanted to see here is a shot of the crappy Hotel I stayed at.

Then I walked around a little to get snapshots of the older buildings in the neighborhood.

This is a bank now and I wonder what it could have been in the past.

A look down the street reveals the need for closer shots, so we head this way an extra block.

Many old churches here look very cool.

My favorite building out of all these old ones is this tall Church. (Even though steemit flipped it sideways)

And finally on the walk back to the hotel getting ready to get on the shuttle heading to the airport spotted a little motorcycle club leaving our crappy Hotel

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Excellent photos, it is a beautiful place. Very exciting your days, I bet you that many envy you. Regards...

I mean to share & not brag... Hopefully I come off this way. Thanks for commenting.

waw great, I've been wanting to watch the live ufc fight, but have not been able to until now.

👍😁 thank you for commenting.

👍😁 thank you for commenting.

Wow, great to see that you went to see UFC fight and the pictures of this stadium is really awesome and i can imagine what would be the environment there and how much loud this stadium would be when match was going on. And the architecture of the bank is so amazing to watch and literally that architecture have the ancient essence. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Great commenting and compliment thanks! Have a great day also!

Welcome and thank you so much. 🙂


우리아버님이 이 컨텐츠 좋아 하셨는뎅^^

당신 아버지가이 콘텐츠를 좋아 하셨기 때문에 기쁩니다. 의견을 보내 주셔서 감사합니다. 또한 좋은 그래픽 아트 작품.


Nice #ulog . Simple yet informative. Will check the links. Im so eager to learn more.

As far as the UFC, my son and i always watch them on tv!

Thank you so much! Lets keep on #ulogging .!

You will be glad you did, let me know if you have any questions.

thats a great and brilliant photography..have a nice day sir :)

Thank you for the comment and for the compliment.

Wow.excellent photography. you are a great photographer.thank you for sharing with us friend.

Wow thanks for commenting & the compliment.

Its a wonderful and dynamic photography.i think you are good photographer..keep it always bro.

Thanks for the compliment! & for commenting.

Excellent photo story. when I read your photo story, I felt there. hope you will enjoy UFC Fight Night..... :)

Thanks, i slept through it 😂👍 been travelling too much lately and not sleeping on planes very well.

oh, dear maybe we missed better article or photo story

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