The SteemGigs Talk Will Start In A Few Hours. Plus, Quick Updates About Ulogs, SteemGigs And

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Today's SteemGigs Discord Talk Show

It will happen a few hours from now at 12 am Manila time (+8 GMT). It happens every week at the same time. 

Last weekend, i wasn't able to do an update post before the talk and attendance was low; so i had to do this post. 

Today, is another rough day; thus, the talk show will find a flow on-the-go. In truth, i had a lengthy chat with the hosts of the show earlier today i.e @maverickinvictus and @mermaidvampire; yet, we weren't even able to talk about the format for today's talk show. 

This may give us insight into how i mean, when i say "that i usually find out that Sunday is near, on Friday midnight".

Speaking to @maverickinvictus earlier today, we ended up talking of the future, the grand picture etc and with @mermaidvampire, we ended up talking about how we can take her niche ("contests innovation") to great heights, to where each very simple-looking contest adjusts the world etc

We end up speaking for hours combined and the day flies but not emptily by

With @maverickinvictus, the plan was simply to show him a video done by @snook about ULOGS; "this video":

then further talk ensued and in these talks, we were caring about the world and generations yet unborn.

Well, i started the day to that video above by @snook

ULOGS touched her and i smiled and drew strength as i saw the video. She grasped. She felt. She spotted the spottables. She was touched. It is simple.

She hasn't seen the entire picture or maybe she has but i haven't told her; yet, she got touched and these things are grand for me. 

Being able to appeal to the soft-spot of human, from every nook and cranny of Mama Earth, is an essential paradigm to even the tiniest things that i do. 

So, yes @snook started my day! She came into my mind's eye this morning and put on the ignition, then, i started to foresee the future for ULOGS, perhaps more vividly.

She is one pretty woman. She doesn't look at you (in the video) but you see it. Now, that's beauty.

Then @mermaidvampire came into my mind's eye too and together we played out "the application of a similar paradigm for her contests", so that as simple-looking as these contests may look, they had undergone the magnitude of innovation that shot the first man to moon. 

It is testimonial, when the tiniest or simplest-looking things, can start to have overwhelmingly grand global impact.

Well, all these and more happened and happens all week long, then suddenly it is Sunday and time for another talk. 

I explained all these things above, to implore your patience with me, regarding a set format for the weekly talks. 

"A set format" is bound to happen, really soon. 

Note: that in between, i thinking of my dad, who is side-by-side with me, but whom i am a not able to fully-love.

Today, the talk will go on! We will discover a format on-the-go and don't worry, we will all learn something or at the very least, leave inspired and empowered. 

We will see light inside the tunnel and move closer to it (each talk) and we will draw assurance.

Today, we will likely cover matters related to the state of the community. We may try to explain further what i means, when i say, "too much FOMO equal MO" (in relation to steem/steemit/life). 

I will also try to explain better, what i am trying to accomplish with my recently re-awakened YOUTUBE channel and the array of videos (in relation to steem/life success and steem growth) that i will be filling it with.

A Bit More About Ulogs

The funny thing is, if you only knew how many amazing things are cooking up in relation to @ulogs
The funny thing is @ulogs will have a kind of game AND more tied to it etc 
The  concept is still being conceptualized and it is beginning to form awesomely and I tell you, cryptokitties, pokemon, zombies etc shouldn't be hotter cake than say, Teardrops SMT etc
Superman, batman, blacky the rich cat etc shouldn't incite more buzz than say, steemian, human, etc. 

The arrangement for the Ulogs website is cooking up too. Who knows, on this particular steem-based website, there may be some form of "swipe effect" or maybe not. I don't know much yet but much of the concepts are playing out in my mind and really fast too. 

For the most part, we will all gradually attain "true celebrity-hood" by virtue "solely of being the awesomest version of human".

ULOGGERS will form a core part of the website. "Each" is likely to have a merchandise space, where true fans will be able to avail of their merchandise using steem etc. Merchandise will have to be freshly-made. We will create trend for a new craze each time. 

See once again how @snook spoke of ULOGS in this video:

See once again, how i spoke of a ULOG here:

See some additional details about a ULOG in relation to a VLOG below

A VLOG can constitute a ULOG but a VLOG can't cover all dynamics of a ULOG.

So please, if you are doing a video about you or your environment or covering events in your day etc "anything that is freshly-created and created by you" and are uploading it to dtube, dlive, youtube etc kindly consider joining the trend #ulog and the movement represented by the now existing word ULOG.

Simply add #ulog or ULOG in title in place of VLOG and use #ulog and it is considered a ULOG.
Other newly existing words are ULOGGING, ULOGGER, ULOGGERS etc

Note that even a post on dsound can constitute ULOG, on its own or as part of a entire steemit blog post. 

A ulog is all encompassing (as it can contain each/all forms of media. A vlog is quite limited.

How about some additional information about a ULOG, in relation to a blog?

Well, for the most part (based of the general view) not everyone feels fit to be considered blogger. 

"Everyone/Anyone" can be Ulogger as the only requirement is "U" where U = you.

A Ulog is a grand movement. It puts "everyone" in the picture.

A Bit More About SteemGigs has been undergoing development behind-the-scenes. I am waiting on a team, to complete the addition of a design/style-guide across the UI and there have been delays. 

The truth is i have had many disappointments with people but i will wait just a bit more. Once the design/style-guide is completed, i do plan on going all out with completing the core framework of (so that it is very usable (limited bugs) and the core features and grand picture is fully evident), using bounty after bounty.

In the meantime, we try to sustain our growing SteemGigs community organically on the discord, doing activities, like our SteemGigs weekly talks etc
We are past 5,000 steemians on the discord server now and that, i consider progress. is still usable and i especially implore us to try out

Sometimes, we have to apply patience before going all out. "We are humans."

A Bit More About https://surpassinggoogle

The grand picture for that domain, is an entire steem-based website that will look to enhance content discovery and curation for steem. 

The model has been ready for a long time but development for it hasn't ensued as i have wanted to be completed first.

Lately though, you will recall that i have decided to put the domain to use (in the meantime), hosting a repository of YouTube videos (mine), dedicated to sustaining and growing steem communities. 

Please read about those plans HERE!!!

The landing page/website is already ready AND it will be deployed to https://surpassinggoogle really soon. See how it looks below:

I am just looking to have it point to " and it will be good to go. I will manually fill it up with the right videos etc and will go on to do more videos, so that it fills up quickly and can form a valuable resource for "everyone".
It was designed by young @cadawg. Well, he is sixteen; "so i mean body-young". 

If you have joined Steemit recently, where should you start?

I will now confidently say; "start by subscribing to my YouTube channel here and join the SteemGigs discord server here to be part of the weekly talk show. 

If i have not been able to tend to your DM yet?

Please don't hastily conclude about matters. Simply join in on the discord talk as well on the weekend and you can reach me on there "live". 

During these talks, however rough, i end up staying on there for 9 hours or more. 

Plus, subscribe to my YouTube channel as i could reach out to you using my videos directly or indirectly.

Each of my steemit posts as well, very much involve "YOU"
Join the weekly SteemGig talks!

This is the direct URL, leading to the voice chat room for the talk. It comment a few hours from now:

Too, subscribe to my YouTube channel and let's go on a journey, up the testimonial harder route and let's taste how surprisingly simple a route it is!

Your Boy Terry


Quick Update:  

#ulog  generated more than 6,000 comments and 2029 posts within the first 6  days since the tag was born. Join in and become a ULOGGER today. 


We are seeking coders/developers to help, by  means of or direct contributions. I would like to invite all  coders/developers, to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today

Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "un(dis)talented editor"

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

You can use the divider that i used for your posts as well: 

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.  

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented)

Join the Steemgigs Community on discord:  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?

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Greetings, great surpassinggoogle

Thank you for the excellent post and how always help everyone here. Sure, it's an excellent Witness. If you need my vote, I am available, I know it is always willing to help the community to evolve and beginners to grow.

I don't know if you saw, but the price of the sbd went up today around 25%. In my country, Brazil, are worth around R$8,40. Before was worth around £ $6.50. This makes a huge difference for us, because here the products have a lot of taxation and what we get is not so easy to cover the costs. This helps us a lot. I hope at the end of the year and next year, the sbd could be worth at least 20% more than it's worth today and the steem around $3.50 to $4 dollars. You have no idea how this helps us here in our country.

I appreciate your posts and always helps.

Have a nice day!


I greet you @Julisavio.


thanks alot for sharing such an important details about ulogs the idea of #ulogs is a revolution which the whole world will accept and we know the back secret of #ulog success if your constant conversion on #ulogs in discord i wish i could also join it. sir i have question that when did SMT will be launch? once again thanks my favourite witness of steemit and great human being super @surpassinggoole


I definitely agreed both of you, lets joining together to support @surpassinggoogle innovative platforms.


I have so much idea. I have seen things. There is light inside the tunnel


thank you, man!!!!


@surpassinggoogle i bet the turn up last voice discuss wasn't that much, but was still much.. The light in tunnel has really showed me future, and believe in myself being to discover myself. I was able to make a self power bank to boost up my battery since, power is another issue here.1527950239339-1381901121.jpgIMG_20180203_103638.jpg


Continued Blessings for all your ideas and all that you do to transform them in to reality to Bless all of us, @surpassinggoogle!

Appreciate 'meeting' and speaking with you earlier today. Am still enjoying the show... the after party. Thank you to everyone for staying up sooo late in to the night so we could join from all over the world.


Indeed! ! There is great light in the tunnel. Many don't get to see it.


I'm happy for thay good news @julisavio. Im glad to hear that Steemit helps you


Someone below copied your comment which was translated to another language .. then commented on behafl of his name. He did not quote you.



He plagiarise your comment into Indonesian language. He just changed the country from Brasil to Indonesia. So shame.


mine comment? where?


On the above screenshot. That is your comment thst had been translated to Indonesia language. He commented using your comment. Your comment on @surpassinggoogle post.


thank you for show it to me man. I think this person erase her comment!!!


It still there. You need to scroll below. His account name is ibnuhubban. He commented 8 hours ago. The comment is still there... i give you a screenshot. I am Indonesian. So I understand he plagiarise your comment into indonesian languange. You can google translate on his comment.



Same here in Nigeria. The price has gone up a little. I hope it gets higher.

Thanks, you really didn't have to shout me out but I really do appreciate it!

~ @cadawg

I'm so excited. The show is starting in less than 3hrs time. That is exactly 5:00pm Nigerian time

I'm a little bit late today. but let's go there

Noted sir @surpassinggoogle. I missed the last 2 discord talk show. But this time, I would be present.

Perfect!. I won't miss this at all. I look forward to it and i know it will be a long one, so i am coming prepared. I wish you strength. Let me save my talk till then. Gracias brother.

Yay! I'm so excited already!


Hahaha you are funny. You will talk today. Today is a struggle


Nah, I'm too shy to speak 😂😂


hi my buddy newcomer in steemit, if I can help please, please teach me in the matter of playing steemit I really need your help mate friend


I guess I'll be needing a lot of coffee starting at this moment. See ya later Terry boy.


Don't drink coffee. You will speak, that will keep you awake

I will not definitely miss this discord show this time. #ulog has been a huge success. I am excited to hear from you about this topic. I will be there, will hear from you in abit.

Count me in Sir as always!😁

Wow... With all these plans on the table... I just can't wait to be on voice at the Steemgigs server.! Need to hear you talk about them Sir Terry

#ulogs is getting more meaning by the day. Great project you created @Surpassinggoogle. Thank you for your wonderful contributions in the steem blockchain.

I was unaware of the talk last week.
Wouldnt miss it tonight. :)

Another talk show that will give me another great knowledge. I am not feeling well at this moment but I will try to still join. Thanks for your all effort :)

Yay few hours left, Im so excited for some new lesson that I will get through this talk show sir. But I am eager to hear you singing again some RNBs and Hphop songs. I hope to hear you sing a filipino song sir @surpassinggoogle that would be kulitness overload. hehehe

Another family moment on Steemgigs discord channel, another real Ulog moment, another moment to feel strength through words and pains.

#Ulogging, I love the tag and I'll start adopting it anytime soon.
Let's make it count

This was the most awaited post sir ♥♥♥
Can't wait to be a part of it, how good it will be to you sir 😘😘😘
You are just love love love!
I have seen your old youtube videos, the videos in which smoke is coming out if your ears if you remember

I knew it that Today's Talk Show won't be complete without the Video experiments. It's giving a real new touch to #ulog and steem blockchain I guess. I'll be live and direct. @Surpassinggoogle, you'll surpass google. Keep being you!

Kudos to young @cadawg for being a great contributor to world's development.He'll go far.


Thank you, these words really encourage me!

I hope I sighted that's gonna be another wonder-community in the internet. It's emergence is timely. I hope that will be a part of today's talk show @Surpassinggoogle.


another wonder-community in the internet

I think that's a great way to anticipate I tried linking the site, but it's not coming up at the moment. It will surpass google.

I hope Karen's getting better. Thank you @Surpassinggoogle for this reminder. I hope to be a part of this show this time.


@Daronbush, am touched that you are concerned about @Mermaidvampire's health. I pray God heals her soonest

Am glad that I saw this prompt early enough. Lemme prepare to be a part of it. I don't want to be told. @liltom are you there? Let's get ready for @Surpassinggoogle's talk show in 2 hrs from now.


@Edichris After much preaching and talking. It's good you have finally decided to join the show. It's always a learning opportunity

Everyone always anticipate the show. The greatest show on discord so far. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for always putting up a great show

Best of luck guys! I'm sorry Sir but I can't really listen around that time during Saturday because I need to wake up early on Sunday. Our church's schedule is 9am. I wish it is Friday night. Anyways, I will just update it to ur Youtube channel. We love you Sir! Xoxo. ♡♡♡God bless you and your program.

A very True Quote fits here dear @surpassinggoogle:

"Leaders are problem solvers by talent and temperament, and by choice. For them, the new information environment—undermining old means of control, opening up old closets of secrecy, reducing the relevance of ownership, early arrival, and location—should seem less a litany of problems than an agenda for action. Reaching for a way to describe the entrepreneurial energy of his fabled editor Harold Ross, James Thurber said" 'He was always leaning forward, pushing something invisible ahead of him.' That's the appropriate posture for a knowledge executive."
— Harland Cleveland

Always got some amazement whenever I got some NOTIFICATION from your side TERRY Boy. I think you are the only one in this universe of YOUR KIND. Nobody can initiate such a complex and huge PROJECTS successfully at the same time. But you have done and still continue. I think appreciate is a very low level word in front of your efforts. People love you they support you and the main thing THEY TRUST ON YOU. This is the real success in my view point. Carry on man and Always Stay Blessed!

A time with you is always worth looking forward to, I really can't wait... And also watch out for my summary this time , I am gonna keep a full track of the entire talk show..

Thank God it's Saturday (TGIS) 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃

knew it that Today's Talk Show won't be done without the Video tests. It's giving a real new touch to #ulog and steem blockchain I assume. I'll be live and facilitate. @Surpassinggoogle, you'll beat google. Keep being you!

Yes it will be an interesting one i like the time fixed for today talk. I will be happy to hear from you sir @surpassinggoogle.

Will surely hop in for the weekly discord chat. Hope to hear some great discussion today as we always do every weekends!

thanks for best update information! good luck!

@surpassinggoogle, I really appreaciate what you are doing on Steemit.
I apologize for going off topic.

We have witness votes up for grabs.

I am trying to reach out to you to let you know I have a collective of votes for any witness that gets STEEM or SBD on a major exchange. This could benefit you if you could make that happen. Since you also had a goal to get STEEM and SBD on &, I thought you would like this challenge.

It would help the effort greatly if you promised your witness vote to the witness that gets the task accomplished. You may be voting for that witness already, so it really should be no big deal.

I don't think it is good practice to leave links in the comments so I'm not going to do that. If you would like to help STEEM become accessible everywhere and grow the community, just go to my blog and I post the witness vote bounty everyday.

Hi sir @surpassinggoogle, I hope I can join with you tonight or someday if I have a real internet. Because if I will stay in the internet café until your talk show my grandma might summon the ghost to find me and bring me home hehehe. Since our house is more than kilometer away from the internet café and she keeps on monitoring me even I'm in my legal age of 18. Hehehe she maybe just loves me so much coz' I don't have my mother beside me.

I'll just check some of the post of #uloggers about what will happen tonight next time. God Bless You and your family sir.

I'm so excited. The show is starting in less than 3hrs time. That is exactly 5:00pm Nigerian time

It's giving a real new touch to #ulog and steem blockchain I guess. I'll be live and direct. @Surpassinggoogle


Thanks! It really means a lot to me!

~ @cadawg

Everyone has something to offer! I agree @surpassinggoogle. And you never run out of good things to offer inorder to improve the steemit community. Thank you for all your support and I’m looking forward to joining your on line chats soon.

You shared very important details about ulogs the idea of #ulogs is a revolution. I wish i could join. which the whole world will accept and we know the back secret of #ulog success if your constant conversion on #ulogs in discord i wish i could also join it. sir i have question that when did SMT will be launch? once again thanks my favourite witness of steemit and great human being super


I enjoyed myself so much i wrote a post about it.

Thanks for the update and yes I can't wait to get involve in this awesome The SteemGigs Talk. I know that would be a tremendous session there. All the credit goes to the one and only Mr Terry our MENTOR and the savior of poor towards poverty. Will definitely contribute. Thanks @surpassinggoogle.

Another family minute on Steemgigs disunity channel, another genuine Ulog minute, another minute to feel quality through words and agonies.

#Ulogging, I cherish the tag and I'll begin embracing it at any point in the near future.

How about we make the most of it

Yeah, this 6th Episode will be mind-blowing. Am getting a book alongside so I can take notes. I missed out the last time. Thanks @Surpassinggoogle for the prompt.

I'm only one call hour away, I'll be there to join the family. My battery got nothing on me, I'm only one hour away.

Keep being amazing Big Bro and we pray for more strength for you.

Let's go to the Discord channel and share Intels

One more agains sir, here we are planning to join tonight's talk show with you, sorry I am afraid to miss sir, you think the difference between manila time with indonesia how many clock sir, we are afraid to miss ,, i have asked this person but they are hesitate ,,,, thanks sir ,!

This was the most anticipated post, Can hardly wait to be a piece of it, how great it will be to you. You are simply cherish love. I have seen your old youtube recordings, the recordings in which smoke is turning out if your ears on the off chance that you recollect.

I already have a discord app. I'm looking forward to make use of it with you Sir Terry. Thank you and God Bless!

Just like @surpassinggoogle rightly said, everyone has something to offer. Make it a date with us on the discord channel and watch us do amazing things... we all are celebrities.. Terry Ajayi said so

thanks alot for sharing such an important details about ulogs the idea of #ulogs is a revolution which the whole world will accept and we know the back secret of #ulog success if your constant conversion on #ulogs in discord i wish i could also join it. sir i have question that when did SMT will be launch? once again thanks my favourite witness of steemit and great human being super @surpassinggoole

Very good post @surpassinggoogle, I think, all your projects are now growing, because I see, more and more days, more people are supporting #ulog, #SteemGigs and your other projects. And I'm happy, with the project from you, it can help us all to work in Steemit, especially for those of us who just joined in Steemit, this is very helpful. I sincerely hope that there will be many people like you who will help us in Steemit, because then, Steemit will be more successful for the future, and unemployment will diminish throughout the world. That's my dream, because I want to see Steemit grow and no more poor people in the world. Thanks for sharing, and I will always support all your projects...

You shared critical insights about ulogs the possibility of #ulogs is an insurgency. I wish I could join. which the entire world will acknowledge and we know the back mystery of #ulog achievement if your consistent transformation on #ulogs in strife I wish I could likewise go along with it.

Hurray! The much awaited steemgigs talk is here

Hello there sir @surpassinggoogle, I trust I can join with you this evening or some time or another on the off chance that I have a genuine web. Since in the event that I will remain in the web bistro until the point that your television show my grandmother may summon the apparition to discover me and bring me home hehehe. Since our home is more than kilometer far from the web bistro and she continues observing me even I'm in my legitimate age of 18. Hehehe she perhaps simply cherishes me so much coz' I don't have my mom next to me.

Ohhh Waooo that's really great achievement @surpassinggoogle #steemgigs is talking what a pleasuring moment, you create your own discord channel. I personally and hearty appreciate your countless efforts for us. whole community is thankful to you for you always favor. Lots of Love for you.

Great post @surpassinggoogle, I think, every one of your ventures are currently developing, since I see, increasingly days, more individuals are supporting #ulog, #SteemGigs and your different tasks. Also, I'm glad, with the undertaking from you, it can help all of us to work in Steemit, particularly for those of us who simply participated in Steemit, this is extremely useful. I genuinely trust that there will be numerous individuals like you who will help us in Steemit, in light of the fact that at that point, Steemit will be more effective for the future, and joblessness will decrease all through the world. That is my fantasy, since I need to see Steemit develop and not any more needy individuals on the planet. A debt of gratitude is in order for sharing, and I will dependably bolster every one of your undertakings.

I hope to stay tuned to it
I have missed out on a lot of engagements and activities on @steemgigs
Apparently, today's seem thrilling
I need to get some coffee...Lol!

I hope I can join later and hear another inspirational thoughts from you Sir Terry and the rest of the steemians...

Wow! This is amazing, it will make me great...
I die here

ohh..this is gonna be great..#feelingExcited ❤❤

Lets spread out @surpassinggoogle innovative platforms. By supporting @steemgigs in the witness category. Lets holding hands together with brighter futute on steemit. Just like this one. Thank you so much sir, we greatly appreciated your kindness to all of us here.


one more sir, i also have subscribe your youtube sir, i am curious i want to ask sir, in #steemit there is dtube or dlive why do you use it ,? why should youtube sir?

yes maybe this can help the steemit in his other work.

#ulogs is getting more meaning by the day. Great project you created @Surpassinggoogle. Thank you for your wonderful contributions in the steem blockchain.

good job my best teacher in steemit.
Good luck always

Sorry sir, I always follow your post and I've seen your latest video on youtube Terry ayayi,
I would like to ask you directly about our plan here to make aceh steemgigs, in what sense can we make a post in a local language like aceh or indonesian sir @surpassinggoogle? I represent my friend here want to ask first because we are afraid that our post will not get response from you sir, sorry sir please instruct, thank you
Here are some of my recent post sir, please visit sir hopefully I will not disappoint you, thank you sir


I am also from Aceh... and @surpassinggoogle always responded to me, there some other uloggers from aceh... they also get supported by @surpassinggoogle. Write your post billingually.., he'll support.

much appreciated alot for sharing such a vital insights about ulogs the possibility of #ulogs is an upheaval which the entire world will acknowledge and we know the back mystery of #ulog achievement if your steady change on #ulogs in strife I wish I could likewise go along with it. sir I have question that when did SMT will be dispatch? by and by thanks my most loved observer of steemit and incredible person super @surpassinggoole

Thumbs up @surpassinggoogle 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

This is really fascinating and mindblowing @surpassinggoogle...
Take the lead while we follow you sir....

I am really anticipating sir
Thanks for sharing.

Keep shining sir.

Everybody has a remark! I concur @surpassinggoogle. What's more, you never come up short on great things to offer inorder to enhance the steemit group. Much thanks to you for all your help and I'm anticipating joining your on line visits soon.

Will be waiting for tonight hope I dont sleep the weather is cool tonight

Will be waiting for tonight hope I dont sleep the weather is cool tonight

#ulog is getting interesting day by day. Terry is a genius

Its another amazing time together, I'm looking forward it!
Terry i hope you would sing today!


Yeeeeeeeeeey I'm also excited today to learn more.

Good luck to us @steemians

So we have 2 hosts for tonight's show :-)
I think I need more chocolates to keep me awake hehe

Definitely there are lots to look forward to... Especially excited for that #ulogs webby cooking up. But for now, excited for the upcoming show. Hoping everything will go smoothly, praying for my inet connection to be smooth. See Hear you later!

Hi sir Terry, @surpassinggoogle, Can I join the voice chat later? I really want to learn something and speak with you later. I'm really excited..
This will be my 2nd voice chat appearance.


Mee too Sir count me in!

I love ulog so much even when I am sad it makes me smile.
I love @mermaidvampire even she is sick but she loves you so much and support you and you support her Dir Terry.I love your tandem because I knew your heart .I hope and pray for a good outcome in your good relation and this is all about what we are waiting for one day.I hope you both have someone in your side to love aside from your own family..God bless all uloggers and my mentor @mermaidvampire and @surpassinggoogle

YAAAY!!! So excited for the Talk Show. :) :) <3

How I wish my signal will cooperate this time

Am seeing that video #ulog will be taking over the internet in few days. This is a brand new spice to@Surpassinggoogle's contribution to steemit's growth. Today's Talk show will be great. I wish my fone gets better to connect.

How I wish my signal will cooperate this time

i am really excited to see your video.its really very excellent.every word you talking very perfecltly.i am seeing your video very attentively.because its very helpfull for me. i am not missed youur video.its gives me alots of strentgh. .. I just can't wait to be on voice at the Steemgigs server.! Need to hear you talk about them Sir Terry.. I hope to hear you sing a filipino song sir @surpassinggoogle that would be kulitness overload. hehehe.very well dear friend..thanks to sharing for your great thought post..

I would've loved to be a part of this show..
But unfortunately it's at a difficult time for me, it's exactly at the time of Isha prayers

I'm new to Steemit and I must say that after thoroughly reading through your post, I have learned something new today about ulog and I look forward to gain more from your pool of knowledge.

Another way for Terry to touch lives is via #ulogs. Thanks for visiting @joanhay's blog, you gave listening ear to my request on her behalf.


Thank you @samal.
Thank you @surpassinggoogle.

Yes I am set and I've been checking my time cos it's 5pm Saturday evening here in Nigeria, I can't afford to miss this one cos I missed the last time

very beautiful video done by @snook
I'll try as much as possible to be at the discord channel talk show....
I did create a Ulog video today....

Very good, have been awaiting an opportunity to throw my words of appreciation to Bro. Terry Ajayi for curating my introductory post after @samal humbly requested.. I know he missed it due to the number of #ulogs post made each day.
Thank you @surpassinggoogle for been kind.
Am glad to have been told about Steemit, and to have known Terry.

Im waiting for the discord talk show. And more updaes about #ulog .


Transletan punya orang. Hanya mengganti nama negara "di indonesia". Hati2 kena charge plagiarisme. This is a copy comment from @julisavio translated to Indonesian language. You should quote @julisavio instead of commenting on behalf of your name.


Hahahha best regard @alzamna sibuk aja kau.


Mari lebih menghargai karya org dengan tidak plagiat. Ulog tidak mensupport plagiat.


Terima kasih
Mohon maaf telah merugikan anda....

Lets spread out @surpassinggoogle inventive stages. By supporting @steemgigs in the witness class. Lets clasping hands together with brighter futute on steemit.

Thank @surpassinggoole for the opportunity to know more about @steemit and #ulog. I already subcribed to your Youtube channel Terryajayi and hope to learn more. I did vote @steemgigs as my witness too.


It's nice always reading from you and I haven't been in attendance to the very end, I was there last week but I got disconnected because bad network and I was preparing to finish my seminar work. I'll be there today live and I pray for good network on my end and everyone's end too. Thank you always

@surpassinggoogle thanks for more meaning of #steemgigs and #ulog. Ulog is gaining more people and post daily, i do put #ulog tag in most of my post because i don't want my post not to get followers. Am fully using #ulog to get my fans and mentor on my post. Thanks for the youtube channel @surpassinggoogle, it makes steemit easy to me

see you later sir terry, i'm excited to hear you talk and sing again hehe

we are eagerly waiting for you sir @surpassinggoogle .
Not only me .. many of us are waiting. Cant wait for this talk show anymore

I am so excited for the Talk Show tonight. Bring it on @surpassinggoogle!

will join in today hopefully

What a discussion it was and of great length. It was what was needed and a way for us to see the future.

It excites me what we can accomplish as everyone will have a paradigm shift and #beliketerry

We will gain insights all the while working on the dream building platform of steemgigs, the un(dis)talented will have a place, Uloggers will have a chance to shine and attain true celebrity hood and teardrops the final piece.

The format we forgot to talk about but I never worry because I know the people will come, they will listen and they will share.

Life is full of suffering but it is also full of beauty, together we will find the knowledge and build on it.

See you in an hour everyone!

I don't really know what to offer to #steemgigs but i know that one day i will surely offer a good content post on steemgigs which we helps us on steemit @surpassinggoogle

I am excited to be in 6th #Steemgigs discord talk show! Another fun and learning experience! Thanks sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for making this possible!

I'm currently on discord for the steemgigs talk, but network is really unfair to me!