Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge 5000 SBD Prize - Make The Best Selfie With a Love Message - Day# 20

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100 Days Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge ( Prize Fund 5000 SBD) - Make the best selfi with a love message.

Thank you for competition Sponsors: @dobartim, @tatjanastan, @flysky, @aidasfg7.

Rules :

Every participant has to be a member of STEEMSCHOOLS discord channel
Make post every day of SteemSchools Ultimate Challenge entry till end of 100 Days Challenge.
Participant has to be present on a live class every day at discord channel here at 9 pm Central European Time Zone/8pm Nigerian Time
Every participant has to include the link of a daily post of their Steemit blog in discord channel #steemschools-ultimatechallenge
You can make a post every day with STEEM SCHOOLS ULTIMATE CHALLENGE blog. If you win one day you have to be on live channel class every day. If you didn't win, you can write a new post every day for entry in the challenge. Put your link in this discord channel
Prize :

100 + days competition

Every day we choose one winner of 10 SBD - on our online voice discord channel

After 100 days We will choose 8 winners ( They will have new task every day - check my post for daily rules and task changes ).

8 Places with 500 SBD Prize

You need to put in the title of your post " Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge "

Put in main tags of your post #steemschools

Put @dobartim and this competition link in your post for other competitors

You must be my follower
Create own invite post at your blog on Steemit with same rules and pictures, with own discord link from our steem schools discord channel, and you can put own selfie picture on the top. RULES WILL BE IN THE POST CHECK DETAILS FOR RULES AND APPLICATION FOR CHALLENGE AT STEEMSCHOOLS DISCORD

Only judges can vote: @dobartim, @flysky, @tatjanastan, @aidasfg7

Note: Maximum winning is total two times ( one daily and one final)
If you didn't win that day you have another chance to write new post entry every day until the end of 100 days Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge

Donor rules ( Everyone can donate how much he wants SBD to support this project ) :
You can donate how much SBD you want
Donations should be sent to my account @dobartim
We will publicly put your name and amount of donation as a sign of gratitude to each post that will be posted
Thanks to Donors : @dobartim, @flysky, @tatjanastan, @aidasfg7, @d-pend 11.111 SBD, @enisshkurti 8 SBD , 1.234 SBD, @mistakili 1.5 SBD, @itsmechille 1 SBD, @darkflame 1 SBD ,

Note :
Winners of the previous competition should be on the Steem Schools discord channel every day at 5 PM European Central Time Zone which is 4PM Nigerian Time and 1600GMT on discord channel

Winners :

Day #1 @utomobong

Day #2 @biljed

Day #3 @lovelyworld

Day #4 @arbazalam

Day #5 @evarich

Day #6 @d4rkflow

Day #7 @tusharraina23

Day #8 @anaiscarolina03

Day #9 @shaheerbari

Day #10 @sweetim

Day #11 @queenerica

Day #12 @giftedwords

Day #13 @mandalaflower

Day #14 @doncapo

Day #15 @nikolina

Day #16 @afrinsultana

Day #17 @tomilolafadipe

Day #18 @emekasegun

Day #19

The first picture you can use your image, all other text should be original, your followers - users to follow your work only. This is a support to you to get more followers individually, Your invites to follow you and your work - @yourname
Be a part of our family on Steemit School discord channel

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