Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge 5000 SBD Prize - Make Best Steemit Story Of Your Way of Success

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Hello guys, let me tell my experience on steemit discord and steemit school so far.

I joined steemit on August, I decided to test steem while searching coins to invest on the crypto Market it's the best cryptocurrency for blogging til now in my opinion, I do a lot research on cryptocurrency more like a hobby that's becoming more serious everyday.

The first thing I found on steemit was a Discord link and I got lost on many groups started to make mine couse I just used telegram before and learned a lot about how to manage it and how useful it is got find a friend that makes great bots and my we started to improve them to our needs.

So I got places on Technical Analysis groups Data Dash and CryptoWorldNews where I share some thoughts on how btc and altcoins can behave and now I found steemit school.

It's been almost a month I joined because I saw dobartim post about his challenge off 5000 sbd. When I first joined I saw him commenting on people's post and telling them how can they could improve it telling them how many pictures they should post the importance of the headlines in the importance of the kind of the communication, I found it very nice and you stayed to learn a little more.
FlySky started the talk show that helped me a lot all my fluence on English and I'm very glad for it. I also enjoyed d-pend poetry classes but I never thought I would be writing poetry and they learned that it's important to practice for creativity and to learn how to better express ourselves.

We also have art classes and I saw a lot of talented people that can do wonders with a image.

Had seen some great musicians too one of them mide make estudio music from his cell phone. The community keeps growing and people with new talents come, I see a lot of people it don't know much about cryptocurrency couse they came just for the social network and I see the need for everyone that is blogging on steemit to understand the cryptocurrency market.

Dobartim is doing a great job educating people on business and I find it very exciting because with knowledge and steemit people on poor countries can make a way to make money with Entrepreneurship and financial education.
Hope more artists musicians and all kind of people come and share their knowledge for we laverege it on crypto Market 😉

Also take a look on the video it says about why we should care about poor countries get wealthy, it's just about getting the world a better place thanks

So join steemit and steemit school discord group and learn how to make money and art all together

Join the ultimate challenge that will give 5000sbd.

Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge 5000 SBD Prize - Make Best Steemit Story Of Your Way of Success - #7
tatjanastan (59) in steemschools • 3 hours ago
100 Days Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge ( Prize Fund 5000 SBD) - How Steemit Changed your life. Post that moves me being Unique and Original will be The One. It has to stimulate and inspire me in order to give it a Go.

All aspects of communications apply:
= Life communications
= Financial communications
= Business communications
= Education communications


Steem Schools Communication Challenge - How Steemit Communications changed your life. You can express it in photos, text, video, Dlive, Dsound other ways, by other people and friends confirming your post via examples and good verifiable facts. Better the statement post higher the score will be. You can express it via photos, text, by other people and friends confirming your post via examples and good verifiable facts. Better the statement will result in higher score. Better the facts will give you better reviews from Steemit followers of this competition.

Your post could be about how Steemit Communications helped you in meeting new people, getting to know community, personal achievement, family effort and unity, business improvements, communication experiences etc...Post has to be inspirational, motivational and verifiable for all followers in order to get enough votes from hosts. How Steemit Communication positively influenced your life. This votes will get you to next level and the following next week competition round. With each additional week we will follow development and improvements in your post and example for your successful story.

Remember it is not only about individual, it could be couple, family, friends, pets, objects, "all for one, one for all" approach, new book, new friendships, new discoveries in life etc...We will value overall aspect of your post.
Thank you for competition Sponsors : @dobartim, @tatjanastan, @flysky, @aidasfg7.

Rules :

= Every participant has to be member of STEEMSCHOOLS discord channel;
= Make post every day of SteemSchools Ultimate Challenge entry till end of 100 Days Challenge;
= Participant has to be present on live class every day at discord channel here at 9 pm Central European Time Zone;
= Every participant has to include link of daily post of their steemit blog in discord channel #steemschools-ultimatechallenge ;
= You can make post every day with STEEM SCHOOLS ULTIMATE CHALLENGE blog. If you win one day you have to be on live channel class every day. If you didn't win, you can write new post every day for entry in challenge. Put your link in this discord channel

Prize :

= 100 + days competition;

= Every day we choose one winner of 10 SBD - on our Online Voice Discord Channel

= After 100 days We will chose 8 winners ( They will have new task every day - check my post for daily rules and task changes;

= 8 Places with 500 SBD Prize;

= Your story must be a minimum of 1000 words and minimum one image;

= You need to put in the title of your post " Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge";

= Put in main tags of your post #steemschools;

= Put @tatjanastan and this competition link in your post for other competitors;

= You must to be my follower @tatjanastan;
= Create own invite post at your blog on Steemit with same rules and pictures, with own discord link from our steem schools discord channel, nd you can put own selfie picture on the top. RULES WILL BE IN THE POST CHECK DETAILS FOR RULES AND APPLICATION FOR CHALLENGE AT STEEMSCHOOLS DISCORD

= Only judges can vote : @dobartim, @flysky, @tatjanastan, @aidasfg7;

Note : Maximum winning is total two times ( one daily and one final)...
If you didn't win that day you have another chance to write new post entry every day until the end of 100 day Steem Schools Challenge.

Donor rules ( Everyone can donate how much he wants SBD to support this project ) :
You can donate how much SBD you want
Donations should be sent to my account @tatjanastan.
We will publicly put your name and amount of donation as a sign of gratitude to each post that will be posted.

Thanks to Donors : @dobartim, @flysky, @tatjanastan, @aidasfg7, 1.234 SBD, @mistakili 1.5 SBD, @itsmechille 1 SBD.

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