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Another one of a kind challenge here on steemit. The ultimate challenge made by the one and only @dobartim the man the legend, the brains behind steemschool one of the strongest communities on steemit and it is growing daily. I’d like to thank this man for creating great oppurtunities for up and coming writers to grow on steemit.

First of all let me introduce myself I come from a city in Pakistan called Karachi. I had a knack for technology since my early days that is why I opted for mechanical engineering as an undergrad degree. Last year I heard about cryptocurrency and dived straight into the technology and fell in love. At the beginning of the year I registered for steemit and got the approval and here I am posting on steemit day in and day out.

Life communication
Since joining Steemit I have felt like it is a community in which everybody is trying to be successful but one cannot achieve their goal as an individual, rather we have to become a united community in order to succeed. Helping one another at the beginning I made this possible through upvote exchange groups. These are groups where you exchange upvotes with each other. This helped me out with few good upvotes here and there. This introduced me to new people around the world from across the border and even continents. The absolute good thing about this was that there was no negativity with each other everyone supported each other and we grew as the days progressed. Slowly I began seeing people from my local area and we made a group to help each other out.

I personally love to travel and see the diverse culture around the world and this is the greatest platform in doing so. Since joining the steemschool discord channel it has made a very positive impact on my steemit use. The general chat channel is very helpful where the senior pros always help out the newbies. Yesterday I was having a casual chat there and all of a sudden @flysky DM I about how we can connect on steemit and I can give him my account link. I was in shock because this was the guy who I followed in the beginning of my journey and looked up to him and learned a lot from him. Now through this community we can have a chat and talk about any problems what so ever. This is the best thing in terms of life communication on steemit.

Financial communication
Up until now my use of steemit has been a hobby, it is my passion for blogging and if it turns up a good profit that is a bonus. In the beginning I just posted constantly and learned from each post how to convey my message with the reader. After about 50 posts I began to see upvotes on my posts as they were capturing readers and building a following. Up till now I still have a long way to go to reach financial freedom from just steemit but I am on the right path. There are some golden rules for me to follow this path just to post every day and not just some random posts but blogs that are helpful to the community and keeps them interested. Also to follow upvote and comment on the people that I look up to on steemit. Learn from them and never shy away from asking anything from them as they are way more knowledgeable than I am here in this platform. This will become the pinnacle to anyone’s success in the long run. Lastly have lots of patience there will be hard times where you won’t be getting upvotes at all and will feel like giving up just remind yourself why you joined steemit in the first place.

Business communication
Here in the community you can meet a lot of entrepreneurs around. I met this amazing photographer @axeman he shoots his pictures and sells them and uses these to post on steemit he has quite a huge following now and doing good. If you want to learn about business you can follow particular people and learn from their posts. Most of the bloggers give their life experiences so it is beneficial to learn from their experiences and apply them in our own entrepreneurial journey. The steemit profit generated from the blogs can also act as an investment in further promoting your blogs and building a following which is a positive step in the long run. A blogger can promote their post by giving 1 SBD to the steemit platform and if the post is something eye catching it can return 10x profits to the blogger. Smart decisions have to be made in order to succeed in this platform and always think of the long term profits not the short term.

Educationally communication
Education has two principles, one is to enhance yourself in reputation across society in terms of the degree that you acquire whether it be high school, undergrad or graduation. The other education is the practical aspect which an individual understands with life experiences either with himself or seeing other people experiencing it. Here in Steemit you always get practical education about the life lessons. How to succeed in the real world where everything is not fair in aspects of life. Succeed in the hardest parts of life where everyone is pulling you down but somehow you have to surpass them. This is the future of education, one can individualize their courses and learn whatever their interest maybe. There are people teaching here that are way more qualified than our teachers in our schools. This is great thing and secondly you don’t have to give thousands of dollars just appreciate the bloggers work with support as a community and benefit from them.
Steemit is a life changing platform and everyone should benefit from it. Join great communities like the steemschool and get to learn from great people in this platform.
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Welcome to Steemit @shaheerbari!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Welcome to the platform shaheerbari! Explore and enjoy it :)


Thanks Lopez and good luck to you too

Great post @shaheerbari. Be present at #steemschools live class today to read your entry.

Best wishes.


Thank you at what time will the class be conducted @evarich

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