Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge 5000 SBD Prize - The Best Selfie With a Love Message - My Entry For Day #19

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Steem Schools Ultimate Challenge keep looking for the best selfie with a LOVE message. Everyone can participate and get a chance to win 10 SBD!
All you have to do is follow the rules below and invite all your friends to participate!


in my life i've had good and bad moments
this is a crazy world with crazy prejudice
and at the end of the night all i need is a hug
but not any hug
a hug of someone that believes in me
the hug of someone who restart me
a hug that reminds me that it's not that evil
that hug always makes me feel that i have what is necessary to move on and make my dreams come truth.

This post is for you, thanks for be my source of love and support my dear grandpa! <3



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Beautiful, Thalia! I love my grandpa too! I remember, everytime I see my grandpa, I will jump to hug him and he catches me always and I sit on his lap and whisper to him ‘I love you lolo!’ (Lolo, is grandpa in our language) and we will talk for a while! It’s a wonderful feeling I remember, thanks to your share!

Thank you aida, my grandpa is the best person in my life and i really love to see him every day. Thanks for read and comment!

Amazing Victory.
Congratulations Thalia.
Well deserved.

I love your spirit.
Go ahead see you on top.

We win only Together

Oh thanks to you for all your support! ♥

Is my grandpa too? <3 haha

Yes he iiiiis! <3

Que exitoo amigaaaa!! Ganasteee!! Saluditos

Graciaaas! Saludos bella!!

Amiga!!! que publicación tan hermosa.

Graciaaas 🙈♥