My Story So Far: How Steem Schools Changed My Life

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Hello Fellow Steemians, a wonderful happy Sunday to you all. Hope your day has been going great.

Today, I want to talk about how #steemschools has changed my life positively. It’s often said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. So when I joined steemit, I started taking baby steps towards success. Then it was like a miracle one day when I got a discord invite link to join #steemschools by @dobartim. I joined not knowing what that opportunity holds for me.
The warmth and reception I got when I joined the school made me wanted to really find out what happens there. So I decided to be going to the platform very often, and then I was asked to join the #steemschools Live online classes. I was curious because I hadn’t heard of such a thing on steemit before. The school holds different classes ranging from how to do excellent blogging, art classes, poetry class, yoga, health and fitness, business class etc.

So I started to attend the #steemschools live classes. Sometimes I stay in class for about 2-3hours at a go, and often into the middle of the night because of the time difference between Nigeria where I am and the Central European Time. But that didn’t discourage me from attending classes. And so @dobartim and others began to teach us business strategies and how to succeed on steemit.

unnamed (7).jpg@dobartim taught us that steemit is 90% business and 10% social media. Well, I didn’t know this before now. I had come to steemit with a social media mentality but on receiving these lectures, I got to know that it’s a different ball game here. So I decided to change my mentality too to begin operate my steemit account as a business entity, and things are changing for better.

• Invest in steemit if you have the money. This is another useful lesson I learnt from #steemschools. Because steemit operates a decentralized system, potential investors are given the opportunity to invest their money and get profit. You can invest in Steem, SBD, Steem power etc. So, @dobartim teaches us to invest money because almost all the big guys on steemit invested money at one point or the other exception of a few of them who built their way from scratch without investing.
Following @dobartim advice, I decided to invest a little money to get 500 Steem power delegation from blocktrades for 3 months. At least with that investment, I don’t have bandwidth issues anymore, my upvotes on people’s blogs is worth more now, and I can upvote and comment on more blogs than I used to do before.

• Give quality comments. This is like the anthem of the #steemschools. It has emphasized over and again the importance of giving quality comments to people’s blogs. It creates connections and friendships, and increases your reputation to people. He advises us to avoid spammy comments as much as possible. Comments such as “good post, nice, lovely, good photo, upvote me, follow me” are all spams and is frowned upon.
Now, when I came to steemit, I didn’t use to comment much on people’s blogs. I was just dropping the “spam comments” mostly and doing little quality comments. But after I started #steemchools classes, I learnt and started to give quality comments. @dobartim will confirm this. I comment on his posts a lot and they are all quality comments. And I used to get reply from him such as “This is excellent, awesome comment” and I get excited hearing that and makes me want to do better. It means that I have improved on my commenting.

• Styles of Communication. At #steemschools, I have learnt that people have different styles of communication which they employ on steemit. They are the controllers, promoters, supporters and analyzers.

The Controllers: These set of people are not interested in reading the whole article. They decipher and comment after reading the first few lines of your work and that does it for them. They don't have time to go through the article because they are not a lover of long words. So they search out your theme with the first few lines and try to connect with you.

The Promoters: These set of people try to connect with you by bringing out the wholeness of your posts. They also give valid points to your most and unlike the controllers they do read through. They find their connection in give a whole point on your post depending on the article.

The supporters: These set of people are those always ready to offer assistance, they give their support when necessary as long as there is a connection.

The analyzers: These set of people are those who after connecting with you effectively give a brief overview of your post. They can criticize and commend your post. Don't be offended by this, they actually mean the best for you.

Steem Schools Challenges

Furthermore, since I joined the steemschools, there are a whole lot of competitions and challenges that have been organized by our leaders. These challenges are aimed to make us better. Some of the challenges and competitions include:

  1. #steemschools 100 Days ultimate challenge, 5000sbd give away. Currently, this is holding and today is day #5. Every day, steemians write how steemit communication has changed their lives positively ranging from life, business, finances, education, relationship, family etc.
    download (1).png
    A winner is selected every day to win 10sbd and at the end of the 100 days, 8 winners will be selected for the grand prize of 500sbd each, making it a total of 5,000sbd givevaway during these 100 days. Wow! So awesome. You’re free to join this competition. Visit my blog for more information about this.

  2. 100 Days poetry challenge organized by @d-pend. Part of the benefits of being a member of the #steemschools is being spurred and challenged to maximize your highest potential. And to achieve that, @d-pend organized a 100 Days Poetry Challenge where you express yourself through poetry. We’re required to write and post one poem everyday for the next 100 days. This is meant to sharpen our poetic skills and build consistency in us. Today is the Day 18 of the challenge. I must say it’s really being challenging being consistent everyday but I’m still pushing on. Joining the discord channel through the link below will enable you know more about it. Every day, 3 winners are selected and they are rewarded with 3sbd each. Today is day #16 of that contest.

  3. Best Selfie challenge organized by @flysky

  4. Steem stars challenge by @flysky.
    images (51).jpeg
    You can find out more about all these competitions from the #steemschools discord channel and how you can participate. Join our discord channel here
    #steemschools has changed my life a lot positively and I’mso grateful for it.
    Do well to join our discord channel to find out more.

And to you reading this, thank you for your time. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the #steemschools.

Before I say goodbye to you, I want to say a big thank you to #steemschools crew @dobartim, @d-pend, @flysky, @tomilolafadipe, @olumideolowoyeye, @d4rkflow, @queenerica, @nikolina etc. You make my journey on steemit easier and sweeter. Thank you so much.

Join us today here

See you at the top.

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As per @johnskotts you were @resteemerdeluxe ❤️


Thank you @resteemerdeluxe

Glad to have you with us. We win together.


Thank you @tomilolafadipe. Yea, I'm so glad to be with you people.

We win together.

My @evarich..... You really know how to summarize and brings out the crucial point..
Have learnt a lot from you....glad I met you in this journey


Thank you so much ma @joagawu. You showed me the way to succeed here too.

@evarich I congratulate you for this article that is very detailed and in which you show part of the strategies that we must follow in steemit. I wish you much success. Best regards


You're always welcome my friend @felixgarciap.

Join us at #steemschools now.

And participate in the challenge.

Your synopsis was punchy and concise. I would like to join thr steem school but am I not late for the competition?


Hi @zubby, please come and join #steemschools here

The competition is for 100 days, and today is Day #6. There are many more days to participate.

Join us now.