Sightseeing with BLBM #7 - A Visit To The Fancy Bakery - An Asian Style Bakery In Botany Downs

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An old fashion takeout the smell of bake goods whuffing down the street brings in the punters to any bakery.
Now days there are many bakery's, fast food chains lining the streets of Auckland so punters have many options to choose from when they want a quick bite.

The Fancy Bakery is for surer one of my Achilles heels in my road to #makeithealthy to wanting to cut processed sugar, but you have to start somewhere, which we don't stop very often like we used too.


The Fancy Bakery at 301C Botany Road, Botany Downs, Auckland is a bakery owned by one family that make everything from scratch. Each time you go in they are busy making delights in the back working hard every time.

Many bakery's focus on the delights that are known by most Kiwis, some add little twists of Asian inspired treats, The Fancy Bakery does a mix of know treats, and a mix of Asian inspired treats.

My favorite Custard Bun and Coconut Bun, not surer if these are something that can be tampered with to be made healthier with no processed sugar, but these are some of my Achilles heel treats.
They are soooooo good if you like creamy gooey custard wrapped in a soft sweet bread bun, or coconut filled cream in a soft sweet bun.


There are so many treats to choose from including sweet and savory buns wrapped around and on topping buns like Tuna buns, Red Bean buns, sausage buns (hot dog bun), Ham and Egg buns, Onion and Cheese buns, Corn and Ham buns, Coffee Delight buns, Tiger Skin Buns, Tiger Skin Coconut filled buns, BBQ Pork Buns, Pizza buns, Custard buns, Coconut buns and a few more.

The best sellers are the custard buns, well I think they are because most of the time when I do go to get one, I either get the last one or they have ran out.

They also have Sandwiches, filled rolls, homemade savoys, someone walked in when I was taking pictures, which I did get permission first, didn't want to interrupt there decision making by taking more pictures, as I was happy I got my favorites.

If your out Botany way and like sweet or savory buns you might want to pop in to The Fancy Bakery, if you like custard and they have some well worth a try.

They are open Tuesday to Sundays 7.30am - 5.30pm. - this is correct at the time of writing/posting.

On the look out for processed sugar free custard buns and coconut bun recipes if anyone has created one.

Whats your favorite indulgent treat from the bakery

Thank you for stopping by really appreciate it, have a fabulous Day/Evening!

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Not eating gluten, and keeping my carbs lowish, those are the sorts of things I sometimes miss. It probably wouldn't be too hard to make a sugar free custard or coconut cream filling. But making a healthy bun might be harder.


I'm just starting on cutting the processed sugar, does it get easier in not wanting to eat the wrong foods.
Actually thought the custard or coconut cream filling sugar free would be the hardest, some more digging to do.

I would love to try the coconut buns.
I love bakeries like this. It smells so good and so much to pick from.
I want to buy everything when I go to the bakery.


They are really nice, need to dig to see if can find a recipe that is near them in a healthier way.
The kids were trying to buy as much as they could, we love bakery's with lots of choices.