Takemyvotes - Frontrunner and Comment Contest - Post your results to win

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All voters on this post win huge curation rewards. Frontrunning, the frontrunners that frontrun @booster.

As you know, every vote that comes in after yours raises your curation reward right? Well...

  • vote here for the next day or two
  • then frontrunner guild members vote (100-300 more votes)
  • then booster comes in with a monster vote to top it all off.

It's like voting with 400% voting power


It's under the #takemyvotes tag, which has to do with the new frontrunner guild. By simply voting for this post (the one you are reading)you are entered.

Hours later, there will be between 100 and 300 big hitters voting on this post, which increases your curation -That's the prize!

You win simply by having many whales voting after you did. It is that simple.

(I take care of getting the whales here - don't worry about that)

You have twenty four hours or more till the whales arrive!

For more fun - we usually have a comment contest.

This week I wanted to see you posting your results. Are you making more?
See below for prizes. (only voters who used 100% voting power)

Check your curation rewards...

You should see the money you got for your vote last week

The reward will be from today or yesterday with the title

STEEM POWER for htooms/takemyvotes-frontrunner-and-comment-contest

If you like, comment with something like...

I have 6,550 SP
A 100% vote usually gives me 0.090
But voting for @thooms gave me 2.80
(any other remarks or commenting you want)

I want to see that you all are getting results - I pay a lot to @booster for these contests.

I will be awarding two or three of the most positive results.

That means if you voted well, and used 100% of your steam power, you could win.

Comment prizes will be five, ten and twenty Steem. (No SBD this week - that cost me big time)

Good luck!

For a look back at the contests see...

March 20, The Announcement.
March 21, The first run.
The March 26, The second run.
June 6, The third run.
June 8, The fourth run.
June 10, #takemyvotes FAQ post.
June 11, The fifth run.
June 14, The sixth run.
June 18, The seventh run.
June 21, The eighth run.
June 26, The ninth run.
October 5, Frontrunner voting.
November 6, More takemyvotes Fun.
November 9, 24hr. takemyvotes Fun.
November 19, 48hr. takemyvotes/frontrunner event.
December 5, takemyvotes/frontrunner event.

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If you like what I am doing UpVote and Let Me Know Below!!!


This certainly is the biggest opening I have seen so far although I really do need more info on what you are doing however I can see the positivity of the comments below I really low everything you are doing please fill me in

The contest started when they planned to delegate voting power on a hard fork - then they cancelled it. I had 700k sp, so I delegated mine using a bot that follows 1 voter around town voting all over the place.

Then Steemit implemented voting delegation and I had to pull my money out - too many around me saw my wallet - don't want to get robbed. So I had to change it up a bit.

It's been morphing as necessary to still reward the little guys and keep the positive vibe going all around steemit.

Currently, you just have to vote 100% during the first two days, then I call in over 200 voters by paying a whale and his guild of vote frontrunners, flop, huge votes AFTER your vote means higher rewards for you.


Well the bad side is I don't even have a steem power to delegate so I really wish I could it's painful really

Muchas gracias por realizar estos tipos de concursos, regalos, (no se como llamarlo).
Esto me recuerda el trabajo en comunidad en beneficio de los mas pequeños.
"Pensamiento blockchain".

Muchas Gracias @htooms.

Dejo mi voto 100% y comparto para que mas personas sean beneficiadas.

if only by voting 100% and I can win? this is for me!!! Thank you!!! Reesteem

I was laying in bed and checked steemit on my phone one last time before sleeping. Saw this post and had to get up and go to my PC to toss in an 100% upvote because I am curious what my curation reward could be :)

I have commented on some of your posts months ago and you were kind enough to upvote one which I appreciated. You seem to be one of the few whales who takes some initiative in trying to spread some steam around in different and creative ways. Good luck in the future and thanks for the helpful posts!

Not sure why I am upvoting this comment of mine too, but I am!

I don't see any reason why and sane person wouldn't react the way you did.
As steemians we all love steem.
And when you get it for free who's gonna say no!

Been off steem for awhile. Glad to see you still posting, SBD going crazy caught my attention to come back! Love this idea, you are always giving back in some way, thank you for that! :)

Good to see you back on here. The price is up. The SBD surprise about those things being super valuable and all. Glad you are here :)

I'm hoping I can stick around longer this time, I forgot about this platform for almost a year :)

I'm digging it! It's a reverse ponzi-scheme! 100% upvote, followed and Resteemed! Pay-it-backward!

happy to return to see your publications dear friend @htooms, I have already told you several times, I admire your way of being, your genre and commitment to the people of the platform, I congratulate your special form of incentive on the platform, you are saying of example. thank you very much for the support you give us
I wish you a prosperous week

Long time @htooms

Been a while i have seen your contest
Exams have been holding me down and i am sure i have missed a lot

Always get a surprised anytime i come online

I am doing them once a week for the most part. I was sick there for a while and could not think straight, but other than that I am here. Good luck on the exams. All done?

Not done with the exams yet

Reason i am missing out on the fun on steemit
The crazy price of SBD also

And how are you feeling now ??
Hope you are in better health condition now ??

And SBD price is currently going crazy right now. Somebody hold me!

i hope am not late to the party, hoping to see what curation reward will be for me, maybe i will have a testimony by nextweek

Not too late. I give it a day or two. I want to be the highest bidder on booster to get teh biggest vote for you all. I will call the whales in to vote either tonight or tomorrow night depending on when the votes slow down. So far, they are still coming in. :)

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