I'm not going to upvote you 🐋 Do it yourself! #7

in takemyvotes •  2 years ago

Today I am not voting for anyone. I am saving it for you.

Yes you! The one by the computer screen.

Can you take the wheel for a bit? I will let you have my voting power!

see how to enter for the next #takemyvotes below.

but you have comment and qualify to win it

But first - Meet @zeartul

He commentedand it appears he was saving up to meet the minimum requirements for #takemyvotes. I was so happy to see your name come out of the hat first!


I posted a reply last night to quietly inform him of his win. It was not until 3:00 in the morning that I received his acceptance.

Congratulations @zeartul - you are the winning Steemian.

His reactions...

If you need a vote for your blog

He will be live voting three to six hours from this post!

@zeartul gets to take the wheel...

  • use my voting power as he wishes
  • upvote himself at will
  • adjusts percentage to upvote friends
  • give rewards to deserving charities or causes

Enter Today & Win Your Night of Voting Power

A new #takemyvotes contest has begun! You could spend an evening upvoting all your friends' posts. Upvote your own posts and comments to gain reputation - What would you do with such power?


In order to qualify you must...

  • grab my attention with your comment (this is your entry)
  • currently have 80% voting power in your account
  • have more than 50 SP in your account (no freshly created accounts)
  • have less than 20,000 SP in your account (no current dolphins)

Winners Vote With @htooms Power !


I reserve the right to mention your user name and tell the Steemit community that you are tossing my weight around.

This prize only gives you my vote - I have no way to give you the rewards!

For a look back at the contest see...

March 20, The Announcement.
March 21, The first run.
The March 26, The second run.
June 6, The third run.
June 8, The fourth run.
June 10, #takemyvotes FAQ post.
June 11, The fifth run.
June 14, The sixth run.

Upvote and Resteem

...if you like this idea.


Image Sources: 1, 2

Long time 🐟 turned 🐋 to have a voice.

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Very interesting, and I am sure whoever gets it will really appreciate it! I would put it to use when I post my first blog post soon :) I have been replying to content I like to help build followers before I post. Good luck and It is nice to see steemians spreading the wealth.


Ow, that's smart.. I just started crunching content blindly :o


The jury is out on if that was smart :) but I checked out your feed and nice to see you posting original content so you gained yourself a follower!

Let's have some fun!


I will and I want to earn it 🙆

man this time?
ah no, it's only third attempt
let's see how many attempts I have to make till I finally get the whale ride!!
and that day, I will be dancing which I never did btw :P


You meet the qualifications (just checked). I have a lot of entries and I can only give three prizes per week.

But everyone is a winner! How about a whale vote now. :)


Omg!! That means a lot,
Thank you so much :)

I must say that you are an excellent person for running these contests, and giving the community the chance to excel. I tip my hat to you, good sir.

So, this is where I grab your attention @htooms, but how could I possibly do that?

Must... Not... Let.. Opporitunity... Slip ---Away!


Steemle (search)
AirSteem / Stemebnb
Steemer (rideshare)
Steemchat / snapsteem
After so many project steem porn site coming soon

You got the power @zeartul! congrats!

Happy fathers day to all dads! This is a great gift every one be ready to smile.


Can you upvote me please...I badly need one to upvote me...Can't get ahead of 25SP...help me plz


Congrats! Followed you


@zeartul, take the wheel


Where can I grab YOUR attention to get some of your wonderful voting power?! 😀


Congraaats man @zeartul! How long the power of @htooms is delegated to you?

Strict requirements but I think we all deserve a chance to win here ESPECIALLY the new guys as we need the most help.

If I am selected, I will stand in front of my PC, put my fist in the air and shout" I HAVE THE POOWAAAAA!!!!"

Minnow power! I hope you had a great time!

Bless you @zeartul. Congratulations! I like your car and your support for various activities her on Steemit.


Thank you I am glad you went ahead and checked out my posts means alot, look out for your blogs.


Thank you so much!!! :)

Please kind sir SP for the poor.

great to see your kind help and congrats fo the winner @zeartul, just a little suggestion, you may check out the introduceyourself tag to look for some newbie?
I believe every newbie needs support !
Steem on!


^ What he says ^.^

Happy Father's day to everyone. I just posted about being so greatful for him and to have him. I really would appreciate it if you. @htooms and @zeartul would check it out. Thanks https://steemit.com/fathersday/@surprisebit/why-my-dad-is-my-best-friend-happy-father-s-day-3

damnit i still can't join ;-)

Grant me permission to let go, htooms.


😂 Savage mode...hope you get htooms attention and when you do so plz Upvote me...Gotta get along the race and not fall behind with a quick headstart.


I'll include you in my list too ;)


Haha I like that 😂 and if you got it granted I order you to upvote one of my posts, no backtalk! Now go!


No problem :D haha I'll include you in my list

congratulations @zeartul on the win, and may you have a nice time. I could do with a visit :)

#takemyvotes poem
I still drown in the loneliness of a silent rain.
I still know the feeling of a minnow's pain.
With @htooms power, I know my vote won't go in vain.
I again save my votes in order to give and gain.

Congratulations @zeartul! Have fun spreading some joy around Steemit!


Ohh it will be fun! I appreciate it

Congrats @zeartul!
Come and visit my blog, I made some funny memes there and slowly piling steemitips. :)
Use your vote wisely and help other minnows!
Happy Steeming!

I'd work my fingers to the bone upvoting and whaling-out for a day

Europe 2010 912.JPG

Going to have to check out your other posts, seems like a very interesting method you've applied to steemit. Thanks for the interesting read and new posts to explore.


@htooms is one of the people whales he sees value in the people that make up steemit!


That is pretty darn cool. Definitely glad he was suggested to me by my buddy @jdc

Congratulations for the winner


! right on!

Congrats @Zeartul - you deserve it!

Would love if you checked out my latest story - I think you might appreciate it and just might use your new powers to show some love <3


Best of luck to @zeartul an may you win many more competitions!

Congratulations @steemspoker - you are the winning Steemian.

That's soo kind of you to give me your SP for a night. I have to stay up all night, but I'll do that. If you have a few posts in that night I will check if you also deserve a vote from yourself.
Let me know what time I can start ...... I live CET here

You got my upvote!

Awesome idea! I would love to help out the little guys if you pick me!

I love these posts!

this is really good, Filipinos will need to be awake during the voting time to get a chance of upvotes

Happy to hear you as a winner @zeartul
You can share happiness with other newcomers like me

Congratulations @zeartul !


Thank you be ready :)



@htooms it's great to see you help out the little guys there instead of defending youself from the absurd flagwar against you!!!


Great to be back at it. A shame the war went on so long and that I am more than half way powered down from it. :(

Hey htooms,

I am very close to 80 voting power so I am just going to post it. The last contest was great. I am thinking of something more easy and for everyone.

As a WhaleShares member I would like to give out your voting power in the contest called: "Sharing is Caring". The contest would add visibility to the WhaleShares discord, but also gives every one who would join some nice payout. The contest would be about putting their link to the "post-promotion" channel on the discord.

Every link would get an upvote (if it would not be racist, vulgar and things like that), with my own opinion about what do I think about it and what to do better. One per author. Also if other people check the post, that would be plus points and probably another votes to them.

People would familiarize with each other and also with WhaleShares that really can help people in struggle. Its all about being part of the community.

Great to see things like this
Congrats to @zeartul


Thank you It really is a great feeling!

Damm if i ever menage to get my voting power over 80 %( curent 65% due adictive voting all the time ) i will won this ! !!!

Congratz @zeartul
Please check out my blog, I am 2nd day on Steemit and a decent content creator (with still very little followers). Review my work?


following you bro.


Thnx! And likewise!

Lend me your power.


@zeartul you have the power. Enjoy it.

Maybe is that time for me, to get a resuscitation and go forward with my writing. I'm here since July 2016, but I find it difficult to write, so I read and vote.

@zeartul, happy to see genorasity on Steemit! When you give , you always receive much more in the end . God bless

This is a very interesting idea))) I wish you luck)))

You are like a robin hood, thank you for your attention and kindness @htooms

Finding Whale!

I will do this like

a regular entry of my blog, hehe.

It is nice to write in english. I know I have ideas more deep in my mind but english could be sometimes a language barrier to me...
Because of that, I end up writing funny poetry instead of deep and darks poetry
like this:

I want to know your horizons
Oh dear whale!
give me your power
to make good actions
like helping my friends
to pass their obstacles.


No, I did not use a picture to get your attetion, I just put a pic in this comment because that pic have horizons... and my poetry talks about horizons ;)

Thanks for your work man


@zeartul - you are live. Vote on!

Resteem, make a post, make a splash with every comment.

I am just gonna tell you how unlucky i am, if there would be a bag full of original gold plates and just one fake plate. If i could take only one with closed eyes, i'd take the fake one :(.

So good luck you people :)

I will take the wheel for a bit

Me like @takemyvotes

Hey can i see demo???

so because I added the current SP rewards you got from my curations do you send those out as well? :) heheh that would also be a treat.

current Sp 2.603

well... I think I can use this force of the new hard fork wisely, I mean if I have the chance and win... I would upload a couple of friends to motivate them to continue here, also some newbies for the spanish communitty, we aren't too much people, but since a couple of weeks the number has increased and some posts are with good content but not much recognition.
my voting power is at 94% and I have around 900PS, I think I can enter and make some good difference :D
may the luck and force of steem be with you, and me.

and @zeartul congrats :D hope you have a great time upvoting this night, and the best is... testing the new hard fork, literally what the fork!!