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Hello Steem friends,
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be between 20%-50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation 60 and below
-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion. please paste your -preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
-will not upvote same user post twice in a week.

List for today:

Congratulations to the winners!

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Beautiful nature combination, please visit my post @yoo1900. I tried to combine it in my post

This post has received a 14.38 % upvote from @boomerang.

I wish you all the winners.

Hi @yoo1900 I have never been lucky, I keep trying to put it here.

thank you very much for your kindness.

To determine a future then we first determine the initial step in accordance with what we want to achieve but if we are wrong then the goal is just a dream.

What do you think, you who have a lot of experience and agree with what I say.

Hi @yoo1900 if you can see my post

Thank you and I appreciate you

I have enjoyed the victory of the last few weeks

And I put back, good luck
Thank you very much.

Congratulations to all participants who have joined in this post,

incredible, good luck.

Strange and unique, I often see the flower garden and magical why this plant is always planted in the park and when this plant is not flowering. I am confused but there may be certain things that may be more interesting than the flowers that exist in the plant.


Proficiency in shooting is normal, and just said a photographer is always doing this field and the result is different from others. What is your response to what I have to say I hope the suggestions and considerations are given.

I want to introduce a typical cake of Sabang Island-Aceh Sumatra, a cake that is typical of this island, usually this cake to be souvenirs to be brought home by visitors. It feels very good and I hope if one day @yoo1900 travel to Sabang Island not forget to taste this cake.


Hope you like this cake

This comment has received a 4.21 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @blogtrades.

Congrats to the winners
I have not been lucky to be among the chosen, but I hope to be someday.
I appreciate the blessing you are passing round the blockchain.
Selflessness is from the heart.
You are a kind and rare gem @yoo1900

I’m @raymondbruce the founder of steemit_extention and the co-founder of the offline minnow school.

Steemit_extention is a project setup for the purpose of promoting steemit on facebook and depopulating the kingdom of facebook.


The offline minnow school is a project organized to assist and mentor minnows on steemit, through an offline and online class for minnows and promote steemit by organizing campaigns and meetups, currently we have produced over 100 minnows and mentoring about 30 of them.

I will really appreciate your support on my blog
This is my recent article, you can please check it out.

Thank you sir, I appreciate your kindness and support.

Hello @yoo1900. I miss the touch of your fingertips, as I've felt a while ago
As a minnow I still hope that there will be sustenance through the tip of your finger, I will continue to wait for him, like waiting for the sunrise in the morning

Congratulation to all winners to day. I hope you support me day @yoo1900. My post today tells about caterpillars laying eggs. I hope you like it.
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-08 at 22.47.13.jpeg

Congrat to winners to day. This is my post in this round that tells about the thousandth leg, I hope you see it @yoo1900. Thanks.
WhatsApp Image 2018-05-08 at 22.47.16.jpeg

Maybe we rarely know if the areca nut has many properties and usefulness and I try to tell may be useful for us especially for health.


Hi @yoo1900, do you know with this fruit, this fruit in Aceh became the most favorite fruit especially during Ramadan. This fruit in the juice and always in the drinking water to break the fast. Your visits and comments, I really appreciate it.

thanks @ yoo1900 for supporting small fish. visit my blog about the beauty of mushrooms


This comment has received a 2.27 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @raymondbruce.

Thanks @yoo1900 as your daily contribution
Here my daily participations :

Congratulation for the winners today. This my post hope your support @yoo1900

Congratulations, your post received 19.34% up vote form @spydo courtesy of @elshadr! I hope, my gratitude will help you getting more visibility.
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What professionals say are experienced and proficient in their field, no need for parents, adults and even small children can also be called professionals if experience and skill enough. How do you think, as you agree with what I express.

Over time and attention, I am grateful


Hello @yoo1900
Congrats to those who made today...
You've made my stay on steemit worth while...
I crave on been like you someday
Keep up with the generous work
You're indeed my steemit role model
Here's my link:


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Hi @yoo1900.
Congrats to all the winners for today.

Below is my link👇


Please do well to check it out, this is my first ULOG post since the invention of ULOG by our very own @surpassinggoogle.


Why are everyone competing to perform Umrah during Ramadan?

Not About Money, but About Invitation From God

Hi @yoo1900, here's my post about a grandmother working hard to make ends meet. This grandmother works in the sun without giving up.

Thanks @yoo1900 Congrats to all winners
Here My daily participations :

No day without pacticipations.
Here My latest post link about beautiful sunrise :

Congratulations to the winners!. Thanks @yoo1900 for his support so far and I will continue to follow you. This is my post this time.

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Very good support @yoo1900, continue to work indefinitely brother.
This is my post.

A creative that does not require anything and most importantly can be accepted intentions and ways.

Hi @yoo1900, congratulations to the winners, look at my post about nature in Aceh. Thanks


Thanks @yoo1900 and Congrats to all winners to day...
this is my participation for today hopefully you are interested.

Hello @yoo1900, this is a post I published about a trip I made to Iyata island, an Island where Mary Slessor(the lady who stopped the killing of twins in West Africa) stayed with the first set of twins she saved, Duke and Henshaw. Prior to her visit to West Africa, twins were slain as they were believed to bring bad fortune to the land. Kindly follow me let's dig history:

Hello @yoo1900, this is a post I made about the need not to be quick in judging others. Kindly show me some love God bless you

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I love you @yoo1900

Kindly check out this post. It took me over one week to finish it

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Congratulations to those chosen.

You doing this everyday gives me hope each day. And you've made me write impressive posts ever since..

Here is one for your consideration @yoo1900. I really want it to get out there, cos I feel many people don't know about it..

hey @yoo1900

this is the first story I share to steemit.

Thank you very much

Hi @yoo1900, this is my latest post.

I am writing about my additional activities as a homemaker, utilizing home yard to create green space by growing vegetables and medicinal plants that are very useful for health.


Wow... incredible housewife. Thanks for the information, very useful

Thank you for your support

Hi @yulianoviza, this really really inspires me. Thank you...

Thank you @ekapratiwi. Mother spirit

yes ... steady bu @yulianoviza and i will try it

You have shown the tenacity of a housewife, helping her husband and promoting greening, healthy food and health. Extraordinary

Let's do and share useful information. If not now when? If not us, who else?

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Congrats to the winners and God Bless @yoo1900

For your health, check this out

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Hi I just received a message from yoo1900 through steemchat asking me about blocktrades, bittrex accounts . Could you confirm if that is you or not. It might be that somebody is posing as you on steem chat

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Is this you, @yoo1900. I think some one is impersonating you on I have a long trail of Direct Message conversation with him/her asking for SBD from me, and finally when i asked for confirmation of Identity, threatening me with a FLAG!

Can you please confirm, otherwise someone has stolen and is stealing using your indentity

Most excellent @yoo1900,
Thanks a million for all you do supporting minnows here. Congratulations to the winners of your votes.

I did a post that emphasizes on us being conscious of what we take into our body. I believe it is informative enough for your attention and unflinching support. Here's the link:

Again, I must say a big thank you.



@sparklez you finally made it! Wowwwwww

Congratulations guyz

Here's one for you @yoo1900
Do check it out. And thanks so much for your amazing work.

I love youuuuuu

Really happy for him too.

Hi,,,, @yoo1900 your have big support. I stay here for your visit and support

good post




Most excellent @yoo1900,
Thanks a million for all you do supporting minnows here. Congratulations to the winners of your votes.

I did a post that emphasizes on us being conscious of what we take into our body. I believe it is informative enough for your attention and unflinching support. Here's the link:

Again, I must say a big thank you.



Hi @ yoo1900 happy to see your post back. I have a content that you might consider thank you

Congrats guys.
Here is a post I made on quantum computing and the future of data processing.

Congratulations to the winners.
Here is a link to my first log post and it's about my birthday.
I hope you like it

Congratulations to the winners, and @ yoo1900 this is my participation to you.

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Thank you for support @yoo1900
This is my post and I wrote it because of the good work @surpassinggoogle is doing and how some haters will see him

Here's my post sir.
About teaching children how to be humble.

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Congrats to all winners...good job @yoo1900

This is my entry;


Congratulations @sparklez I am glad your one of todays winner.

@yoo1900 Could you grant me the honour of being that minnow who gets an upvote from you today please🙁🙁🙁🙁

So my post is about the lies my parent's told me as a kid which I believed but later found out to be lies during my adulthood.

I hope you find it interesting

Thanks and congratulations to all the winners.

Hello @yoo1900
I haven't always been lucky with my entries... hopefully I will be chosen this time around.
Here's my post

It simply highlights the history of the Benin kingdom and it's culture.

hopefully this post is the best for today, thank @yoo1900
maybe the story is very short but probably very meaningful to fellow human beings.

Congratulation to all winners of today, @yoo1900, i am appreciate your good work.

Try to see my post if it is worthy for your vote thank you @ yoo1900 for seeing my post

Congrats to all the winners for today.
This is my post today:

Congratulations to the winner, hello @yoo1900 visit my blog, maybe you will like my post....!!!
Thank you friend

wooow very nice dew photos from @ponnibong. Congratulations friend, hi @yoo1900 visit my blog

Thank you for visiting

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I want to delegate 200 sp to @yoo1900

Hi @cardboard! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect delegation link..

Hi @cardboard! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect delegation link..

Congratulations for the lucky ones today,
Your support helps many minnows in this steemit, may I be lucky today, Thanks @ yoo1900.
This is my post today:

Congrats to the winners, and kudos to you @yoo1900 for your wonderful contribution to the community. Just the way you are sharing your love and support to the community, my post is talking about watching together is my post link

yes, you have done very well and you have supported them small fish that have good content and I like your way to support them all here to stay and grow.

Congrats to the winners.
Please check this out
Its about love.

Awedome article. thanks

Hi @ yoo1900 this entry me, I hope you like it to the action of this one.


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This is a FANTASTIC concept @yoo1900! Steemit needs more of this! (A WHOLE LOT MORE) actually lol :) Hats off to you!

Ps. Thanks to @snowpea for the resteem, as that was how I spotted this.

Wow! At last! Thank you so much @yoo1900 for your continuous support to the are awesome! Congrats to the winners

Hopefully I am a lucky person, @yoo1900 you are very generous, I always support you, I hope you succeed always, I always support you.

Sharing is caring, thanks for the gratuity, I wish to feel the impact soonest.

Yaaaay! Congratulations to @sparklez. You deserve this.

Thank you for all you do. You are phenomenal.

Try to see my post if it is worthy for your vote thank you @yoo1900 for seeing my post

Congratulations to our winners. Here is my link

Really nice choices,

@elisabet's post was a write up that summed up do not judge a book by its cover

@ponnibong's phtotgraphy of dew drops was just impeccable

@tailong showed us the hardwork of transporting stones. The setting was beautiful by the way.

@sparklez post on kindness was really touching and inspiring to the winners

congratulations to the winners.

It is generous of you to have embark on the kind of support for steemians both minnows and newbies like myself. I believe a lot of people would benefit immensely from this project of yours with time since we cannot all win every day. Here is my link

minnows helping minnows logo.jpg

My link is about minnows helping minnows community where minnows get together help each other and grow fast, rather than waiting for whales to come and help, because it is hard to find good, kind harted whales like @yoo1900 who help and support minnows. Have a nice day.

You are so kind and doing your best for steemians plz check mine too out

Congrats to all the winners. It is a privilege to be chosen.

Thanks to @yoo1900 for this opportunity again.

Below is my link.

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I always seek the best, but so far I have not been get, every day I just congratulate friend Sir. @yooo1900 this link I

congrats to the winner keep steeming and posting a nice blog. Thank you very much @yoo1900. May God shower His blessing to you and to your family. Stay kind. More power.