Delegation Guide (Get Max return For Your Delegation)

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Contents :

  1. What is Delegation?
  2. Why should you Delegate @spydo?
  3. Minimum amount to Delegate.
  4. How to Delegate?
  5. How to Update / Remove existing Delegation?

If you joined steemit few days back and have no idea of delegation we recommend to go through What is delegation? else you can skip to next section i.e. Why should you delegate @spydo?

To understand delegation let's first review Steem Power. If you refer to FAQ section of steemit you will easily get that Steem Power is nothing different than steem but has some extra advantages over steem.

  • SteemPower gives you a share in Steem BlockChain and thus Gives you a Voting Value to further mine steem by making up vote on posts you like.

If it's still confusing let's understand it with an example
Let's say Tom and Jerry both invested 1000 USD in Steem BlockChain by opening an account on steemit. Tom choose to invest in steem and Jerry in SteemPower. Then Tom will have its up vote value unchanged while the upvote value of Jerry is now increased by approx.. 0.05 SBD following current Market price.

Higher is your SteemPower higher will be your potential to mine steem by making upvote. Here the term mine is used for creating Steem tokens from nowhere. A very rarely discussed term bandwidth is also controlled in similar way as your Up-Vote Value.

  • Up-Vote Value represents what worth of Steem the Steem Power holder can generate in a single upvote and you can check your upvote worth using this tool.
  • Bandwidth represent the amount of activity that a user can do on steemit. Grater SteemPower means you can do more post and comments than any other person who starts today and has very limited bandwidth.

Lets come back to Delegation,

  • Delegation means, you are giving away the Upvote value and Bandwidth corresponding to the amount of steem power to the delegatee and it doesn't transfer ownership of Steem Power, it still belongs to Delegator. We discuss delegation in terms of SP but in actual practice Delegation is transfer of Upvote Value and Bandwidth.

For example, Tom owns a trillion dollar company and he appoints @spydo as CEO to operate all major operations of the company, so @spydo have authority to make all major decisions for the Company Growth but the Ownership still belongs to Tom.

considering you have now a clear idea of Delegation so lets move to the section why you should consider delegating @spydo

Keeping it simple @spydo is a bot that takes Zero Profit from the reward generated, it simply returns all of the Reward accumulated back to Delegators at an interval of 24 hrs. In mathematical terms 95% of reward generated is sent back to Delegators and 5% is sent to @steembottracker for providing Software and Maintenance for server. which means everyone who delegates to @spydo have 100% equal ownership and we are managing @spydo at zero effective Profit.

@spydo gives an average return of 12.5+ SBD per Day for a Delegation of 10,000 SteemPower based on present data, and its likely to grow with the value of steem.

Now you must be thinking to delegate @spydo and the question comes next in your mind must be What is the minimum amount that you can delegate?

You can delegate any amount to @spydo as there is no such restriction of minimum amount by steemit, however we recommend to delegate a minimum amount of 50 SP so that you get a visible return for your delegation with a minimum of 50 SP left in your account to give your upvote a considerable value and to avoid any bandwidth issue.

Ok, I got that I should delegate at least 50 SP but how to delegate @spydo


You can use SteemBotTracker Delegation Tool to Delegate SP in a few click, simply by following given Guide:

  • Go to SteemBotTracker Delegation Tool
  • Type Your Steemit User Id and hit click anywhere on the screen to land on given Page
  • Simply Fill the amount you want to delegate and click DELEGATE button.
  • Complete Delegation by authorizing through

Or, you can use given links to delegate

50 SP100 SP200 SP500 SP1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP5000 SP
6000 SP7000 SP8000 SP9000 SP10000 SP12000 SP15000 SP20000 SP30000 SP40000 SP

If you want to delegate some other amount


You can get current value of (steem_per_mvests) from

  • Say, if you want to delegate 10 SP. Then corresponding vests can be calculated as:


So replace (1111111.111111) with (204448.806010) and (username) with (your steemit id without @) to Delegate desired SP.

It is recommended to always keep at least 50 SP for your curation and upvote

Say, you already have an active delegation with @spydo and you want to further increase it. one thing you have to understand, it is not like general math it is done in absolute terms. ok to make it more clear lets take another example.

Tom already delegated 10,000 SP to @spydo and want to add another 1000 SP, then he need to delegate 11000SP (i.e. 10,000 + 1000) to add another 1000 SP in his delegation, and what if he updated his delegation with 1000 SP, since he already had 10000 SP delegated now he will have only 1000 SP as delegation i.e. (1000 - 10000 = - 9000) he now undelegated 9000 SP from his delegation.

Given is a simple guide to update delegation:

  • Go to SteemBotTracker Delegation Tool

  • Enter you steemit User ID and click anywhere on screen you will land on given Window.

  • To update click update Button then your existing Delegation with load in Amount (Steem Power)

  • Add extra amount to the existing delegation and press Delegate Button to complete your delegation update.

  • Authorise with

  • To completely Un-delegate Update your delegation with Zero, remember un-delegation will take 1 week and it is so to avoid delegation abuse.

@spydo now has 13,011 SP which converts to approx. $3.85+ up vote.
@spydo has active delegations from @googlee, @swissclive, @believeme, @singhrajat, @pi50000, @wovlou, @funatoz, @firemanvishal, @dera123 and they are receiving 95% reward payout daily!

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As i like the concept i delegated 1.000 now. I hope it gets used properly :D

Thnx for joining our team, hope you are enjoying your rewards. Join us at Discord

I like this concept..

@spydo This is a best information on Steem Delegation who are new to the Steemit. I completely understand the difference between Steem and Steem Power. I will think on it to delegate my Steem Power in future. Best informative blog and thanks for your guidance. @printskill

I have delegation 200 SP for you. Please check

Dear @wayne007,
@spydo runs on software, we cant vote manually. You can bid to get upvote from @spydo
read our introduction post to understand how to get upvote from spydo

I have done according to @spydo command, I have sent 0.2 SBD

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