Support minnows , Date 25.4.2018 promote content on Steemit

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Hello Steem friends
I vote for 4 people who posted impressive posts every day.
The VP will be about 50% on each post of the selected minnow. This is in order to promote quality and good content on
What are the settings for minnow?

reputation 60 and below
-I will now check comments from my last post and upvote the best commenters posts in my opinion. please paste your -preferable post link in the comment
-The posts have to be relatively good (informative, not plagiarized , not just pictures).
-will not upvote same user post twice in a week.

List for today:

Congratulations to the winners!


@yoo1900 Thank you so much you see me
and thank you for printing history in steemit

This post is amazing, and I learn a lot from you how to write good.
Please visit my writing maybe I will be more progress with criticism and suggestion from you.

Very useful post to my career in career in steemit, I am new here.
visit also my writings that all these shortcomings, so that my motive is growing.

Hi @yoo1900 look at the life of our society in the 80s,
I am happy to participate in your contest, thank you for giving me a chance

Hi @yoo1900 I am very happy if you can see my post, even once only.

thank you for petrifying us

Hi @yoo1900, thanks still continue this, all users are expecting a vote from you, including myself. Hopefully you can always build a new user, in the link below I write an insect that looks like an ant. Hope you like it.

Thanks @yoo1900, you have built the spirit of the steemit players. hope you like my post today.

HI @yoo1900, I congratulate you for your consistency as minnow helper.
I have been constantly here from lat 3 months still hoping for the best.
The following is my post for the awareness about the antibiotics, it's misuse and the future consequences for human life as well as other fauna. Hope you visit and like it.

congrats to the winners and thanks to @yoo1900 for your support. here is an article about my journey so far on steemit

Congratulations to the winners, tirelessly, every day I keep posting. Hi @ yoo1900 here is my moment along with @alkhalid and @safar01 while enjoying meatballs in North Aceh area.

Hi @yoo1900, your support is very needed, no mistake if you check my post, if you like, help me, only hard worker is entitled to get it.

This post is special for you @yoo1900, hope you like it my post. I really hope you like this one post.

Hi @yoo1900 I am newcomer in steemit, can I join in this program you. I'm sorry if I'm wrong, I'm still learning, and I need help from steemians to teach me here.

Hi @yoo1900 hopefully you are in good health, below I show the results of my macro lens in the form of dragonfly. I am very difficult when photographing it, hopefully you look inside.

I appreciate all you do for minnows and Steemit! Please see my post below about why sugar is so detrimental to your health!

** Congrats to the winners from @ yoo1900 **

  • hi @ yoo1900 This is my latest post *

** introduction of self in steemit **

Please read my post @ yoo1900

hy @yoo1900 in this post I explain about aceh noodles, recipes, and how to cook it.

for the winners I congratulate you hope you can maintain your best post.

One thing that makes me happiest is when I see the Steemit wall that sends post links via comments containing high quality posts, I think this is part of your target @yoo1900, helping minnows to improve the quality of content in Steemit.
May you and your family be in good health and well always, for a great project that is very meaningful for these minnows will continue.
This is my post, though not too good, but I will keep trying to improve his qualifications.

Thanks @yoo1900, congrats for Winners.
I'm one of your faithful followers minnows who have not been absent in following each of your posts since I started joining Steemit, thanks for supporting me, here's my latest and best post:

welcome back @ yoo1900, this time I will give link my posting discuss about artwork. where his contents about the process of making an ornamental house using ice cream sticks, and hopefully @ yoo1900 like with my post this time. thank you

I always follow you @yoo1900 thank you very much always to you and this link me please see you will surely like her congratulations to the winner today

you are right we should be grateful to @yoo 1900 for his help choosing the best post

Congratulations for the winners, and hopefully I can follow all of you. Today I want to share about mushrooms and hope you like, for my time and attention very thankful.

The beautiful mushrooms I like with this type of mushroom because in addition to soft this mushroom looks unique and beautiful

I first saw this mushroom, I like to look soft and a little brittle, thank you for sharing

This mushroom in our place is very easy to meet, you are right to say that this mushroom is not long survive and what if a little bit of rain then this fungus is broken and dead.

You do a very amazing job yoo, encouraging minnows to be their best and promoting good content on the blockchain.
Below is a link to a poetry piece i wrote for the lady who made me fall in love again.
This Time

Thats quite the poetry @druids read it and i must say it was exceptional, keep up the good work!

Thanks JJ.

That poem was exceptionally creative, a very good job, I hope you keep it up

This link my post @yoo1900 try you see maybe you like to thank.

Hello, thank you for your continuous support for the growth of this platform

Im a poet and here i wrote about morgenseiten its a state of morning consciousness, an initiative by @shortcut

I will love if you can check it out thank you

hi @yoo1900 I share the link in the curation contest sport hopefully you choose me as the winner in this contest, my post about macro photography broccoli flowers

camera by redmi 2 pro

once again congratulations to the winners, and lord @ yoo1900 please check my post, there is something beautiful for you.

Thanks to the steemian who is still faithful to follow @yoo1900 although never win and keep the spirit because of yoo's support for sure.

Thanks @yoo1900 as your real contributions

Congrats for all Lucky Steem Friends

Hi @yoo1900 I am very inspired. it turns out in steemit many people who support new users. I am a new user in steemit. I hope to visit my blog.

Thank you for the blessings and congrats to all the new minnows the Great @yoo1900 has supported. Keep on putting in work and Steem on God Bless. Here's a post to consider.... Strive for Greatness.....

Thank you much for your continual support to us....


Here is my entry supporting the female folks who have been made to remain silent despite going through tough times.

Hi @ yoo1900 Thank you for all the support. Is there a specific theme you like besides an impressive post? I have not won at all, but I always follow you. I hope one day you will see my post. thanks.

Mr @ yoo1900 best regards me, I am a new resident in steemit, please support the spirit of you, please see my post.

To the people steemit who can not get the top rank because steem power is still low, be patient because @yoo1900 is more professional in choosing the best candidate. please visit my post

Thank you very much to @ yoo1900 who has provided support to the four outstanding best contest participants. I who have not won not be discouraged because tomorrow is not necessarily the same as today ... Continue to work for a better future.

This is a link to one of my poetry post, I hope you will find it valuable

im newbie and want to participate.plz help me

photography of a little green eggplant flowers, hopefully you are interested in checking it out.

I agree with your word, better your own work without plagiarizing. Good luck.

Congratulations for the winners today,
Hello @yoo1900, thank-you for your fantastic blog, Please feel free to check the link below and if you like my effort then kindly do not forgot to upvote me.

Here is my link sir...
You were well acknowledged and tagged in my post for your noble and selfless service to minnows growth...
You are my role model sir @yoo1900.

Congratulations to the winners, I am very proud to see this program, it's one of the biggest podcasts I've ever seen,, thanks @yoo1900.

Here's my queue, hopefully I'm lucky.

Congratulations to the winners. Turning on a small community is something special you do, I always wait for your luck time from you, I am very proud of what you do all this ,,,,

This is my work, hopefully I'm lucky......

Regards for @yoo1900

Hi @yoo1900,
this is my post yesterday
congratulations the winners of your post is really beautiful.

@yoo1900 This post describes the artwork. which is created from plywood wasted .. this work is very beautiful. because a person does not necessarily have an idea in such a way as to create a work that we deserve appreciation ..

Merhaba @ yoo1900 , yine de buna devam ediyorum , tüm kullanıcılar kendim de dahil olmak üzere sizden bir oy bekliyor. Umarım her zaman yeni bir kullanıcı kurabilirsin, aşağıdaki linkte bir karıncaya benzeyen bir böcek yazarım. Umarım beğenirsin.

Congratulations to the winner, Hi yoo1900 I always spirit to support minows and always spirit was also to follow this contest on this occasion I there are sharing stories in my post, please in check link my below

Thank you! hopefully i become one of your choice @ yoo1900

Hello @yoo1900, big congrats to those who won, please make me a winner also. Here's my entry

Congratulation on the winners... Amazing support @yoo1900.. Please visit my post

Hello @yoo1900
I am pretty new on this platform but I've heard alot of great testimonies of your good did. And that makes me follow you immediately I signed in

Here is the link to my introductory post
I hope you find it interesting
Thank you

Thank you much for your continual support to us....


Here is my entry supporting the female folks who have been made to remain silent despite going through tough times.

I'm following you. I am truly one of the most influential curators, congratulations on this matter. The number of people who can really play like you is very small. I thank you as you are and as you are.

Congratulations to the selected user as the winner, and continue working with support from @yoo1900 ,,

Thank you for you program @yoo1900 , I became more enthusiastic writing because this contest ...
Please check my post @yoo1900 , hopefully my post is worthy of your choice at this time ..

Hey what about the #Planktons? We need a little love as well.

I don't want to lose hope, I believe you will check my blog someday..

Thanks much for the support @yoo1900, your really a blessing,.
Congratulations to the winners

Congrats to the winners. Hopefully, you will find this interesting;

I really want to be carried along

Good post brother, successful for you brother

Your massive support to minnows is second to none, thanks for the support and you are motivating all the minnows not to give up on their steemit hustle. Check out my recent post

Congratulation to the winner, your posts are so great, you guys fit to be a winner.
Hi @yoo1900, visit my blog.
Thank you very much

Congrats for the winners! I was just follow you a view minutes ago. And I hope I will win this contest ;). This is my post:

thank you for supporting the minnow we are really happy to have you here help this community grow well thank you very much...congrars to the winner

congratulations to you, may you success always, greetings from children ACEH, INDONESIA

Congratulations to all the winner. Thanks to @yoo1900 for your support to minnows.Your support is our main inspiration. Thank you once again.

Congrats to the winners..i beckon on you to do come around my blog @yoo1900

You are doing plankons/minnows a great favor. We are also dedicating to doing the same, except by making it easy for you good content curators to find quality content to support.

Hope on getting some support, I'm doing a hard job on creating original and interesting content. :)

Awesome congrats to the winners.....

Thank you @yoo1900. A good person is a person who has a heart that is driven to help others for his good. and that is You.

Thanks @yoo1900 for your support. Congratulations for all winners. This is my link. I hope you interested