Cooking with Steem revisited - Cooking Classes for Young People funded by steem

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Some months ago I posted about a project to produce cookery books with recipes from the steem blockchain.

For various logistical and funding reasons that project has not yet managed to be realised.

So I am reusing the name 'Cooking with Steem' for a new project.

This project is to run cooking classes for young people funded by steem.

Four years ago I organised the first Young People's Food Festival in Wales. It was a success.

As part of the festival we ran an all-day cooking competition for teams from local schools and homeschooling groups.

For the competition I had to buy a lot of portable cooking equipment such as induction hobs, grills, griddles etc.

The idea was to use the equipment after the festival to run cooking classes for young people.

Unfortunately at the time however we could not get the support or funding to make the classes happen without charging fees that would have been way too high and exclusive.

So the project was put on the back burner and I moved on to other activities.

Then just recently a local charity asked if I still had the cooking equipment. I did.

And that got me thinking...

I have the equipment, I know a suitable venue, I still retain a great passion for getting children and young people cooking. There is now an even greater need for it as cookery has disappeared as a subject for the large majority of schoolchildren in the UK.

What was missing before was the funding.

Could I use steemit to generate the money to pay for the ingredients and the cooking tutors?

I don't yet have that great an 'earning power' but as a small dolphin I usually get 4 or 5 dollars on a post.

It is worth a try. After 4 years I can maybe use steem to realise the dream of providing cooking classes for young people.

So we are going to try a block of four lessons over the Easter holidays.

We are targetting 11- 16 year olds. Children will be able to come to one or all the four sessions.

For the trial we are going to have one vegan session, one vegetarian session and two anything goes.

Each session will be 2 hours long and the aim will be to produce a 3 course meal for 2 for the children to take home after the session.

We have the cooking teachers lined up and the venue (where we held the Wales meetup) has agreed to host the classes.

The costs for the four classes for the ingredients, the tutors, electricity, insurance etc is going to be around US$225.

If it all works out well and we go forward with the classes on a regular basis the unit costs should reduce.

Unfortunately with the weakening steem price at the moment raising the US$225 will be a bit more difficult. That is currently about 60 steem.

My plan is to post at least one before and one after post about the classes, and a recipe post for each class, and technology and parental consent permitting, a DTube or two.

Assuming the steem price doesn't fall further I will need to average about 7 steem author rewards per post.

Hopefully I can make this work.

Maybe some of the 'Friends of Cooking' on steem like @allasyummyfood, @gringalicious and @progressivechef might be able to help make this happen.

If I earn any more than required for the first four sessions then I can use this to build a fund to sustain the lessons on an ongoing basis.

I am hoping the cooking tutors will become interested in steemit - one already is.

The parents and the children will also be told about the steemit as part of the course.

This is part of our local steem community building project. We are trying to demonstrate the utility of steem at a local level.

If this works it will be an interesting model for 'steem funded education' that could be replicated for any subject.

If successful I will write it up as a case study for others who might find it useful.

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[ header graphic by @pennsif // food image from pixabay - Creative Commons CC0 ]

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What an excellent project!

I can't believe they've dropped cooking as a subject. Cooking is a basic skill everyone needs, whether they think so at the time or not.

My fingers are crossed for your success. :)

It is a great shame. Most schools here are under financial pressures. Cooking (or food technology as I think they call it now) is a not core subject so it gets cut.

Very short sighted!

What a fabulous set of ideas - young people cooking, funding it through steem and buildng your local steem community. Are there still such things as parent teacher associations? That may be a future development route. I look forward to seeing how you get on.

Sounds amazing @pennsif, I support this project wholeheartedly! It breaks my heart seeing all these youngsters savvy with the microwave, but when it comes to real cooking there's a lot of shoulder shrugs. I wish I had some steem to donate, perhaps I will at some future point, but in the meantime I will certainly be helping to spread the word and re-steeming etc. All the best with this!