Translation Contest : Steemians of All Linguistic Backgrounds are Invited to Translate My Educational Guides for Their Communities! (SBD Reward/Resteem/Upvote Included!)

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I have been creating guides about Steemit and its associated services for quite some time now. Over time, I have created dozens of detailed how-to guides, tutorials and posts containing educational value. I have always received tremendous response and support from the community, for which I thank each one of you. 

Thumbnail designed using free tool Canva. I love you all and I wish my knowledge to reach everyone, regardless of the language barriers.

Why am I Doing This? 

I have received multiple requests from members of various communities to allow them to translate my guides. Honestly, it humbles me as an author and I always think about sharing my work with the wider network of this multilingual communities. The thought needs some action as I already have received requests from Polish, Chinese, German and Indonesian community members.  

The first ever such request came from @mazelin whose comment I am producing here. 

Would you mind if I translated your article into Polish? I think it's really great and that Polish community would benefit greatly from it. I would of course write that you're the author of the original post. 

A few days ago, @ilyasimail reached me and here is what he said. 

Greetings. My name is @ilyasismail from Indonesia Steemit Community Chapter East Aceh... If you please. I request permission to translate your content into my language in Indonesia, and your writing will be an education for us stemian especially in my area. if you wish I will keep your content link as source. Thanks. 

The recent guide on reward system received this comment by @mgsun

Hey, I'm doing Operation Translation by @papa-pepper, and I'd like to translate this post to Chinese. Would you be up for letting me do it? This is just such a great post and I think more people should read it! I would follow @papa-pepper's guidelines, including a link to your post and crediting you in the title.

And this is yet another great comment from @hushuilan

Hey ,@ilyastarar. I'm a steemian from the Chinese community. This article is a wonderfully detailed guide/explanation.Your article is very instructive for others. In view of the fact that many newcomers in the Chinese community do not understand these operations. Can I translate such a good content into Chinese and share it with our friends in the Chinese community? I will mark the original author and the source of the article in the translation article.But I have to get your permission first. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you. 

The latest such instance came all the way from Germany. @louis88 offered his services to translate my guides in German. 

Hi! Nice Article to the GinaBot! I use the Bot also and want to ask you, that i can translate your Article in to German Language? 

That is why I am doing this post. I have been holding people back from translation until I announce it through a post (this one). But I did allow @mazelin to translate my Utopian contribution on Reputation Score and it did bring her some reward as well. 

I did help her by creating the thumbnail for her and also reviewed her post to help with formatting. You may have guessed that I care about quality of work and can help people maintain it. It turned out to be a great experiment and I have since planned to launch it on full scale. 

Here is What to Do! 

There are things that I would expect you to do because I care about the quality of work. Following these guidelines is mandatory to be part of the translation initiative. Don't worry because ensuring these things will only increase your own reward. 

  • Choose any one of the educational guides from the list below that you would like to translate. Only one at a time.
  • You can translate only one guide per week. This is to ensure that excessive translation is avoided and you have time and focus to create your original content as well.
  • You need to seek permission to translate your chosen guide in the comments to this post. I will check every comment and reply.
  •  As much as I wish to let everyone participate, you must be having at least basic following on your Steemit blog. I am inclined towards 200 as the number of followers to qualify. However, you can apply if you have at least 100 followers.
  • One post can be translated in one language by only one person at a time. If someone else has been authorized to translate a guide in your language, resteem that one and choose another one for your.
  • The format and quality of the original post are to be retained at all cost. I will not extend any support to badly formatted posts. At the same time, I wish to help you under stand how to create good blog posts using various Steemit editors. Now, there is no excuse to translate with bad formatting.
  • I would also wish to see all the posts having attractive thumbnails, containing the title in your language (just like @mazelin post shown above). Do include your name and picture as well. Here's how to create thumbnails using Canva. I can help with this if you want. Let me know.
  • Use appropriate tags. Some tags which must be used are steemiteducation, tutorial, and howto depending on the nature of posts. Use ilyastarar as last tag to help me locate all the posts on Steemit.
  • You should link the original post properly after your introduction paragraph. How to link properly can be seen from the way I have listed the guides. Just copy paste the whole link and text from the list.
  • Once published, come back to this post and share your link in reply to your own comment. I will review it and suggest improvements if needed. There is support and reward too which is mentioned below.
  • You can always come back to this post or comment any of my future posts to request permission for translating my work. Remember, only one translation per week is allowed. Please do not exceed this limit. 

To keep the format of my posts, just copy one paragraph at a time, start translating it at the end of last word, and delete the English paragraph when done. Move to the next para and move on. To insert images, right click on images to copy image address and use that link to attach image in your post.

Will There Be A Reward?

There definitely will be. After review, I will vote on your entries with appropriate weight. I may also resteem your efforts to my almost 2500 multicultural followers. I will also try to get support from influential Steemians for your efforts or for rewarding you. I am not setting any condition or amount but I will reward decent efforts with SBD that I receive from this post's payout. 

PS: Influential Steemians and whales are requested to support this initiative. 

Update:- So far, this community initiative has received tremendous support from the likes of @blocktrades and @transisto. Even after recovering my 40 SBD investment to promote this content, we have a prize pool exceeding 100 SBD. You will get some of those if you participate. Also, resteem to get more participants in. 

List of Guides to Translate

I am mentioning all the useful guides that you can translate into your language to benefit your community. Choose any one but keep the conditions in mind. Let me know which one you would like to translate and I will authorize you.

Newbie Guides

Steem Guides

Steemit Tips & Advice

Advanced Understanding of Steemit

Steem Ecosystem Guides (Services Empowering Steemians)

If my count is right, I have listed 25 guides in the categories above. I think it is a nice repository for me personally as well because @kivsha suggested me to include a list of all my previous guides in all my posts for educational purposes. I can now do that by copying the lists above. You can copy these lists to include in your posts as well to help your followers learn more.

Let's Do It!

I love what I do and I love how much my followers, who keep increasing, appreciate my work. Due to the benefits that my educational guides have spread across Steemit so far, I was compelled to reach out people who cannot understand English well. To be fair with everyone, English is my fourth language and it is hard to learn it in a non-English country. I learned how to write ABC properly when I was a ten year old already. That is why I wish to help people through translations.

Let's break the language barriers. I request everyone of you to resteem this post. May be make it the most resteemed post of the week. Let's spread genuine education and make Steemit an even more awesome place. Upvoting this post will generate reward pool for the translators. Please consider extending your full support.

Steem on!


This whole post warms my heart 😍😍 I love seeing how connected we all are across the world!

You are doing such a nice Job here on steemit. I am proud of you as steemian and as your country fellow.


Update:- So far, this community initiative has received tremendous support from the likes of @blocktrades and @transisto. Even after recovering my 40 SBD investment to promote this content, we have a prize pool exceeding 100 SBD. You will get some of those if you participate. Also, resteem to get more participants in.

Wow I've stumbled upon your post @ilyastarar and was surprised to hear this, I would love to translate this in Cebuano or Tagalog language hence your post are beneficial to steemians .

  • Cebuano is our dialect here, where I mostly interact with people, I've been one of the core leaders of @steemph.cebu and a Steemit Bloggers Coordinator where we usually promote Steemit that started from June 2017 and now this coming Febuary 4 for our 7th meet up, last meet up we had over 50 people attended it was awesome!

It would be great to gather many upcoming steemians and interested people to help them understand better in our vernacular language
  • Tagalaog is the national language in the Philippines where everyone can understand.

Would it be possible to do both?
I would love to contribute in translating this :

Kumusta po? Magandang umaga!

I know a thing or two about Philippines and I would love to see it traslated in Tagalog and the other dialects as well. Sure. Please go ahead. Let me know here when done.

yay i'm glad to hear that,salamat po @ilyastarar :)

Go...let's translate it....ha..ha.. :)

go go hanto hahah

good luck my friend! that's a great idea that will help this community as there are many struggling with English and still trying to understand the platform and become successful users.
I hope that people will hear your voice and translate many of your tutorials.
We have our own database of Hebrew tutorials written by our dear community members but in case we will lack some tutorial and you already wrote one - I'll do what I can to translate it, as your tutorials are thew best I've seen.

Bye for now Ilyas -I did pretty good today in the big test but another huge one is soon so I gotta learn :)

This is good news, I want to participate, is there anyone who translate to Indonesian ?? If it does not exist yet, let Me @syifauna translate it into Indonesian.

Sure. Let me know which post you wish to translate. Give its link in reply.

Going through the comment I detect no one have made the offer in translating to Yoruba language, and I will love to seek the permission in doing so

yoruba language is one of the languages here in Nigeria and I will love to promote it among fellow Nigerians. I have made some translations using utopian as a contributor and I will love to make some of your post translations too. WHich will take me 25 weeks for the 25 post.

I hope I can message you on discord too.

Looking forward to your reply

Sorry for not being able to be active here. Sure you can reach me on discord as well. Please do as you please. Waiting for the link. It would be great to promote Steemit in Nigeria (even more).

Danke! It is a wonderful effort and has already received about $10 payout so far which is great. I full voted on your post, commented on it and resteemed as well. I hope it helps you gather more acknowledgement. Meanwhile, you have entered the list of people who will receive portion of SBD payout of this post. Stay tuned.

Hebrew translation of the 15 Steemit tips to ensure success.

thank you!

I'm the one who manages @hebrewguides which is an account that I write + share Hebrew guides on.
I'm always looking for new content to translate. I was 100% sure I already translated some content from you but after I checked - Apparently not. I'll go through the post you just showed and see if anything can be on the user because there are a lot of guides already.

Thanks for letting people translate your post, it will indeed help us promote and grow Steemit.

I think this is the best contest av ever seen on steemit.. Keep it up bro

Great work man.. hopefully your awesome guides will reach to a lot of non-english speaking audiences in near future, which will benefit them in the best possible fashion.. good luck mate. Resteeming this so that any non-english speaking people / multi-lingual people in my followers list can get their hands on this amazing opportunity..

Am commenting here jist to inform you that i completed the translation of how to change you dp on steemit and the link is here ..

بہت خوب جناب

Great. Do and give link here when done.

Have seen many contests here on steemit but I must say this contest of yours is one of its kind.
When these guides are translated into other languages people can understand things more easily and a lot of people will get benefit from these guides.
Hats off to you for such an amazing idea.
All the best to all the participants.

Finally ,
My Spanish Translation of 9 things you can do with your steemit earnings.

Your article is written in great detail at every step. Thank you for your hard work. I believe this is an affirmation of your contribution. Your article has always been beautifully formatted, which is worth our study. These articles are also very instructive for steemians.

Do provide the link to the translation done by you.

I may have to finish all the translations tomorrow morning, because I only have the full time to translate at night. I'll provide the link after the translation is completed. Thank you

Granted. But please do take care of the formatting. This post is one of my best works so far. I would not be happy to see bad quality of formatting. All the help and guidelines are included in this post. Good luck.

This is great idea! I love to participate in translating to maranao dialect one of the languge in the Philippines with your permission @ilyastarar

Sure. Please do and give the link when done.

Hi Sir. You know that we are Pakistanies. So I can translate​ it into​ two languages. Arabic and Urdu. What you say??? :)

Sure. Choose any one of the guides and translate in both languages.

Thank you for participating from Nepal. Sure. Do let me know in reply with link when done. Captain, Could I ask permission to translate this article in Bahasa Indonesia ?

Aye aye sir!

Okay... Captain, Thank you, I will report soon, It will take 1-3 Days :)

Report, I make the first part of the translation. I divide into two parts. Here the first part of translation

I will make second part translation soon as possible.

That is great actually. You have broken the post in to parts. It's nice. Waiting for part II.

Would love to up my follower count so I can help out with this! I studied linguistics and romance languages and this is Right up my alley!
If you need italian translation, or lack spanish speakers please let me know regardless @ilyastarar

Pick any two. Translate one in Italian and the other in Spanish. Then swap next week between them. You have close to a 100 followers and will get to 100 soon. Go ahead. Give me links when done.

Assalamualaikum @ilyastarar. I would like to ask your permission to translate this into Indonesian language as it's my native language. Please let me know if there's a chance to do so :)

Excellent education initiative. Can I translate 4 Things You Should Stop Doing on Steemit Immediately! in spanish? Thanks in advance.

Sure. Do that

Wow! It was incredible and already received amazing response.

Hi @ilyastar, I would be very honored if you let me translate any of these guides into cebuano and filipino. I'm from the Philippines and these two dialects are basically the most/widely used and easily understood hence why i chose it to be translated in both dialect. Will it be okay to do both? Thank you.

It would be okay to do one guide in both dialects. Choose one that is not done because I have resteemed one cebuano translation already.

I'd love to translate this one into Filipino Language. Can I?

Sure. Go ahead. Let me know when done.

Hi! It looks like an interesting iniciative! Can I translate to spanish the "Reputation Score 101 : What is Steemit Reputation Score, How is It Calculated and Why Should We Bother?"?

Sure. Do that. It would be great to have this available in Spanish. Please take care of the quality. It is one of my best works and I care a lot about how it is presented in any language. Let me know here when done.

Woderful! Loved the work. No suprise it took so much time.

I would love to translate #How to Add Profile Picture on Steemit - Steemit Profile Picture Latest Guide 2018# in my own language(yoruba)

Sure. It would be great to reach people speaking Yoruba.

Hey mate @ilyastarar good day! I wana translate this one "Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately" to Cebuano because most of our fellow steemians who are bisaya are doing these things

Please do that! Good choice and thank you for caring about what people do.

Make the post. I'll send you the thumbnail right here.

Here it is.


Sir im so sorry i did it already with another picture

That is actually better!

@ilyastarar I would love to translate your guide An Absolute Beginner's Steemit FAQ : Welcoming & Familiarizing New Users - Steemit Newbies Guide

About me:

I am a native German speaker and currently working my graduation

I just reached 100 followers and my next goal is to support new steemit users. Meaning this could be a nice opportunity to do so.

Gz @davsner

Please do that. Good choice too.

@ilyastarar finaly finished my translation, had a lot to do this week so it took me a bit longer ;D

here it is!

gz @davsner

Hello. I love the initiative behind this translations and I believe it will immortalize these posts. Good one.

I hereby seek permission to translate the post below to Nigerian pidgin English

Permission granted. Thank you.

Thank you! I'm so glad.
I will follow the guidelines and get back to you.

Thanks once more

Hausa translation of Complete Steemit Withdrawal Guide - Learn How to Withdraw from Steemit. Thanks

We have a deal. Come back with the link.

This is such an amazing opportunity that you're giving to people, helping them to spread useful information in many languages. I'd love to participate by traslating to spanish but sadly I don't have enough followers yet. I'll bookmark your post and come back when I do.

Sure. Please do come back here or any of my posts. The way you interact, it would take just a few weeks to gather good following. Good luck.

Great Initiative my friend.
You know that you can Lean on my.
For sure I will participate and Would do german translations.
Since your posts are worth gold, this can be a win win win situation.
(For you, the translator, the community.)

I will message you soon!

Waiting for your message, Jason!

Hi, @ilyastarar I'm happy with this contest. I would like to translate: immediately in Indonesia Language. Thank You.

Sure. You were the one to ask for it. Come here with the link soon.

Thanks, I have completed the translation as per my request. Please check my translation. Greetings to you.

Amazing work and great response from your audience as well.

Happily authorized. Good luck, Kerry!

اسلام و علیکم بھا ئی امید ہے آپ خیریت سے ہو ں گے۔
اگر آپ اجازت دیں تو میں آپ کی ہر پوسٹ کو اردو میں تر جمہ کر دوں گا۔
میرا ای میل ایڈریس
[email protected]

Only 1 post per week and with permission. Thank you. I don't want people to leave orginial work.

ایک ہفتے میں صرف ایک پوسٹ اور وہ بھی پوچھ کے۔ میں نہیں چاہتا کہ لوگ اپنا اصلی کام کرنا چھوڑ دیں۔

و علیکم السلام

تو ابھی مجھے آپ اجازت دیتے ہیں کہ میں کسی پوسٹ کو اردو میں تر جمہ کروں

Awesome. Please go ahead and do it!

بھائی میں بیمار ہو گیا تھا اس لیئے تھوڑا لیت ہو گیا ہوں میں نے پوسٹ پبلش کر دی ہے آپ مندجہ زیل لنک پر اس کو دیکھ سکتے ہیں کوئی تبدیلی کرنی ہوئی تو بتا دیجئے گا۔اس پوسٹ کیلئے بڑی محنت کی ہے

Thank you with in two days I will do this with the help of corel draw

واہ! ہم یہاں اردو میں بھی پوسٹ کر سکتے ہیں.
Wow! We can also post here in urdu.

Nice to have someone from Nepal. Sure.

I will like to translate How to Add Profile Picture on Steemit - Steemit Profile Picture Latest Guide 2018. In hausa if permited

Hello @ilyastarar,
I would love to translate your guide into Turkish, which is my mother tongue.
Have a nice day!

Hi from Pakistan and a definite yes to that! Link here in reply when done.

Hello @ilyastarar,
I finished my translation and below you can see the link to my translation. It was so much fun for me to translate this text and it gave me good advices for my Steemit career :)
Thank you!

It was such an amazing effort. Genuinely good!

Hi, it's nice to know that you recognize and value the importance of language variations. I'd like to translate in Pidgin language of Nigeria.

Go ahead. Good luck!

Hi, here is the link to my translation to your 4 Things You Should Stop Doing on Steemit Immediately!

Wonderful work. Thank you. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you for the privilege to participate. It was fun doing it.

it's nice and I very happy! I want to participate in this job! I would like to translate into the Indonesian language this guide :

Promise me you will do justice with it and keep its qaulity. It is my highest rewarded post so far so please take good care of it. Come here with the link soon.

Oke. I Promise to do that. because this content that I was searched almost this past a month. Thanks for your kindness.

Is there anything I can translate in hindi?

Sure. Pick any of the guides and let me know which one it is. I need the name or link to avoid dual translation in one language. You have my word. Go ahead.

I’m happy to grab Absolute Beginners/Newbie Guide, shift to Norwegian. We got #Steemit love here!

I am glad too. Share the link soon

I want to join in your project. Can i translate this post "" into indonesian language? @ilyastarar

Sure. Do that and give me link in replies to get some support.

soon sir, thanks. I will do the best

Wonderful! Check my comment on the post. Resteem and upvoted of course.

Great work! Seem my comment below it.

Thanks sir, I have read your comment.

Can I translate your another post? or waiting a week since my first contribution? I will do the best

I would say wait for one week as per guidelines. It will give you time and space to create something original as well. Please do post 1-3 posts at least based on your ideas in the week. I encourage that.

Hi @ilyastarar ....
Can I translate this post in Bahasa (Indonesian language) ?

I really like every post about the tutorial, at my blog has many tutorials in Bahasa Indonesia

Sure. Honored!

I would like to translate posts in dutch. I hope you to give me permission. My followers are increasing every day and this is a good way for me to learn how everything works because i already reading your posts. When translate them i remember things better and i like to help the community this way.

Permission granted only for profile picture guide at the moment. Do come back when you have gained more followers. Good luck!

Fantastic! I upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you! I would love to translate more of your work in the coming time. I already received some positive reactions and dutch followers.

Go ahead @louis88 because you are one of the reasons this is even happening. Good luck.

This is great, I would like to join in this movement. Would you mind if I translate this post into Indonesian language?

Sure. Reply here with link when done so that I can support it

Is there anything I can do to improve the translation? I will be happy to hear it from you.

Hi @ilyastarar
I could translate An Absolute Beginner's Steemit FAQ : Welcoming & Familiarizing New Users - Steemit Newbies Guide for start into Polish. Or if that's already taken by @mazelin I can do next one in list.
Also can I use your screenshots in my translation?

You can go ahead. She is busy in another project. Sure. Using screenshots is perfectly fine. Let me know when you are done.

Here it is:
So I can do another one in 7 days? and if you will get any of your Guide/faq translated into Polish can you write to me here or on (same nickname) so I can change links in my translation to translations post of other guides?

Great. Let me check it out. You can do any of these guides but one per week. This week is already covered. I will ping you when needed. Thank you!

Hi @ilyastarar
So next week, next translation. Today I would do next from your list, I will post it here when I'm done with it.

Here you can check translation of it.

Hi @ilyastarar
Another week passed another translation. Today I would like to do that one