WHO AM I REALLY? - SOUL DEEP POETRY (@surpassinggoogle Steem Untalented Contest)

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Who am I really?

I decided to write this in a poem

The way I want

So all my thoughts could flow in rhythms

Buried deep within my soul

I ask again

Who the hell am I?

I am a girl with a wandering soul

A lady with regretful pasts and confusing present

A woman filled with so much responsibility

Dreams and passion and focus unimaginable

You want to know who I am?

Then you gotta to go to the basics

To the bottom of the history line

When the creator decided to make me the first child

It seems to have all gone wrong from there

Responsibilities bigger than my shoulders

Making the mistakes ahead of the younger uns

And being the prim and proper example

For their little steps to follow

No matter how fake it was

No matter how much I was dying inside

And had twirling and raging emotions I could not understand

I had to maintain the façade

That façade of the perfect child

Education was no different

Emblem of the star student

Teachers favorite and a haven of awards

Yet I did not know me

My path seemed so clear to everyone but me

Who am I actually?

I am a lady on the path of discovery

Society and sentiments be damned

Amma make my own way

Through the forests and the seas and the clouds

I am a woman that refuses to be the society’s woman

I am a woman but a human first

Aint gonna listen for no man to dictate my life

Aint nobody’s property

I am me

Imperfect, thoroughly flawed, confused

Smart and compassionate

Passionate and focused

I don’t need no approval

I would keep on being me

So me is that sweet girl

That simply does not give a f**k

I just do right by me, my God and my goddamn conscience

Onashile Peace (tolarnee)


*** Wow! I can hardly believe I wrote this but I did, I wrote it for @surpassinggoogle contest and he encouraged everyone to search deep to participate in the contest and that’s what I did.
I dug deep to my soul to write this and I think I am glad I wrote this because its like a burden was taken off my shoulders.
Well I do hope y’all connect to it and like it, if you do please drop a comment, upvote and resteem

** please forgive my poor drawing skills and my poor camera….much much love


You're the first child?
Maybe that's why we relate so much

oh yes i am...really i should have just guessed

A woman filled with so much responsibility

Dreams and passion and focus unimaginable

Despite having so much responsibility to shoulder, our dreams and passion with unrelentless efforts will definitely make a great way for us. I like the poetry in your ME.

Thank you sooooo much

Here is my loving comment response to your post. I did it in a post a repository to benefit everyone and so i can be expressive enough among other things. I also wanted to touch different spheres of people. Overall, the underlying message just for you is in it. Please read between the lines to grasp fully as there is an underlying message for general success on all fronts hidden between the lines: the bigger picture. Stay awesome. Your boy Terry. Much love involved

Wow! I would go check it out now

i will need to do a full-blown reading over time. i decided to just stop by a bit for now. The turn-out has kept growing (currently around 130 posts that i have to read and counting and support with vote but i submit all entries to some friends as well to support. The experience has been awesome. I will come back for a full blown comment to empower you when i fully read. This is beyond a contest, so there will be a ton of variations to participate in, for fun, community and ultimately to bring about success in every facet, steemit and beyond. The whole endeavor is a curriculum from "school of life", raw down-to-earth stuff, without books involved; stemming from unadulterated love for humans; humans.
If you want to read some of the entries too: visit all the resteems on @steem-untalented

To understand better the gravity of this "untalented" initiative, read this post: https://steemit.com/life/@surpassinggoogle/if-you-can-t-find-a-stranger-to-love-love-me-and-entertain-freedom-when-you-do

Wow! this is so exciting!! i have been seeing several too and i try to comment and upvote when i can......its awesome seeing people so straightforward and raw....its things like this that forces you to search inward for who you really are.... i see this going so viral...well done ,much!!!

you have nice name! tolarnee

Thanks a whole lot

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Wooa. Good one @tolarnee. Now I even feel more connected than the lines 'cos it was like speaking through me.

oh really...i am glad it did so much!!!

wow! This is deep. we sometimes bottled so many things up because we are afraid of getting exposed. the truth of the matter is to let it out in a way to feel that inner relief.

I admire your courage .

thank you very much!!!