woohoo I'm your 1000th follower :)

Love @surpassinggoogle's idea of telling the world about the raw you and this is a very moving and honest piece and I get every word.

Ps. I found you in #theunmentionables

My 1000th follower!!! This is just wow... Lost for words.. Let me welcome you properly:

messi hug.gif

Sweetness. Participate too. Would love to read

It's a coming, just been inspired by your initial post actually :)


To Steemit! A great adventure!

Excellents word. God bless you and keep posting

I feel you bro...

Self-actualisation through digital interaction

Good post, very well written. Thanks for sharing :) Keep on Steeming.

The @firepower himself?

I'm honored.

Did you also get my message for you in my post 6 days ago? Although, what am I thinking, no probably not, you have 81000 people to attend to... Respect!

This is really nice and creative, inspiring words too

This is a post worth re-steeming because it is so very true.

You are too kind

Thanks for this! 😀 😃 😄 😁

i like it, i have resteem and upvoted @fitzgibbon

Great work and goal with poem...

i will need to do a full-blown reading over time. i decided to just stop by a bit for now. The turn-out has kept growing (currently around 130 posts that i have to read and counting and support with vote but i submit all entries to some friends as well to support. The experience has been awesome. I will come back for a full blown comment to empower you when i fully read. This is beyond a contest, so there will be a ton of variations to participate in, for fun, community and ultimately to bring about success in every facet, steemit and beyond. The whole endeavor is a curriculum from "school of life", raw down-to-earth stuff, without books involved; stemming from unadulterated love for humans; humans.
If you want to read some of the entries too: visit all the resteems on @steem-untalented

To understand better the gravity of this "untalented" initiative, read this post:

I just read that post you mention. One of the things I always say is that you can tell what kind of man you're dealing with by the way he talks about his mother.

Terry, my man, you're a hero.

Here is my loving comment response to your post. I did it in a post a repository to benefit everyone and so i can be expressive enough among other things. I also wanted to touch different spheres of people. Overall, the underlying message just for you is in it. Please read between the lines to grasp fully as there is an underlying message for general success on all fronts hidden between the lines: the bigger picture. Stay awesome. Your boy Terry. Much love involved

HI .... welcome to steemit platform ..I upvoted and commented on your post...I have created a fb page " steemit global community" join us...we will give you all the help needed.
Follow me on @abdullahkhattak..

That's a great poetry. Love it.

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