12 Evidence Proving That @ned CEO Of Steemit Never Plays Chess!

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Believe me Ned Scott, CEO of steemit as ceo as he is, doesn't play chess! Here is untold proof:

1.  He has a steem score of 63. A chess board is synonymous with 64!(64 Black and white boxes)


2. You know; you need to hold some sort of beard especially those at the bottom of your chin when you are pondering on your next chess move. Hahaha, Ned is so clean shaved! He so doesn’t play chess!

3.You must have time on your hand, to pawn your way into enemy kingdom to corner its king. Ned is too busy at steemfest!


4. Well, almost can't kill a bird! ‘Ned’! Just missing an ‘r’! A Ne(r)d is likelier to play chess!

5. Instead of following black and white trails, left by emotionless pawns, Ned has chosen to follow humans instead. 

He made steemit to rendezvous us and he is modest enough to have followed 209 people!

Humans interest him better than hairless pawns! 

6. He so isn’t into lofty places like 'kingship with subordinates'. He is more of Ned than titles and he joins his empire, he hangs out with them. CEO yet a member. He joined steemit in March 2016!

True fact.

7. He certainly isn’t that much, a fan of ‘black and white’: He created steemit. He made it dark and light blue!

(variations of the same color). 

8.In the words of Ned:  

Original content > copied
Dialogue > monologue
Identity > pseudo anonymity > anonymity
Video > picture > text
English > non-English
Ideas > events > people
Postitive > negative
New info > info found elsewhere

Yep, he used hierarchy in explaining his vision for steemit. Yes, he believes in hierarchy for making steemit work but hey there, Identity > pseudo anonymity > anonymity is so different or looks nothing like:           


9. "His brained is wired for economics and psychology".  There was never chess involved. His brain is wired, can’t you see? 

His brain is so unwired for chess!

10. In the very words of Ned: 

“This 22ct gold ring imbued with steem and ornamented with the STEEM logo was created by @samether and handmade in the heart of the "city of gold", Dubai.
I am looking forward to wearing this alongside @roelandp who I hear will be wearing his Steeming Silver Ring at SteemFest in November!
Thanks @samether!”

Hmmm, such heavy ring; heavy matter; has weight and occupies his adorable finger!

Fingers are an important part of chess game. I mean even on your touchscreen, your steempad; you will need your fingers to mislead the bishop  into fighting an innocent horse. 

Now, who magnifies his index finger with a massive '22 kt gold steem ring', along with that probable fur coat and magnificent cane in hand, only to end up sweating those fingers transporting rooks? Who does something like that!

11.“After a quick 15 hour flight to Johannesburg, I seem to have arrived in a Steem haven” 

NED is a bit too in a hurry, to sit somewhere opposite an old bald man, trying to figure out how to move a king; a king, who is so dumbstruck at the sexiness of his wife but can only randomly stare at her because Mr bishop is there, trying to catch them red-handed.

I mean, who has time to pick up emotionless boring look-alike pawns in defineable paths, when steemit is on the brink of unestimateable shot for stars?

HAHA, even on horses, Ned would love that distance is covered snappily, in place of (L)ing haphazardly all over the place. 

*By (L)ing, I was referring to the knight’s L-shaped movement.

12. Plus, Ned is so organized, even his brain is wired! Steemfest is upcoming! His brainstorming is non-stopping and too strategic for a simple game of chess. Steemchess? Just MAYBE!

Overall, this guy is core CEO, not some 'king lording it over'. You need to see how Ned tends to people here steemit both conversation and comments. He caters to his social media.

He hasn’t said a word to me yet but i know he will!Overall.

I have had many ideas but I can’t say that I have really ever had an enabling environment. However, I am built on improvisation plus, I have become too lazy to quit! 

SO, if I can’t experience jetlags just yet, from jets, I’ll go play up and down in full speed, in a 25-storey building’s escalator, to get the feeling, till the real deal happens!

Recently, I starting a concept that aims to infuse new things into 'boring internet'. One way involve infusing into it a piece of me by means of the bizzarest unheardof topics. Plus, because I don’t have a dime but I have a truck load of time, I started donating time out as well.

In this post and the many more to come, I am incorporating these two concepts and i will be trying to ‘inspire the inspirer’, here on steemit.

So I will be out to inspire some amazing person here on steemit next and in a really really nice humorous beautiful way. I will at least manage to give you an inspired smile. I would love to!

I write these posts in tiny interval between my calls. I work in call centre all night and I tell you, there are non-stop calls. Please bear with me and my crappy editing!

Do show me some love, with your amazing comments and @ned do you play chess? No you don’t! Steemchess? Maybe! Hahaha!

@firepower your topic will come next and you can't guess it or what i will be proving

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I feel like I just did time travel just now!

You know what they say "never forget the days of your humble beginnings".
See your thought processes then...

And to think these were the days before #untalented @steemgigs and the steem-witness.
You should actually change your name to @surpassedgoogle instead of @surpassinggoogle coz yoou have done it already. Lolx.

my conclusion is that your awesomeness didnt start today it has grown from strenght to strenght over time.


Since age 13. Thank you for the love and effort

Hehehe, I'm very interested in the answer by @ned, but i have a question for you @surpassinggoogle, do you play lawn tennis?. I can catch you there if I wanna write about you.


I do the lawn and play table tennis, so maybe


You too much, bros. I just like you,even before seeing you.

Just out of curiosity, did ned finally say something to you? I wonder if @ned will ever speak to me, hahaha unless ofcourse if I meet him at some SteemFest. There are now too many people for him to personally nurture. I guess videos are the only voice we will be hearing from him every now and then.


Well, he is reachable. On steemit especially.

Hahaha, this is really intriguing. I hope @ned answered if he plays chess or not.

Smile!! Secretly I think we are all playing wheather we admit it or not life is like a chess game!! Each move we decide to make, maps out how many moves it takes to accomplish our goals. Kings Queens knights or Bishops we all have something to contribute. @ned who knows maybe one day mind reading will exist in the future, wild thoughts.Haahaa cheers Awesomeness i needed this this morning.


Yes, i am so glad you found this and found something valuable in it

35 votes, & that was 11 mos. ago,
look at today
sir terry is out to for goodies out of steemit..
this i will keep to keep up
i will look at at 11 mos forward

35 votes, & that was 11 mos. ago,
look at today
sir terry is out to for goodies out of steemit..
this i will keep to keep up
i will look at at 11 mos forward


it will be better in your case. "These are better times on steemit and it will get better"


I believe so too!

Although there is only 1 'yer boy Terry', you have raised the level of consciousness on this platform by your presence here the past year, and now we have many more aspiring 'boys' working to make everyone greater.


Hahaha. did you do technique there, like 1 year and 1 your?


hahaha! I didn't actually notice that both word could have fitted into the sentence nicely! :D

It's year boy Terry!

I am imagining the tons of comments and upvotes this might have generated if you have actually made something like this now....

But then, i believe we all play chess in our individual life in one way or the other...

Each move and steps we take in life requires some level of ability to make decision...

Thanks for sharing...


I feature a slice of this comment in my recent post and you will see my mindset in general


Wow! @ambmicheal how did you dig this? This is like gold mining. hehe


thanks for the loving, really inspiring!


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thank you for the effort!


Thank you a lot for having shared!

What a fun blog this is. That sure is a beautiful ring! Be blessed!


@surpassinggoogle still gave his votes even when it added nothing to your wallet. He has nurtured this art for years. No wonder.


No wonder indeed @prettycynthia. He has given much to this community, and we are still receiving the blessings.


you don't how kind this comment is or how weighty. dont worry your beautiful post will be out soon and at the very least i will inspire you to a resolving smile!

Your latest post brought me here, and yeahm it would have been cooler if Sir @ned responded. He's someone to look up to by Steemians. :)

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i didnt understand this very well and may i please ask waht does approval to the boost post do?


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I am so grateful to you all who voted my post upward. thank you. it is so pleasing, so inspiring. thank you as well @ned @sykochica, @everlove

@samether @roelandp hi! i mentioned you in my post here but it ended up coming out as a link. i really think you will like this post. i would love you to read and your feedback. it is pretty short!

This guy blew my mind, though it might not be true and @Ned may actually hate chess but @surpassinggoogle's confidence is more than enough to convince @Ned to checkout chess.

Well, I thought I'd seen your most beautiful writing but now I know I'm wrong. Do you play chess @surpassinggoogle?