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Hello Steemians, I'm Jefrey Salmasan Espiritu born on October 14, 1985. Oldest among of my 2 siblings and 6th from the first family of my Father. I'm an Illegitimate child and Here's my story.

When I was a child we lived in a rented apartment in Bago Bantay Quezon City. I used to live with my mother Nelia and my auntie Letty. That time I didn't ask why my father Reynaldo didn't live in our house. All I know is he's in his work and his going to our house one's a week or sometimes twice a month. That time all I want is to play outside with my friends and watch cartoons in the afternoon.


I studied elementary in a Catholic School named Sto. Niño Parochial School. We students there where raised by our teachers to be a good Christian. But still on my 6th Grade I'm still a naughty child. One day my Grade 6 religion teacher tells us a story that opens up my mind at a young age. Her topic is about a second family. When my teacher said second family, a question builds up in my mind. Second family what's that? I didn't know that my question is so related in myself. My teacher told us that her story is related into one of the ten commandments in the bible. The 6th commandment of God "Thou shall not commit adultery" But still due to my naughtiness when I was at that grade I ignored the story.


One day when I was watching a drama movie in television. Again another question builds up in my mind. The child in the movie was looking for his parents Wedding Picture in their house. But he didn't see anything. Later his mother tells him that they are only a second family his and father is married into another girl but not in his mother. The child in the movie accepts the situation he had because of his love in his mother. Then that's the time that questions keeps in my mind. Why did my parents doesn't have their wedding picture? I keep silent I didn't ask my mother about that instead I continue to love her and also my father. He is still visiting our house once a week then my 2 siblings came and I'm so very happy.

Time has passed, I was in High School my father can't support us anymore. My mother doesn't have her job. She's so stressed so am I. Sometimes I'm planning to stop studying because of the our state. I just want to look for a job to help my mother but still I'm too young to have a job. Sometimes we only eat rice and soy sauce. My mother also sometimes is going crazy because of the depression she had. Our landlord wants us that time to be evicted in our house because we can't pay our house rentals anymore.


But I stand still I finished my high school and looked for a job, in order to support my family. I help my 2nd and 3rd brother to finish College. Now they both have their jobs and all of us can support each other. My mother is so very happy now even though she is the only one who raised us 3 siblings we still stand without the help of my father. Now I'm planning to study College with the help of them.

video source/credit to Rachel Platten

Now ask me WHO AM I?



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Nice post Jeff! :)

A family is there to help each other.. keep it up! You're on your good way to success! Upvoted.

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Oh I'm sure you will... just keep on with your daily living .. your family is your strength!

good post my friend

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Welcome to Steemit! This was a really nice post. Nicely done.Thanks for sharing :) Keep on Steeming.If you have any doubts, you can always join Steemit.chat and ask for #help.

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i will need to do a full-blown reading over time. i decided to just stop by a bit for now. The turn-out has kept growing (currently around 130 posts that i have to read and counting and support with vote but i submit all entries to some friends as well to support. The experience has been awesome. I will come back for a full blown comment to empower you when i fully read. This is beyond a contest, so there will be a ton of variations to participate in, for fun, community and ultimately to bring about success in every facet, steemit and beyond. The whole endeavor is a curriculum from "school of life", raw down-to-earth stuff, without books involved; stemming from unadulterated love for humans; humans.
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Thank you @surpassinggoogle , hoping that you will not stop in supporting us Steemians. Keep up your good work. God Bless ^_^

Here is my loving comment response to your post. I did it in a post a repository to benefit everyone and so i can be expressive enough among other things. I also wanted to touch different spheres of people. Overall, the underlying message just for you is in it. Please read between the lines to grasp fully as there is an underlying message for general success on all fronts hidden between the lines: the bigger picture. Stay awesome. Your boy Terry. Much love involved