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Childhood dreams are sometimes all that you live with till you are faced with reality in life. It didn't dawn on me what I was in for until I got to college.

For me, being the best Civil Engineer maybe not in the world but in my country would suffice. Building the highest sky scrapper was just an image I had painted accurately in my head.


I do know that dreams come true and overtime it can only get better if pursued with total zeal and unrelenting effort with the mindset to deliver in excellence.

It's funny though that as I kept on trying to get soaked by the obsession that engineering brings, colleges for applications here were also determined to test my resilience by involving politics in the selection process even when the criteria was adequately surpassed. Good reason to give up the Dream? Ofcourse NO. Rejection after three years finally paid off in the third year when I was given the course to study.

Because of my personality as someone who observes before interaction, you would literally think I wasnt capable for such degree. Eventually I obtained it anyway. Lol.

I faced several challenges though as it wasn't an easy cruise even if the Dream was strong on me. In the process, I did some jobs which to anyone could seem to be absolute nonsense but like @surpassinggoogle mentioned "there is 'sense' in nonsense". The nonsense in people's perspective taught me leadership, mentorship, love and increased my emotional intelligence quotient as its all based on interaction with people.

Question: Have I achieved my dream?

The answer is no, even when I already have a Masters degree in the same field.

Question 2: Will I achieve it eventually?

Ofcourse I will, it is just a matter of time, and the funny thing about time is it keeps ticking

My motivation of why I should do all I can to achieve my dream is, perhaps I don't do it now because it's going to take let's say 3years from now, whether I take the first step or not the same 3years will come and go. So why not just take the step.

I keep believing in the genius in me, debarring what anyone thinks (constructive criticism are always welcomed though) but the truth is I am what I see in my inner mirror. Yes! A giant.

I believe everyone is talented just put that person in the right environment and see wonders. The natural habitat for a fish is the waters. Put a fish on land, it might be well but it's capacity to deliver will be undermined.

Thanks @surpassinggoogle for this great contest.


Here is my loving comment response to your post. I did it in a post a repository to benefit everyone and so i can be expressive enough among other things. I also wanted to touch different spheres of people. Overall, the underlying message just for you is in it. Please read between the lines to grasp fully as there is an underlying message for general success on all fronts hidden between the lines: the bigger picture. Stay awesome. Your boy Terry. Much love involved

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bro, i will need to do a full-blown reading over time. i decided to just stop by a bit for now. The turn-out has kept growing (currently around 130 posts that i have to read and counting and support with vote but i submit all entries to some friends as well to support. The experience has been awesome. I will come back for a full blown comment to empower you when i fully read. This is beyond a contest, so there will be a ton of variations to participate in, for fun, community and ultimately to bring about success in every facet, steemit and beyond. The whole endeavor is a curriculum from "school of life", raw down-to-earth stuff, without books involved; stemming from unadulterated love for humans; humans.
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Wow... Thanks for this. I even have a better grasp of the concept better now. The reason why everyone here is a winner. Thanks for sharing this @surpassinggoogle. I will go check other posts for this contest in the link above and also check out the other link which describes the gravity or emphasis you are driving. Thanks so much.

Yes. I just explained it a bit more in my recent post