While Many Passionately Pursue Moolah, We Own The Banks. See How You Can Own Your Very Own Bank Today.

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Is it true that everyone has something to offer?

Well, it is just so so so impossible that you have nothing to offer.

It is just like tell me that i am not CEO, when at the very least i can tell Bingo to lay down and it will loving do as told or Blackie to meow at my impostor and it will heartily meow & spit.

The world has a different language though and perhaps, "life" too as in truth, there isn't very much partiality and so much cheating and inequality but well, that's life and "life is something else".

But the world is adjusting!

Blockchain helps matters very much. Among other things, it was build as a tool to bring about a measure of equality. One major way it accomplishes this is by putting information in your hands 

They call it transparency! Basically, this instantly restores/redistributes some of your lost value back to you. Gives you more room to shine!

Blockchain removes third parties basically, making you more "the determinant of your own value". Value re-distribution. 

The truth is not a soul is more valuabler than you because whatever more value they appear to have than you, there were given and "measure of value" is can be very subjective and can be influenced.

In many cases, these people who appear "more valuable" simply have more information than you. In some cases, the case is; "they have more information about you, than you have about them". "The third parties!".

e.g governments, companies etc have control over us because, they have more information about us, than we have about them. They appear eliter, nobler and even valuabler than you and ofcourse leaders, but how much do we really know about them? (That's part of where they have come to have an edge)

On an immutable public ledger holding everyone's information, accessible to everyone, it instantly becomes very different! You will notice that a measure of equality start to hold sway.

You are valuable. You have something to offer!

Google can influence your decision-making, thus, have huger influence over you than you have over them because they may have gathered more information about us, than we even know of ourselves, while on the otherhand we know almost nilch about them. 

Our very substance is in our tiniest elements, those that we tend to emit impromptuly in our daily simple actions e.g surfing the web at the comfort of our homes etc Thus, don't be surprised that they may have come to know us, even more than we know ourselves and this is where most of their value comes from!

So it was never about whether you have value or whether you have something to offer; for everyone does have something to offer! 

However, it is very possible that you may feel tied! When your "odds" is an entire mountain, an entire nation and your very self, then it is very possible to feel tied and become a box that's harder to unbox. 

It was never about the lack of gifts to offer, for your box was always filled goodies. 
You are filled with awesomeness and there is just no doubt about that!

as for feeling tied, it gets better with blockchain!

The steem blockchain is even more intriguing because it empowers you even more. Than any blockchain out there, it holds a community of reputable great minds, so much that every transaction inserted into its block (information, posts, comments etc) redistributes and restores some of your lost value back to you!

"Everyone has something to offer" now holds more water!

It gives you red carpets and lays out mirrors all around you, so that you can be told and re-told of your own beauty or so that you can easily spot when your apparel has blemish etc Celebrity!!!

Hahaha you now even have spectators!

Then It Gives You A Dream Factory And Your Own De-Central Bank

Hahaha, are so King/Queen now?

We now have access to more INTEL but beyond that, we have an entire arsenal for greatness (immense value)

While people seek money passionately, to raise capital to start up their companies, businesses, enterprises etc, we were given an entire bank. 

We own the bank!

Seriously, what does a bank do that your steem wallet can't do? Hahaha, your steem wallet does more! Efficiently, you can send money and receive money and hold money and vest money and accrue interest on your vested money (steem power) and you can do all this fast and free. 

With your vested money, you can have more influence, redistribute or allocate funds, delegates tasks, tend to payrolls.

You can even give out loans and accrue investors and pay them dividend. You can exchange one currency for another. You can do escrow services. 

Plus, there are no queues! (Steem transacts in 3 seconds) 

For accounting, you have an open immutable public ledger and bots and humans.

You while people are looking for money, we own the banks!

Human Capital

While "some" seek out a team of like-minded people to run an enterprise, company, businesses etc, "some" over the course of years of adventure and travel and "some" paying outsourcing capital to recruiting firms etc to seek out the best talents; we have a rendezvous of the greatest reputable talents here on steemit for free, many of whom are single and searching.

No-where online will you see such gifts! You are so celeb now!

Imagine, @utopian-io would even pay people to set your company/project up. Steemians would do posts to crowdfund your dreams etc

What else do you need?

Traffic And Automation (Speed & Efficiency)

Upon years of analyzing ways to break bank (in good, testimonial ways), i broke things down to "traffic" and some automation. According to me, if you have access to or a directory of the masses and you can automate the process of the reaching them (speed) and can make distribution of funds as easy as an SMS or the click of a button, then even the quality of your innovation idea becomes negligible.

You can get paid for doing nothing, everytime!

People pay millions for ADs simply to reach traffic and another millions to automate the process of marketing or up-selling. Companies e.g insurance etc spend like 50 USD per click (click doesn't mean sale), i.e they can have an AD budget of say 5 million per year etc. Internet marketers spend years and capital building email lists and additional capital for automation etc

 You have a large and free audience (growing masses of steemians and organic audience from the search engines by virtue of quality SEO from steemit posts), a ledger and a fast secure bank, what more can you want?  

Steemit gives you free audience plus google organic ranking. Companies can easily buy steem power and save on AD capital (note, your steem power is yours and rises in value on its own as it accrues interest). Now, your steem power can get your business post in the eyes of thousands each time and millions more as the masses flock onto steemit and if you have real influence, customers each time. If a company, wants to make more expansive use of their steem power influence, they can build a version of their app or company's website on the steem blockchain and use their same steem power as influence to incentivize the use of their interface and like steemit attain organic traffic by incentivizing bloggers to write about them

With SMTs next year, the whole process becomes more fun as companies will be able to get more media and add more branding by means of their steem token. What more, the entire fuel for this grows in value as steem power is simply vested steem and grows in monetary value with the price of steem. I tell you, you get all this pampering cheaper than free!

The world will awaken soon! 

The masses are coming. The whitewalkers aren't!

You are here on steemit now! You have an edge but it is you who will have to make it a valuable edge! You will need to open your eyes and see and do more than just look. "Foresight!"

When the masses come, all the companies and businesses and media will be here. You are here now! 

There is so much time now, to build your influence before the masses arrive. Those who can see, having been foreseeing things and doing just this and these are the true whales; whales or minnows!

What i mean by real influence: "i mean substance, your own value as a person beyond just amassed steem power" and this is the maximum edge because the world still lacks it. 

Now combine real influence with reputation and steem power and this is immensely valuable.

Grow your influence, reputation and substance and when the masses arrive, your have your business boom. In the meantime, refine and fully evolve your whitepapers, grow in your substance and value on a personal level through learning and the "school of life" steemit poses, then have a roadmap. Don't jump this step in a haste!

Don't pursue money, quick SBDs etc, own the bank! 
Overall, there is a difference between a Mohammed Ali and a May Weather, though their both boxers and even May Weather and you and i knows this!

Steemgigs: "Everyone has something to offer"

Join us in the community here!

If the creator has said, go forth and subdue the Earth and have in subjection all the living things, for i have made you in my image and likeness. That is the ultimatest weightiest stamp of value.

You are so valuable!

To Empower Someone Today, Please Visit this post below and let's not let today emptily slip; let's create awesomeness!

Note: if i have not responded or seen your comments on some of my posts, one major reason is, steemit now loads the entire host-post before your see entire comment-replies and just everytime i reload my posts, the browser crashes and i just find it really hard to get to the bottom of the comments on my posts but i keep trying and trying till i can get to each one. 

Before now, i can get to most comments very easily because upon clicking on the "replies", each reply loads up on its standalone thread but that has been different for sometime now! 

Courtesy of you, my comment-section is become a haven and like a hub for some of the deepest finest comments on planet steem. Please help keep this up! It is sweet, human, untalented and the masses are coming! Stay awesome! Shine!
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Your Boy Terry


My community effort and steemit growth is a major part of my effort as "steemgigs" witness, thus, the use also of #witness-category

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful, especially in terms of giving me the direly needed extra drive & strength. Overall, there is no doubt, that i have been here on steemit, proven, solid and i will keep on being here! Steemit is in my books and my heart has a soft spot for it and this will keep on because upon it, i kept my legacies and even my sad stories and most utmostly, i get to have awesome YOU. 

For humans and steemians, i am all in, for you all

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"Everyone has something to offer!"


Thanks for letting us know. I have been enlightened as always. You have brought alot to think about.
Don't pursue money, quick SBDs etc, own the bank!
I really like that quote i will be using it in my posts come 2018. :)
Mohammed has become one of America's greatest humanitarian.
While in school during History classes, i learnt about him alot.
The elder Ali was child-like, and had a soft-spot for young people. For example in 1992, while visiting a former opponent, he spontaneously boarded a bus filled with disabled kids, and started to sign autographs.

He has delivered food and medical supplies to children in Indonesia, Morocco, and to an orphanage for Liberian refugees in the Ivory Coast. Three billion people watched him light the Olympic torch in Atlanta, in 1996: Ali steadying his trembling hand to light the flame remains the most iconic image of those Olympics. President Bill Clinton confided to Ali that he cried: Clinton was far from alone.

In the 90's, Ali met with Saddam Hussein and helped secure the release of 14 American hostages from Iraq.
I read a ppst a week ago that Many people from the developed world take their credit cards and bank accounts for granted. It can be hard to imagine that up to 2 billion adults throughout the world lack access to financial services, according to the World Bank.
While traditional banking services may be trying to work their way into this multi-billion persons market, Steem is also offering opportunities so that the worlds poorest can engage with the system. These technologies give them a way to have a global bank account that can be accessed through an open source wallet, via the internet. With 70% of the world's population expected to have a smartphone by 2020 and Steemit which has the purpose of building a community where each and evryone adds value and a goal of impacting the world positively is very important to developing countries, there are growing opportunities for these people to have access to better lives through Steem This can help them to improve their financial circumstances and make the world a better place.

Very true points. I think @surpassinggoggle is the Mohammed Ali or even more of Steemit .
What an inspiration
Muhammad Ali beautifully said: “It isn’t the mountain ahead to climb that wears you out, it’s the pebble in your shoe”. The only limit in achieving and fulfilling our potential is ourselves. The mental barriers we erect and contain ourselves with, the nagging voice which is quick to think about failure and embarrassment, the pessimistic outlook in life showing every opportunity that comes our way as nothing more than a half empty cup destined to drown us in a life of disappointment and misery. But the truth of the matter couldn’t be more opposite, success is based upon the effort we are willing to exert in accomplishing our goals and the determination we have to weather the storms of life which will be thrown our way.

Muhammad Ali grew up in a poor area, to a poor family, in a society where people of his race couldn’t walk down the street without being harassed or intimidated simply for the colour of their skin. The odds were stacked against him, the institution was rigged against him and there were more enemies to bring him down then friends to hold him up. But this was irrelevant, he had the determination to keep him going and no one was going to put a ceiling on his ambition or quench his thirst for success. All I see from this is your impact on lives on steemit @surpassinggoggle

You know when I read you say @surpassinggoogle is the Mohammed Ali of steemit, I think you missed something vital. I think Muhammad Ali was the @surpassinggoogle of boxing. I believe Muhammad Ali was exceptional, but he rarely did impact lives as directly as you did. Yes he is a role model, but you are a mentor. And I think that why he should be referenced to you rather than the other way round. I know this might sound unusual knowing that Mohammed Ali is more popular than @surpassinggoogle, but yet Ali has far little direct impact in our lives.

To put this clearer, majority of us have our parents as our role models, yet they are not as popular as other celebrities, but yet we see them as our role models, and not those celebrities. That's the same way I see @surpassinggoogle. Keep being a blessing to us, we love you.

So much human here. I love this. It is inspiring even powerful. i am glad i am able to get to this comment

I didn't know that much history about Ali but i didnt expect less. I spoke just from seeing his aura, presence, character and those other facets of human beyond the superficial. The substance etc. My dad is just like Ali, Baba Terry everywhere. He wanted to adjust the world and he carried too much load and he is broken now, dementia and glaucoma. I am on that same path but in a different generation. I carry too much load too. I was made for this. I have lost everything of a normal boy, including my mum recently. I have lost all the things of a boy as well, no women, sleep, leisure, 24/7 pains, no air, no hugs, in isolation but i will succeed in this fight. Satan is so on my case but i am Jehovah's bosom. And in this steemit generation. Dreams equallers to reality. For the developing nations, we will create awesomeness. My happiness is there. Read this post:

Please read the comments. It happening!

Satan is so on my case but i am Jehovah's bosom

You know when I read this, it got to my core. I've sure been in this situation and I just want to encourage you. I might not be the best person to do this, but I really want to get this out my chest.
John 17 vs 15

'I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one.'

Jesus prayed before He died, asking God to use us here. He sent us on God’s mission to redeem and love and pursue and protect and heal. Jesus said that He was going but He was leaving these men, and the ones who would believe in Him because of them, to continue His mission… but there would be attack.
So Jesus prayed for us, not that we would be kept from hardship or suffering but that we would be kept from the evil one who desires to take us out.

How many times have I kicked and pouted to God because life was not going how I wanted? How many times have I thought to myself, That is not fair!

While I may have read in my Bible that we are in a spiritual war, that truth had not fully adjusted my expectations of this life. To accept that life is supposed to be hard is the beginning of joy.

There is freedom in understanding that heaven is coming and we are not there yet.
We have one foot on the earth and one foot in heaven. We’re present here, not taken out of this world but living for another. We’re fighting for God’s glory and clinging to him for protection and guidance.
I believe strongly that God will continue to be with and strengthen you to influence more and more lives, and the devil can do nothing about it
Like you'll always say, keep being awesome.


The struggles of man are plentious. Even if we have a lot to offer the world, there's so much obstacles and encumbrance therein.

Halfway through the journey to success, everyone will be tempted to give up. Some slack back and recline while some a little distance further. They both went the same distance but in different directions but what made the difference is commitment.

Commited people outlast the difficulty. Commited people react the fullness of their destinies.

You are one of such persons @surpassinggoogle and you would do exceedingly abundantly what you think of yourself.


Satan can't be on your case! God will comfort you.

My amen is on default.

You inspired me

Oh my Lord! @surpassinggoogle Brother Terry, me! Adejoke inspire you, I am truly honored, even though I always wonder how you do what you do, where you generate your ideas from and pray to be an idea generating volt that impact humanity far and wide.
Thank you.

Hello Terry

I really appreciate your effort and work you do on steemit. Ever since my first week on this platform back in June . I do read up on your post . Although i bare upvote nor comment all the time. However, i voted you as a withness even though i had no clue about it. So i thought...how can i be of influence on steemit so my voice can be heard. I have put in alot of effort in my blog and interaction and most especially bringing in new people to the platform and mentoring them with the little i know.

I view things differently mostly in sci-fi. I imagine a world like the matrix or tron etc .

The blockchain technology defeated my imagination and i am still in awe. Steemit ad a whole has veen the greates discovery in my years. Its potential is unbelievable. I see every user highly valuable. A social platform that is more than just a social network.

It is a community where people support eachin love and with love.

Fam you are doing great and i am happy you are staying strong.

I am still working to be the better of my best.

Let's steem to the moon and all the way to Trappist 1


Once i left a comment like this to you; "100 on the dash!" Well cos of you profile image. Sci fi is awesome too. Imagination has no bounds. Mine doesn't either and i do imagine into out space but i tend end up balancing it with downtoearth, hence my tone in my posts. Keep your imagination spanless. Overtime, you will find your landing and steemit helps matters alot in this regard. It help in my case. Somehow steem is modeled to have us do just that

Hahaha...100 on the dash cos I am a starboy. All my steemit related accounts will be changed to my face in 48hours time.
Thanks gee. Omo iya...

My imaginations make me feel younger with creative ideas for my fictions, stories , poetry and graphics designs.


Please keep your creative side up and on. It is powerful. You just reminded me. My comment i believe was to a certain @starboye

Seen the fellow.....a Weeknd fan.😎

Hello sir terry its been a while thanks for this awesome words of wisdom as always!

In many cases, these people who appear "more valuable" simply have more information than you. In some cases, the case is; "they have more information about you, than you have about them". "The third parties!".

If most newbies and see this and get information about steemit before making thier first post they will have more edge over most people who have been here for months before them information is truly power.
When invitinting a newbie to steemit usually i will just advice them to start write an intro and start posting but at a point I realised there is alot more to steemit.

So now once they get approved, i invite them into whatsapp groups where they aquire more knowledge then i advice them to explore the platform and look beyond the rewards, because thats just a tip out of all they stand to gain.

My reason being that, they discover what they can add to the platform and enjoy every bit of it.
We are all early adopters, we need to hold that valuable edge thats reallys matter.

Thank once again @surpassinggoogle

Seasons greetings to you.

The more reason why those of us who has been on this platform for awhile need to resteem this post. The content of the post is very rich , educative and encompassing. I mean a lot to learn form it. @phunke. You have commented well . We can't continue to bring in more peopel into this platform. STEEMIT IS TAKING OVER BY 2018 so google should watchout because we are surpassing google. Nice one dear.

This is too much of an amazing content , a resteem is the least i can do here, google is a learner when we have @surpassinggoogle!

Thanks @optimistdehinde

Switie aren't you missing me. I am missing you. I will visit all the whatsapp groups soon

Hehe we anticipate your visit, it will be a pleasure to have you there!

Thanks for the good read @surpassinggoogle.

You're advise on not being here for the quick profit is golden!
Just like you I'm here for the long term. Not even for financial gain but for more freedom. I'm not here to see STEEM just go to $10 or $100 and sell it. I'm here to see STEEM be successfull and maybe someday I wouldn't even have to sell my STEEM to but the things I want.

We are the bank here in STEEM. As I grow my account I plan to be an Honest Bank, growing interest while participating in the community and voting great representatives like you. I've recently voted Steemgigs as witness. More power!

You have awesomeness in your vision. Thank you vote the vote. We have a long way to go. May Jehovah give continue to keep us alive and healthy in Jesus' name amen

Amen. Honest bank? I think I like. We will follow you @surpassinggoogle bumper to bumper. The journey is long yes but we are ready to travel the way with you. Steemgigs all the way.

Awesome post Terry!
I've watched a tedtalk a few months ago saying that
It is not the AI that is the most impactful tech in the coming decade but the Blockchain.
Suddenly everyone of us just like you said has the power to become our own banks, our own advertising firm and yes, thru SMTs our very own CEOs.

STEEM offers much more than blogging, but is ahead of most cryptocurrency by bringing its own decentralized form of companies. Dtube as a competitor of Youtube, DMania as a competitor of 9gag and so much more. I just feel it that these combined efforts and the rising value of STEEM and SBDs will lead us to mainstream.

I've very excited for the STEEMIT platform and what it can do to serve humanity. I've transferred most of my crypto earnings to STEEM in support of this belief. That people like you and other well respected Witnesses have really help bring STEEMIT its good name.

That's awesome to have heard it on Ted TALK. I do think very much that steem is worthy. And you see it too. Alot in the world will adjust positively

You are here on steemit now! You have an edge but it is you who will have to make it a valuable edge! You will need to open your eyes and see and do more than just look. "Foresight!"
When the masses come, all the companies and businesses and media will be here. You are here now!

Oh, when I read this, I had chills and goose bumps all over my body. I and my friends have been talking about this for some time now. There will come a time when this site steemit will be so populated, and it would not be so easy to get recognized as it is now.
In this present time, the are far lesser posts made, than would be made when the population on steemit explodes. If you comment on other people's posts alot like I do, you'll find out that you'll recognize a lot of user names making comments just like you. This is because the steemit community is still growing. This is the best time to carve out a niche for yourself and build your niche. This is a time to make yourself known, by offering quality content. Let your content just like that of @surpassinggoogle, be addictive. Let people see your posts as life transforming.
In this regard, I have been so impacted by @surpassinggoogle, and am so overjoyed knowing that when I joined steemit I was so shy and timid, so no one has an excuse not to come out of his or her shell. I learnt so much from #untalented, and I'll recommend it to anyone who is just starting his or her steemit journey.

Just like the scriptures says in Prov 10 vs 5

'' Make hay while the sun shines—that’s smart;''

Gods word even lets us know that we have to take advantage of the opportunities that come our way.
I would personally advice all minnows and whales to, to visit the #untalented tag, to get themselves motivated and inspired to get their steemit journey rolling, so they can take advantage of this platform, while the sun is still shinning.

If you know just how you inspired me with the #untalented part. You dug and felt and spoke and you strengthened me. Thank you Mike

You welcome Terry. Am happy I inspired you, but the truth is that I was just saying what I truly felt. It's an honor to be associated with you, and I know for sure that your reward is in heaven.
God bless Terry, God bless #untalented, and God bless steemit.


I like what you said @michael. You weren't the only one inspired by #untalented.
Personally, the outlet for my creativity that has been provided by #untalented has been huge. I’ve been releasing a book that I started years ago, simply because I now have an outlet. Also, my spray-paint art and poetry now have an outlet.

Each day, I now consider what I can share here on steemit. Whether it is just a documentation of life events or a special project made specifically for steemit, #untalented is inspiring many people all around the world to be creative and share.

After recently doing a “Name in Peppers” post I’ve been thinking about my own photography. I used to get creative with a camera back in the day, but life quickly became cluttered with other events. However, #untalented has inspired me to get back into photography. Though I do not even have a real camera, but inhave been motivated to buy a good camera to pursue my dreams.
All thanks to @surpassinggoogle for all this. I am going to be a blessing to generations and my immediate environment. I will ever live this scripture
Isaiah 58:10 Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.

I have not really been into full time posting, but i sure have a lot them in my closet. I am waiting and properly having a plan just like @surpassinggoogle said in his post. I am waiting to properly begin with the fuel i have recieve from #untalented and use it to explode in 2018. All I see in 2018, is reaching more lives both on steemit and my immediate environment. I believe God is going to use me just like he used Paul. I will fufil my purpose of being of high value to those who don't have hope. I know its a long ride, but I am ready for it. Thank you @surpassinggoogle once again.


The steemit platform I've come to agree plays host to world young intellectual giants from all over the universe.

The steem blockchain is even more intriguing because it empowers you even more. Than any blockchain out there, it holds a community of reputable great minds...

Nothing could be more captivating and hunger quenching for one who craves for intellectual cuisine.
It's an online encyclopedia.

This is so true, I believe that Facebook and others are already monitoring steemit and analysing it potentials. Once upon a time, facebook created creative monopoly which served them. In similar way that steemit is creating reward-for-effort monopoly in social media industry and uniquely on blockchain.

A peep into @surpassinggoggle facebook account is a clear evidence that a powerful user has been lost. Realistically, he wouldn't have made much impact on facebook than here.

Now my questions are;

  • When will facebook wake up to the reality that nothing should go for nothing?

  • Do you think that facebook can ever become decentralized?

Well, i doubt. About facebook, they are likely doing already what you say their doing. Their approach from what i can perceive though is one modelled after monopoly. Basically, they want to buy the world and no centralized social interface can really compete with them at this point. They basically are buying the masses. So anyone that comes up that accrues masses etc, they will simply buy e.g instagram, whatsapp, msqrd and a ton of apps out there. Plus, they are free to use in many nations including here. You can always have free facebook if you have a sim card. I doubt they can give that all up for decentralization but when they can't beat they will try something becos i know they deep down, they are interested in tech too. I dont know them but i have special gifts when it comes to understanding life and humans. So they can do some form of merge or perhaps their own blockchain, cos i doubt they will want to do like an smt token or so but whatever they do, i doubt will be fully centralized. Steemit is genius, the world has no choice but to hear of steemit because unlike steemit, nobody serves the search engines. This is as mainstream as it can get. With smts and apps for every usecase, people will be tied to steem using with their fones without even knowing it. They may not even need to. Steem's power is in that everyone is owner. If you won't let it crash and i wont let it crash cos we are incentivized not to and because overtime, we grow love for it, then it wont crash. When you are sleeping, i am awake and vice versa. We can't all sleep at once

If you won't let it crash and i wont let it crash cos we are incentivized not to and because overtime, we grow love for it, then it wont crash. When you are sleeping, i am and vice versa. We can'tt sleep at once.

I will sleep on this 👆🏿

Lastly, if you cannot acquire it, you can expire it. That's one of the Machiavelli languages of monopolists.

My question, do you think that it is impossible for facebook to bring down steemit (the biggest future threat) either by hook or crook?

Nope. Cos the blockchain it is on is decentralized. I run one of its servers. So they will have to locate all these servers and control everyone at once.

Yes my friend, nicely said. I havent seen a place accomodating more talent than steemit. The beautiful thing about it, there is a reward for Value!😍😍

I tell you dear, a conglomerate of hope driven technocrats, it's just amazing.

@surpassinggoogle is an online encyclopedia. And no doubt he is always ready to help others to understand the #steemit and to give them boost at the same time.

Well said @idunique

I pray for more strength upon him...
Steemit can only get better with him around.

Amen to that. He's indeed a leader and a role model

Amen upon your amen

You are a blessing

surpassingoogle is a gift, i pray he surpasses google as the name implies.

Thank you alot. A book of "no books" involved, i wonder what we will call that but i do want to write one such encyclopedia, well ofcourse it is impossible that there will be "no books" involved but i am talking of knowledge raw from the "school of life"

In Jesus name amen

Well @surpassinggoogle you are a source of constant inspiration for many minnows like me here on steemit and i consider you the encyclopedia of #steemit.

They way you are promoting #steemit and guiding the mass you deserve a big salute to your remarkable Efforts.

@surpassinggoolge you just made the steemit best platform, by how you are taking the steemit to the higher rank and helps the minnow GOD bless you for all of this :)

See your display of sweet knowledge

Boy Terry you ain't going anywhere because you have a lot to give to this world through your level of intellectualism. Concerning this post i have a lot of comments to doll out. But I will prefer to take it step by step. Even Business morgues must come and learn from your wealth of experience. This is the best post of all time. Is only a greedy steemian that will not retseem this post. People need to learn form it in order to prepare for the coming year 2018
Watch out for my comment . Have a lot to say.

Hahaha if you only knew my life and what this beautiful comments do to me, you will be speechless for long. It's all so touching. This comment section has a different tone and realness and heart and love and selflessness than anything found in the steem ecosystem. I curate alot and you find this elsewhere, so untalented and with so much feel of human

I could just imagine how you are feeling right now. I know Mama will be happy where she is now for the opportunity to give birth to an angel inform of human that you are.
How you right all that you write is still something i will like to get one.
I'm actually doing a post for you . just to express how I feel about you and explain all that have learnt from you. Watch out!

Steemit is the light after the turnel of social media. Steeming all social media

Overall, there is a difference between a Mohammed Ali and a May Weather, though their both boxers and even May Weather and you and i knows this!
When I got to this statement, I laughed so hard.
Ali had an intelligence and warmth and a self depracating way - just youtube an interview with Ali and you see an intelligent man behind the bravado and spin, listen to an interview with Floyd and its the same format each time; he talks about him, his money, his TMT stable and…… has no opinion on virtually anything else.

The two are chalk and cheese and the products of very different times obviously but I personally cannot ever put someone like Floyd in the same place as someone like Ali.

This teaches us a very important fact about life, especially life here in steemit. When you go for the SBs alone, you can get the temporary reward, but you'll have no substance. Like Mayweather, all you'll have is money, all you'll be known for is the money, but when you go for impact, setting a new pace, what you'll have is legacy.
That's the difference between both lives. We all have a choice to make. You know I was looking at @surpassinggoogle and I remembered when you were writing on one of your posts, and I recolleted that you blatantly said you had little money to take care of a need I don't want to make mention of.. That got me thinking, I even had to call my brother asking him why a content whale like @surpassinggoogle would not have enough money for a very pressing need at that time. And that's when I knew there was a difference in mindset in you. It was never about the SBD, but about impact and legacy.

That's what life on steemit should truly be about. We can choose the immediate gain or the long lasting gains.

You dug, felt and spoke. Thank you for awesomeness. You so grasped. Ali has other facets of human and the world of today relegates to hype more of the superficial. Ali had presence, aura, substance etc. Like you said, sbd will have extra-essence in his hands and if he didn't have steem power, he will be love still. That's what i was trying to touch on when i mentioned "real influence!"
The world adjusting much in this regard and steemit is helping matters. Read this post and its comments:

How do i surpassing Google?
By doing something, very positive yet unpopular by world standard! This very much involved "brothers".

After reading the post you linked to me, this part really stood out to me. It's not just about doing something extraordinary or new, but about doing something that will bless the lives of others, something that will help a neighbor become a better person. Thank you.

I read the whole link post you mentioned above and I wanted to see the awesomeness there. I saw how you inspired @adeem. It was really touching. I am happy for him and today I go to my new feed and I see him posting a lot and really mentioning how you have influenced him. That's the essence of humanity. Helping to give more strength and encouragement to one another. That's what steemit and #untalented is all about. Bringing out the best in us. Those hidden gifts coming to life. Thank you so much. May you have all the strength you will need for next year. Because I trust you have a lot in stall for us via stewmgigs and #untalented.

Hello @surpassinggoogle
We have given you our still tinnie-winnie upvote!
You have been determined by a human @lorreta to be possessing of special gem. Do join the #untalented family!

Abolishing the conditioning attached to IQ tests e.g smart, dull, bum, average and you suddenly give every human a chance to shine!

So e.g if Bill Gates did Microsoft and i can do Macro-hard, arent we both genius? Oh, we both are! Showcase your talents regardless of its nature freely with us in #untalented. Relegate all reservations as flaws are allowed and we sift even the so-called nonsense to find sense therein.

#untalented is an ongoing historical curriculum with initiatives/contests, where each participant wins something. No losers! It is also a core branch of #steemgigs, so please join the SteemGigs community on discord already containing around 700 gifted steemian family members. See this URL for more info


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Kindly call on me! Simply reply to any such post and add @steem-untalented or #untalented to your reply and i will be there to upvote, acknowledge, strengthen and encourage them.

i put you as my proxy- then took you off -(i wanted to splil it) then i voted for you as a witness.

A question...I still have 28 voting thing'y left..

My intention was to vote 50% of my votes for you, and 50 for the other dude.

  • can I do that, or it just one vote per person? - if you see what I mean?

(I have 28 votes I can't allocate to either of you....?)

Hope that makes some kind of sense.
Thanks your help on this one, matey...

I want to give you more votes ! lol

Hahaha it is not possible. It is not like a post vote. It is just one and it doesnt have percentages. So you can vote for my witness. It is called "steemgigs" but you will need to type it into the box to vote it. You can then vote for as many 29 others. You can vote for 30 different witnesses one vote each. Thank you for the love. it is inspiring

Inspiring?- frustrating more like ! lol.

so my surpassinggoogle vote is of no use? - And needs to be allocated to steemgigs instead ?
Ok, im on the case, that will be done.

BUT -from a witnesses point of view, is 'better' (for want of a better word). To have 30 proxy votes, or 1? - as I can vote for you 15 times....

Which would be the preferred choice?

Sorry for sounding like a idiot, I'm not really!

The opportunities on the blockchain are limitless, we now have the power the so called elites of the world claim because here, everyone is equal whether minnow, plankton or whale, indeed, it is like the game of chess :

Every pawn is a potential Queen.

Information is power, to be informed is to be transformed. Information cures poverty and lack because everyone has value and when you discover the value you contain, you get information thereof and you provide value, money chases value.

In many cases, these people who appear "more valuable" simply have more information than you. In some cases, the case is; "they have more information about you, than you have about them". "The third parties!".

Perhaps, we need to research more, the backs know everything about their customers, every thing

When you stand on the counter, they look into your profile and know your worth and value quickly do they can influence us easily.

Steemit has broken this trend and you've explained succinctly in your post.

Thanks for being awesome @surpassinggoogle

Every pawn is a potential queen. It definitely is one of my favorite. In the game of chess I prefer having at least 4 pawns as I know of their importance once they make it across the stormy gale of the sea.
That's what the captain @surpassinggoogle is doing, he's like a queen protecting the pawns of which I am one, across the board to make each and every one of us add more value. Thank you very much sir for being amazing.

Hahaha so sweet. Really honoring. Thank you. Jehovah bless this journey in Jesus' name amen. He is in charge this one

A resounding amen!

And a very big Amen. More blessings I pray, surpassing the ones you already have.

See talk!

Hahaha....listening to you speak pidgin English will be so so amusing 😁

The every pawn is a potential queen is awesome

Some minnows have the heart of whales. All they need is to be noticed.

Even hearts of whales have to be proven. Under pressure will this heart contain it. With heart of whales you no longer need being noticed. Whales will seek your attention. It will be 50/50, sometimes 40/60 but even so, they will see if you are proven. There is phase, pacing, time involved. A typical whale won't just jump in full-blown.

Powerful, very powerful. Some whales are whales without thoroughness, the platter of gold.

But our works will be tried.

Time doesn't make one a whale is proof, proof of dedication and commitment and sacrifice.

Sleepless nights when no one is there but people who read you and know you will know.

Remain awesome @surpassinggoogle

Soon i will discuss with you in chat and explain things in more details. I used to do that in the past mostly in the chats to specific people but when i lost productivity, i started to put it underlyingly in my posts. I have you in mind bro. You have two others who are like you and they usually here. There always similarities among these ones. There are girls too but girls have a slightly different stroke

Isn't this thrilling to know.

#untalented awesomeness.

I cant wait to see my clones and rub hearts and mind with them. To know they reason from other universes.

Okay, i still have hope!

Haahaha you know broken well. That wasnt very easy to spot.

Honestly speaking, the last quote about value and information is my most important take from the post. It is amazing how minds multilink! What makes/breaks you and me is availability or lack of information.

Without information, nothing work in the universa. If information is not necessary, we would not have prophets, they are nothing but tools of mass communication in the hands of the creator. Starnge but true, THE BIG BROTHERS already knew about us than we know ourselves.

Steem is changing the world, one blog at a time....

We are witnessing the dawn of the digital golden age

No lies involved

Yes you are right mate... I am sure steem will beat facebook very soon and become the most used social media ever.. Insha Allah

Really it's been an awesome experience reading you and I must confess one would not meet a man like you and not have his view and perspective of the world change.

You truly have brought more lights and hope to hearts, your help care dreams hope and believe has always made waves when the wind is shy to blow a trend.

Making no one feel empty can't be done better than this.
Thank you once again.
You would be forever valuable...

Keep dreaming!
Keep steeming

I owe this post a resteem

Thank you very much for the love in this comment

Awesome Terry!

I hope that your optimism about the future of steemit will still be there in years.
And that our hopes became reality till then.

Steemit has enormous potential to become a giant project..
I can't even imagine which how lucky we are when steemit should get a reach like Facebook or Youtube once.
It is all possible and I strongly believe in it.
We have do go ahead and do our part to increase the platform.
We should help each other, curate good posts, create good posts, develop new projects, tell people about steemit, buy steem etc. etc.
Everyone can do his part to improve Steemit and to help getting a bigger reach and a huge number.

I love all of your thoughts mentioned in this post.
You're doing a great job here and this is where many people should take an example.

I'm thankful that I'm a part of this community and I'm extremely excited where this platform will stand in 1 year and in 5 years and where I will stand.
At least I'm sure I will put much effort into Steemit and I know that I will become a big number.
So I wish everyone else the same.

Together we can do this! :)

We should help each other, curate good posts, create good posts, develop new projects, tell people about steemit, buy steem etc. etc.

Yah bro....
It's the best investment anyone can do now, buying steem. It's gonna be a boom soon.

The more we promote the platform, the better.
Well suggested @infinityroad

Why this comment brings tears in my eyes is what i dont understand! Maybe it is because of the promises they told or the beautiful reality that we are actually a lucky generation to discover steemit. Jehova bless you dear....

Even as a man i feel this thing i can't explain as well. @aderonkemi I could just imagie how you are feeling right now. Joining this platform is one of the best that happen to me in 2017 and meeting @surpassinggoogle is another special thing that is overwhelming to me positively.
Just saying AMEN! to that prayer.

Squeeze those welled-up tears, let them tears drop. They are valuable tears. Jehovah keeps them in a skin bottle

Poetry! Good poetry

I share great joy knowing I joined the platform when I did through @tojukaka. I am more fulfilled knowing I joined at the time when @surpassinggoogle is inspiring everyone to be the best they can be. With his drive and dreams for steemit, steemit will stand the test of time and change our world to become a great world. We all are gradually becoming your idea of Awesomeness and we just want to keep doing the best we can because we have an example in you @surpassinggoogle. Together we stand.

Together we stand.

Divided we fall.... My primary school teacher's favorite quote!

I'm seeing steemit to be the most popular social platform in 2 years time even more than fb.
The rate at which it has helped lives is far above it not reaching that level.

I totally agree with you, I remembered telling almost every one around me when I signed up 3 months ago only few listened, I was surprised when a friend of mine messaged me today about it and was like he wished he had signed up then, that steeemit is giving people hope and making ordinary people, extra ordinary.

It is happening. The masses are coming

The masses are bound to arrive. Simply serve the search engines and build the apps, then you add smt. Just stay present and amass them tokens and evolve in substance and there can never be loss. The knowledge here is useable forever and fresh, so there is no entertaining fears. I am telling you, if you see what i am seeing, you cant any longer crash completely. At this point, there will always be a comeback. It has never ben this way before on the internet. Life is key and health, so we pray Jehovah keeps us in his bosom and grant us life.
"every role counts in this ecosystem

This is grandiose Terry!
It is always a thing of perspective.
You can see the problems and think it is negative.
But you can also take the positive side of a problem and use it for you.
Everytime we fail, we gain at least knowledge.

You have a good mindset.
Let us be thankful for the privilege to live in a time with endless opportunities!

Yes! We sift even the not-so-good, to find good in it

Yes, the masses are really coming with full force smiles

Yes, I believe you, the masses are coming with full force, the standard of living now in Nigeria has increased drastically, due to the current hike in fuel price.
Salaries are not increasing and you offer me an opportunity to developed myself and earn from it.

Mhennn do I have to think twice?? just yesterday I was telling my friend that knowledge is the new crude oil now, and you need the right set of people around you too...

Man you nailed it seriously excellent comment !

I cant dispute this

here we are in blockchain we make changes for ourselves and the world. we can control ourselves and no one can hold and manage our finances other than our own that is blockchain. I really hope this blockchain is more than a bank wallet, but also as a controller of all the finances of cryptocurrency so that the crypto remains always stable and always moving in a positive direction. the world has changed, people nowadays more trust to the blockchain than to the banks and start saving money in the form of crypto and selling their dollars because it is considered crypto is more valuable than the dollar. may the world we dream of becoming a better world for finance and economics.

Crypto is the surest deal in the world today and to summarize your point @aaawee, we are Bosses for choosing that sure part!!

@aderonkemi. Exactly my thougt as well. The next big thing is the cryptocurrency and steem will be playing a very big role. 2018 is a year that steemit will be force to be reckoned with . Is the next blast evryone should expect to hear.

It's the dream we dreamt few years back, today it's beginning to be a reality. We have to adjust and move with the wave of financial autonomy.

It's just awesome...

you are absolutely right that the world has changed, people nowadays more trust to the blockchain than to the banks and start saving money in the form of crypto and selling their dollars because it is considered crypto is more valuable than the dollar.
and yeah that is the reason we see bitcoin price rising like a star

I can't agree less dear @aaawee. Crypto is the future of our transactions and having a platform as this that not only teaches you how it works from good writeups but also practically give you the means to act it out through your wallets is mind blowing. The truth is everyone deserves a bank where you can manage and dictate your transactions and flow of funds.

We are all should follow to focus this issue for success @surpassinggoogle

Let's see how it goes. SBD was created to accomplish some of that stability but it is currently not pegged as plan. There will be lots of improvement overtime for sure cos on steem, we are owners, it is open source and we can be or create the change we want

I hope what we are trying to do now in steemit that is SBD and STEEM can make this crypto be the best for next year. in 2018 its progress will be seen, this is the year STEEM and SBD. and we are all people who will make it happen.

I can't agree more...This is awesome! that's why steemit is one of the most beneficial websites in the world. I often say this to my friends and loved-ones.
If we get involved in blockchain, we'll be valuable coz here we can gather tons of information while being active. At the same time,we should maintain our reputation to be more valuable... one of the most impt.things being a steemian is that we exert effort to participate continuously in the community...Boosting our steem power is also essential because its a lifetime investment not only for ourselves, but for our family. We are lucky coz steemit is like our own bank that we can transact money matters in the comfort of our ownhome.
Let us support #steemgigs, and to those who think they are #untalented-you always have something to offer. Stay awesome coz we might be physically imperfect, but the impt. is the inner person in us is beautiful, it makes us the most beautiful people.. @surpassinggoogle Terry, thank you so much for keeping us posted about the importance of this platform and encouraging us to stay active,and for inspiring us to be hard-working. In due time we'll reap the sweetest fruit of our labor, and you'll always
be part of it. More Power and good day!

Very sweet comment, with power and fire. I felt it. I felt you.

Read this as well and the comments if it loads:

you are very very supportive person terry my friend best work as a senior you are promoting too Good like you have defined steemit here

You are here on steemit now! You have an edge but it is you who will have to make it a valuable edge! You will need to open your eyes and see and do more than just look. "Foresight!"

I agree it 100%
we will need to open our eyes and see not just look
and you know steemit is lovely because of lovely people like you terry ! there are 10000 people supporting you we believe in you go go #steemgigs

and for this

Note: if i have not responded or seen your comments on some of my posts, one major reason is, steemit now loads the entire host-post before your see entire comment-replies and just everytime i reload my posts, the browser crashes and i just find it really hard to get to the bottom of the comments on my posts but i keep trying and trying till i can get to each one

Lmao i know there are 10000 commentators so there is difficulty even for me to please you faster lol ! it would feel so lovely for you to see many users commenting ! and it happens crashes google pages Lmao !
sorry for long comment lol

Lots of love terry my boy Go on !

It is enough comment to have his browser crash everyday! Even opening my own comment on his post section can be war sometimes. He indeed needs strength but on the other way, it gives him strength! Haha.. What a beautiful complicated man! Terry, this is not my handwriting o!!😂😂

hahahahha same here buddy actually every post of terry gets 10000 comments thats why it get too much load that even google cant handle hahaha this is why we called it surpassinggoogle hahaha ! Lmao

😂 😂 and he is actually surpassing google with his humanitarian gestures.

Lol... @aderonkemi

Beautiful complicated, I love this expression. 😁😁

@surpassinggoogle go see names tire.

Being celebrity also comes with a lot of complications.... Names and crashing browsers are part @idunique

My celeb mzkara keeps going outerspace to seek your attention

Lol... We have an event to crash tomorrow. Would have drowned steemit with load of images from there if it had been steem related but no....

@aderonkemi tot I was actually the only 1 noticing.
🙌🙌 Owo meji for 1 person

@aderonkemi hope to see you Moro!!jj

@aderonkemi. Owo meji kole werk. I got to add my legs. This post is a new years gift for me.This is post is something else. Thanks to @surpassinggoogle.

See this people sha! Please dont implicate o... You guys with @surpassinggoogle are the MVPs... Me im just a learner sha!

whats the meaning of ese pupo lmao ? 😂

But its your real face?

Whose person'd real face? You aint allowed to look at @mzkara jor! I would be jealous. Lol

hahahahaha 😂😂😂 Height of jealousy lol

@surpassinggoogle has created a pathway for me to follow and also a step for me to climb.

Awesome to hear. Thank you alot. We will have the best of times together in this really near future

Crashed browsers is still a definition of Awesomeness. People flock behind a leader and that is who you are @surpassinggoogle. The last post talked about ever present presence and now you gave another bomb for owning the bank after which we can have a measurable impact in our own world. Thank you @surpassinggoogle

Yeah! I agree with you on this. Everyone loves a true leader that has a good leadership foresight.Someone who knows how to communicates his messagewithout much ambiguity. That is exactly who he is . For me he (@surpassinggoogle) is the messi and ronaldo of steemit. Privileged to know him

It is a google chrome. Google's heart keeps skiskiskiping beats in the face of too much awesomeness. I keep sending them messages with steemit urls on their feedback crash page. We are surpassing google with steemit

Abi google's heart keep going skiibidimpaapaa!! 😂😂

Jeez..... Savage, my belle o, my ribs o. surpassinggoogle not just name, it's a mission in action. Let's do this back to back. Lol. You're a successful leader

Terry is quite charismatic, Showing love and support to the "unknown."

Motivating and inspiring youths is his hobby, giving a helping hand seem to be the part he has chosen, so we believe in his leadership.

WE ARE SURPASSING GOOGLE, and @surpassinggoogle is the man we know.

100 % agreed with you buddy he is great motivator inspirator ! and loveable senior at steemit right now
WE ARE SURPASSING GOOGLE, and @surpassinggoogle is the man we know.
nice lines 😎

He is the captain of the #untalented ship, we are navigating beyond the high seas, truth is, we are not bothered, because @surpassinggoogle is at the helm of affairs.

As he says, "we all have something to offer, so we are with him, and he is with us.

Agree untalented is now very popular tag

I checked it out today and i was really touched. We will bring back life to it more full force starting next year but i am sure we will attempt one untalented contest before the year runs out

untalented is my highpoint so far on steemit

I want to rush response here before i go back to yesterday's post. That post has been kick and start and if you dont scroll gently, the browser crashes. I will slowly get to it