The Steem Running Project: Introductory Post

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  • Are you a consistent Runner?
  • Do you used to post frequently using the #running topic as one of the main tags?
  • Do you think the #running community deserves a better promotion in the steem blockchain?
  • Would you like to get additional votes by your posts published at the #running tag? ... and forever?
  • What do you think If I am planning to run a curator bot for all the Steemian Consistent Runners?

Does it sound fine for you as a Steemian Runner? If so, please, read the following:

The Steem Running Project: Introduction

I am a steemit user, enrolled in the platform since June last year. As any other minnow does, I have tried to grew up posting about many aspects of my life. As you can imagine, one of the main topics I wrote about were posts and articles regarding Running, since it is one of my favorite activities in life. Actually, one of the first tags I checked when I landed in steemit was the #running tag and, of course, one of my very first post was about this topic.
Despite I think I managed to succeed in the platform, I found terribly difficult to find steemians with the same preferences and I spent a lot of time searching Runners to follow in the platform and, as a consequence, I got very few Runners as followers as well.
Since then, I have been thinking about how to promote the Running Community and, of course, how to motivate Runners to keep posting about this amazing activity.
As a consequence, this is the first post of this recently created account, dedicated and put on service only for the #running community.


How the @runningproject is going to work?

Basically, I have created this account on which I am going to invest steem regularly in order to increase its STEEM POWER.

The account will run a CURATOR BOT for any "Approved" Runner who wants to get involved with.


  • UPVOTES for all the ''approved'' runners publishing their post in #running .

  • Approximately every week will be post a report with the best Running Posts published during the period.
    Readers of the post will vote which is the Running Author of the week who will be awarded with part of the earnings of the same report.

  • Under develop - Running Training drills and workouts: @runningproject is studying the possibility to propose a monthly training plan, consisting in a selection of workouts to be performed during 4 days a week in one month. The aim of the Training Plan will be to improve your running performance, mainly on 5 to 10K races. The proposal will be only for information and will not represent any constraint neither condition for anyone, if someone find it useful then perfect. The earnings of the post will be mainly reinvested in the account.

*@runningproject is interested to know if this training proposal would be appreciated by the runners community so will be perfect if you could share your comment including your opinion about.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED and BECOME an "Approved" Runner

The main milestone of the @runningproject is to get as much STEEMPOWER as possible so the UPVOTE power will be growing day by day with the entrance of new members as well as because the reinvestment of all the curation and the majority of the earnings produced on the post published by @runningproject .

In order to get enrolled you just need to do the following steps:

  1. Write a comment in this post or any other from @runningproject with a link to one of your posts about running, requesting its review.

  2. After checking your post, @runningproject will decide if you are or are not an "Approved" Runner. "Low quality" post will not be considered.

  3. If you are definitely an "Aproved" Runner, @runningproject will reply to you asking to send 1SBD or 1STEEM as an "Enrollment Fee."

  4. You will be included in the "CURATION LIST"

The initial "Enrollment Fee" is entirely used as STEEM POWER. This fee, 1 SDB/STEEM, may increase in the future depending on the number of members and Market price.
Additional donations will be also fully invested in STEEM POWER.

Delegated SP is also welcome for the sake of the community


Sounds like an interesting project. Now that I’m not working so much overtime I’m starting 2-4 mile runs a few days a week. I’ll be in touch.

Good to hear that from you dude!
Keep on running!

Thanks @cryptokeeper . Please, let me know if you want to be involved with @runningproject .

I read your reply in my last running post of course I like to join the project!

Okay. Let's give this a try. I'm a 37 year old running addicted from Israel. I run between 50 and 90k every week. A day without running is a wasted day for me. Prefer barefoot and trail running. Here's one of my #running posts here in steemit

I just started a daily running challenge yesterday and @dailyrunner pointed your project out to me 😊 I would love to get involved and be a part of the project. Here you can find the first post of my daily challenge: Running Challenge - Day #1

This sounds quite interesting! I have just started out and decided to write about a couple races I did in a series last year, and my training plan for my upcoming marathon. I'm interested to see what is next here, and would love to get involved!

Dear @nelzie ,
we have left a comment at
Please, follow the instructions a become and enrolled member :-)

I, dear sirs, excuse me for my english there isn't very good, for the future, if i will be with you (sincerely i hope), there is a person that can give me a hand with your language, now i'm alone to try to speak with you.
I'm from Italy, from the Adriatic Coast, and i run since from 1978, when i was 12 years old and i make my first run on la first Sunday of September.
So after, i run many and many years, i have make 10 marathon (1 also in the beautiful Paris) and for one time i have make the famous "100 km of Passatore", famous UltraMarathon from Firenze to Faenza.
I'm also a sellers of running shoes, i make this work for over 25 years, now it's hard and difficult for me in my work, but i have a very good feeling with the runners of my land, and for over 10 years i have also make over 200 market directly in the street, into the Sunday's race of my country.
I'm not a doctor, but i have a very good experience in all that include the word "running", and now, after some years that i don't run, i restart for another adventure, and today i have make the tenth work out in 20 days, for a little distance of 5 km, but it's only the start, my project is, if possible, to make a marathon into the end of 2018.
I think and i hope that i can give you some good post from many kinds of things, i wait your response and i give you my best regards.

mad-runner Italy

This is three of my first posts, in italian language, but i will make many others the next days, if you want also in english, on many different matters, all reported to the running

Ciao @mad-runner,
Escussi se non abbiamo un buon italiano, il vostro inglese e buono, non preocuparti...

Guarda, soltanto debi indicare un post de Running e poi li faremmo una occhiatta per guardare si sei un vero runner... ;-)
A doppo!!!!

Hey man, I want to get on the approved runner list. Here is what I think is the best running post I ever did
As you might know I post frequently about running :)
Also I would super enjoy if you would post training plans.
I would like to follow the runningproject but I think it's resteems are a bit too frequent. A max of 1-2 per day would be welcomed.
Cheers man! :)

Hey!!! With that post you have been qualified man!!! (even if it is already an old post, it is really good!)
Now, next step is to become an "approved" runner by transferring 1sbd or 1 steem at least to @runningproject as Enrollment fee .

Btw, what do you mean about " I think it's resteems are a bit too frequent"...?

The runningproject account resteems a lot of post per day and it would fill up my feed. That's why I'm saying you should be more selective about what you resteem. Just my opinion :)

Well, usually @runningproject only resteems running related posts but upvotes any post of the approved runners... Of course, if we found a Running post not providing any value or or wrongly using the running tag we will not promote it...

BY the way...

Enrolled as an ‘’Approved’’ Runner.
@runningproject quote

Hello, I'm also very interesting in this initiative.

I quit my running career in 2012, but I am still running recreationaly and I am aslo coach of recreational group in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia.

800m - 1:50
1500m - 3:45
3000m - 8:18
5000m - 14:41
10.000m - 31:23
halfmaraton - 1:08:39 (Palmanova 2011)
marathon - 2:40:23 (Valencia 2016)

Hi @peropro !
with that times for sure you wil be qualified but we need one post on the #running topic, that's the rule :-)
Maybe you can explain your running career ;-)
Let us know when you post it!

Sorry we didn't spot your comment before.
You are QUALIFIED (see the comment at your linked post)

Dear @argon,
Very good time in Marathon!
I am pleased to tell you that you are qualified to be in the ''curation'' List of the @runningproject .
Please, follow the instructions I wrote in your post :

Thanks. I sent 1 SBD to you as your instruction. Please check it.

Dear @argon ,
we acknowledge the reception of the enrollment fee.
You are IN!!!!
Thank you very much!

Thank you!! I'm so glad!

I am a running coaching author and coached numerous national medal athletes in Australia, as well as being a recreational runner myself. Here is one of my recent posts.

That's a good idea! It's not always easy to find other runners on this platform. This is my post about my last run. Tell me if I can be on the curation list so that I can send a SBD :)

You are enrolled!! Thanks for the contribution my fellow runner!

The promotion of the runners around steem is the main aim of @runningproject , let's create a great running network with benefits for all the ''approved'' runners.
Qualified for the ''curation'' list, proceed whenever you want!

I am a runner and I want to try this. I am not sure I understand it all but I will work my way through it. So guide me through this please.

Nice to meet you fellow runner! Your running post are beautiful and very original.
Next step is the transfer of the ''enrollment fee'' to @runningproject and then you will be IN!

Great project! Hope to be included in curation list tomorrow when I start my 50(70) runs till May :D

Cool idea!

We have been doing a #runforsteem Challenge for 2 months now btw. You run, follow the rules in the challenge post and every participant gets paid equally. Maybe we can even work together. Happy running.

Thanks! and, by the way I qualified you since your initiative is a clear promoter of Running!!!!
I see a lot of synergies which would be good for the sake of the running community.
Would you like to be an ''Approved'' Runner and makes as grow as much as possible?

Hello @runningproject - nice idea. i hope it works well for you.

I'm in, since I'm a [Little Old Man Running(].

As for running posts, here are a couple:

I'm also just about to launch a running game on Steemit, which should be fun.

If I might offer a suggestion - once you get this all kicked off, publish a list of signed up runners so we can follow each other. That will make is easier for us to connect ;-)

I hope it all goes well.

It's a pleasure to get the interest of experimented runners as you.
Your running posts are outstanding. And now that you are QUALIFIED, please, would you consider to be an ''approved'' Runner and get involved with this initiative?

By the way, guess we both wrote at the same time a few hours ago, have a look at this post:

Thanks for that. 1 SBD on its way to you now :-)

You are IN then, thanks


This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for your initiative! I would like to be on your list, and together help promoting running on this platform. I have a lot of stories to tell, including my visit to Kenya in 2015. I wrote about this in Korean:
, and I am working on translating it into english and sharing here and my website.

I don't have quality posts up yet, as I am experimenting with video and doing running vlog now, but you can check out this post for your consideratoin:

Thanks and let's get this going!

Sung, a running turtle

Welcome to steemit fellow runner!
You are qualified. Follow the instructions left at your post:

Thanks @runningproject! I am new to Steemit and my first payout will be in a few days... once I ear one steem or 1 SBD, will go ahead with the registration :)

I love this idea and I am all in! Looking forward to watching how running community on Steemit is growing! Thank you 😊

Thanks to you @dailyrunner !
Let us know if you want to be part of the ''Curation List'' as ''Approved'' Runner.
This is an initiative for runners but also for minnows willing to grow.

Yes, @runningproject, I want to be part of the Curation list as an approved runner. I have daily posts about my running on my Steemit account since I run every day. My last post is

@dailyrunner , we have left a comment at your qualifying post.
Congratulations, follow the instructions written there!

Great idea. It's been a difficult time on the bench for me, but hopefully running again sooner rather than later. Prior to injury and illness, I was a running event coordinator, blogger and coach, so this us definitely something I would love to get involved with.

Perfect then! Please, if you don't mind, don't forget to indicate your running post, we have to check it and qualify you.
Keep on running!

I need to START running again. This was my most recent race post in partnership with Spartan Races

So, you are QUALIFIED!
You can proceed with the enrollment fee and enter in the ''curation'' list.
Start running again!

I am a runner and a running coach but I am just new to SteemIt so I haven't posted much yet and I'm not entirely sure I fully understand how SBD and Steem Power work. One of the frustrations I have had is trying to find runners posting about running. This post has already helped me find a couple of new accounts.

Hi sir! nice to meet professionals on the field as well.
I felt the same when I first arrived to steemit on June. Don't worry, the community is growing and we are making it greater!!!
Please, if you are interested on the project, just let us know an simply send to us the link, by the way I read your introduction post and this one as well:
Do you want to get enrolled? if so, just send us the ''enrollment fee'' and enter in the curation list.

Thanks, I am certainly interested. Having only been on SteemIt for a few days I haven't got any SBD or Steem yet but once I have, I'll be in touch. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to write a fuller running post tomorrow.

Perfect then!!!
Waiting for your new post about!

Dear @pgarama as written in a comment at your post , You are qualified!
Please, follow the provided instructions and become a member of the @runningproject family!

Dear @pgarama ,
Thanks for the paid fee and Welcome to the @runningproject and its ''curation'' list.
One thing more, could you please resteem the post so we can reach more runners ;-) !

I'll like to contribute... I'm already running only 5 and 10 k, but last year I was running 30k...

If you need something else I would be glad to help you.

This one is the last post about running

I'm already working on improve my stamina, but once I'll start to do some long runs I'll be posting something like this.

OMG! @raelynnbianca I already wrote a comment on your post (please, have a look).
By the way, is OUTSTANDING!
You are more than ''qualified'' so, please, follow the instructions I put in the comment.

That sounds really interesting :)

Thanks steemian master and father of @runcoin . Please, consider us under your service. The @runningproject is fully supporting @runcoin as well since it is one of the most interesting projects under development nowadays.

This sounds really interesting, I ran my first half last year and I’m now training for my first marathon in April. I post about all my training runs.

You are qualified Marathon Girl !!!
Please, follow the instructions I wrote in your post comments.

Fantastic idea! I'll do what I can to create some posts as well. Can I help with anything? I'm not a professional like you, but I did do a post about how to dress for running and I can focus more on preparations and other topics. What do you think! I'm definitely in.

Yeah, and you are ''over-qualified'' as well to become an ''approved'' Runner.
Thanks for your proposal as well but for the moment we just have to become bigger thought. So, could you please ''spread'' the @runningproject as much as you can?
As I wrote, please, you can get ''enrolled'' in the project by sending us 1steem or 1sbd to us. We need to gre up as much as possible in order to be useful for the running community!!!!
We are studying as well the possibility to get enrolled by DELEGATING some SP if you prefer, more about this possibility will come in another post.

Tomorrow I have my next running post, I will mention you in it. If I can do anything else, just let me know! I have just sent you 1 SBD, would it help you if I sent more and will it help me in any way?

Thank you very much @wolfje , you are IN!!!
Look, let's work step by step, we are just starting!!!
Any donation is of course well received since the main priority now is to grew up as much as possible.

Very good initiative!, those of us who aren't runners due to injuries are going to have some space?

Hi @beiker !!!
Of course man, injures are part of the life of any athlete ! I would tell you that anything relating with running is allowed, also you can talk about your injures, past experiences, future plans anything applicable to the running discipline will work.
So, do not hesitate to share with us your experiences as sportman and get qualified.

I've just wrote a comment at your linked post.
Please, follow the instructions to be enrolled in the ''curation'' list and be part of the project.

I am a runner but have not began blogging about it yet.

I will be watching this.

Dear @lordcarlo297 , first of all, all the best in your race which... maybe you are right now doing it.
Then, obviously you are qualified!!! Just send 1steem/sbd as ''enrollment'' fee to @runningproject and start getting upvotes from us every time you write an interesting running post using the #running tag!

done @runningproject . Many thank's the race is in about 3 hours :)

Enrolled!!!!! Thanks for the tip as well!
Please,let us know if you receive our upvote conveniently when you post using the #running tag!

all the best in your race!

Awesome! I am a trail and ultra runner. I haven't done a running post yet, but plan to do some, so I'll tag you for review when I do! Resteeming this to remind me and share with others.

I would like to be considered for this project. I am relatively new to this platform, but I'm a consistent runner and post often about running topics. Here is an example, but you'll find others on my blog as well: . Thanks for the consideration - looks like a great project!

I got acquainted with the Steem Running Project first of today. Feeling very excited.

Hello, I'm new to this, I like the 0-5k training programme and thought it would be a good opportunity to develop my skills. I've written my first running post here. Please let me know if I qualify. Many thanks and good luck with thr project.
That's my approval post. I post about running weekly and it is frequently brought up in my posts. I've done 3 marathons and dozens of halves. Have no problem with the 1sbd fee becayse I have been looking for a running community on steemit for a while. Thx for your consideration

This is great! I am preparing for my first half-marathon in June, and I'm going to share my journey.
I am new to Steemit, I hope I'll figure how this all works.
I wish you all success with your plans :)

Hi! I am new to steemit and plan to use it to write about my running. I am happy to see that there is a running community here and I would love to join. Her is my intro post.

Congratulations @runningproject, you have decided to take the next big step with your first post! The Steem Network Team wishes you a great time among this awesome community.

Thumbs up for Steem Network´s strategy

The proven road to boost your personal success in this amazing Steem Network

Do you already know that awesome content will get great profits by following these simple steps, that have been worked out by experts?

I started blogging about my runs, actually most of my recent posts are about that so... feel free to check me out i guess? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I would love to get involved with the @runningproject. I'm looking to return to ultramarathons and this project looks to be a great way to get more of us noticed and a bigger community of runners on Steemit. Here's my latest post -

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