Aristotle App - An app to supplement the Utopian Translation Teamwork

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New Project - Aristotle App

What is the project about?

Aristotle App was created to help the translation teams of @utopian-io have a more uniformed and centralised method to keep track of their progress and tasks. Some of the teams are using spreadsheets to manage their work, but if such spreadsheets are not properly managed, they can become a burden instead of a help (I know as I'm part of the Greek Translations Team).


This webapp, which is currently under heavy development, aims to make everything easier. At the current state, the app can handle project assignments and task requests (which were the 2 features I wanted to have immediately available for our team).

There is also basic SteemConnect integration (login and check, and in the future we are going to have a posting interface as well) and user listing. It is not intended to replace the current communication method between Translators and Moderators, but supplement it.


The app was originally started to help our team's Steemit community account, but I've decided to release the source to the public, to be used by the other teams as well.

The current interface is a very basic Bootstrap template, that will be modified in the future.

Technology Stack

The app is currently using:

  • PHP (7.1+ recommended)
  • MySQL (5.0+ recommended)
  • Javascript
  • CURL

It is recommended to run this app on a VPS or a Dedicated server, not on a shared hosting account.

The project is not using any frameworks (such as Laravel).

Future features will require other technologies as well.


There are a lot of things to be done for this project before it is consider half-way complete. The currently planned features are:

  • List of past contributions
  • Automatic contribution/review insertion to Aristotle App's database
  • Check if the contribution/review has been upvoted by @utopian-io and the translation trails (@davinci.witness and
  • Moderator Availability Schedule, so translators can coordinate their activities to this
  • Review comment generation that will be used with @utopian-io's review form and the Moderator's personal comment to show detailed information about the translator's past contribution (the exact details are under consideration)
  • Contribution posting interface, with the correct beneficiaries added in order to support the next feature in this list...
  • (OPTIONAL) LM Fund, if Translators want to say an extra "Thank you" to their Moderator
  • Stats generation (with graphs and other stuff) for #iamutopian contributions
  • Discord Notifications for task replies, reviews and project assignments
  • Better-looking interface

This list may/will change regularly

How to contribute?

You can find me on Utopian's discord if you want to talk. You can also open a pull request on github if you have something to add/fix.

Before opening a pull request, please have a look on the project's

GitHub Account

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Thank you for your contribution. A great start of the project and it will be very helpful among the translations team. In the app, it looks like a repo can have only one translator, is it the case that means no two translators will work on a single repo?

It would have been nice if the indentations would have been better along with removing unnecessary comments like here.

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A great start of the project and it will be very helpful among the translations team.

Thank you for your kind words 😊

It looks like a repo can have only one translator, is it the case that means no two translators will work on a single repo

Yeah, it was tailored to our team (no project has two or more translators), and I meant to change that, but there are other things I wanted to do first. Hopefully within the next few days I'll get to modify it so the same project can be assigned to more than one translator!

It would have been nice if the indentations would have been better

I have the bad habbit of using tabs instead of spaces. I will fix that soon, thanks for noticing it

along with removing unnecessary comments like here

You mean the wall of multiple "do not edit below this line"? I'll remove them, or perhaps replace it with a constructive comment.

Thank you very much for the review! 😊


Thank you for your review, @codingdefined!

So far this week you've reviewed 8 contributions. Keep up the good work!

You named your project after me? That's so cheesy and offending! Good luck with that, I guess.


Old grimey man!

Great work @dimitrisp and as this is certainly a development that will help not only translation category but extend to more categories at Utopian.


It could extend to all categories, and in fact I'm considering to un-categorise it once I'm satisfied with the progress to be used by any category (and even outside Steemit/Utopian, as it is a glorified task manager) in the future.

Thank you for your kind words!

Looks like you did an amazing job, keep rocking man!
Thanks for this extremely useful tool you decided to bless us with!

Have a good day! Long live Aristotle!


Thanks man, please revote me and upfollow your posts if you liked mine!

5/7, would have a good day again!

(In all seriousness I can devote right now, thank you, I hope it will actually be helpful and not make things worse)


Hahahahahaha rekt


Of course I am a "Long live" case! Dude, I'm 2400+ years old!


Get the fudge out of my post, dude. He's talking about the project, not you.

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