Observation and Analysis - Firepower of Spamming 观察与分析之奇葩列传 🔍

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Eclipse of 2016 二零一六的月蚀

Observation and Analysis - The Firepower of Spamming

@kpine, @blocktrades, @thejohalfiles, @roelandp, @acidyo, @arama, @newsflash, @donkeypong, @steemaccess, @damarth, you may not know that you are SUPPORTING a SPAMMER of STEEMIT!

The spammer is @firepower. According to SteeM.V.P. (http://steemvp.com), @kpine is the biggest supporter of @firepower and followed by @blocktrades as the second. I don't believe these whales are aware of the fact that they were supporting a spammer. The major purpose of this post is to point this out and hopefully to get the attention of these whales, so they won't support spammers anymore.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 10.40.55 AM.png
Screenshot of SteeM.V.P. that shows who are the most valuable upvoter of @firepower

Recently, @firepower went to the range of my radar by commenting two of my posts, Link1 and Link2, within a short period. Even though he complimented my posts with the sweet words of These are some incredible pictures! I loved your work! and Fantastic photos of the beautiful beach!, he did not take any effort to upvote either of my posts.

I welcome any sincere comments, no matter it is compliment or criticism, long or short, with or without an upvote. However, I do not welcome SPAMS. Upvoting my post or not, as long as the reader reads my post and leaves a message, I would appreciate it, no matter how simple the comment is. If a reader reads my post and leave a simple comment such as 'Interesting', I would like to say 'Thank you' to the reader for spending time to read my post and leave message.

For Mr. @firepower, apparently it's not the case. Checking Mr. @firepower's history with SteemSQL, I found that he wrote 4,866 comments since September 1, 2017, more than 100 comments per day. Well, it's definitely possible to read 100 posts and leave comment to each post everyday.

Take a closer look at the @firepower's comment pattern, we can find out how many comments he burst out during a short period. The following screenshot of SteemSQL result shows he could 'write' 20 comments to 20 different authors in 20 minutes:

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.02.53 AM.png

Well, you may tell me that it's possible to read a post and write comment in one minute. Let's have a closer look, what kind of comments Mr. @firepower wrote. I just did a random search with SteemSQL to check how many comments are the exactly the same as These are some incredible pictures! I loved your work!, the one he wrote in my post. The answer is, since September 1, 2017, he wrote 67 exactly same comments. Since June 1, 2017, he wrote 91 exactly same comments.

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.09.21 AM.png

Then, I went to his page to check his profile, which shows:

  • About: Steemit.Chat Admin, Project Curie, SteemCleaners & RHW! Helping build a Stronger Steemit Community everyday!
  • Followers: 12,747
  • Posts: 13,415
  • Following: 82,578
  • Website: steemit.chat
  • Rep: 69
  • Steem Power: 30,576

Mr. @firepower's profile makes me believe he is associated with @steemcleaners. As I know, @steemcleaners is an account to fight spam. How comes the member of spamming fighter is a spammer himself? Is Mr. @firepower a experimental account to test the effects of spamming? Highly appreciated if anybody can give me any clue of any relationship of @firepower and @steemcleaners.

In a post of an interview, Mr. @firepower mentioned:
Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.18.53 AM.png
Screenshot of the interview post

What he said sounds very good. But what he did just like Interact as many people as robotically possible with spamming.

Then, I came across a statistics post wrote by @ace108, which counts the top commenters. In the post, Mr. @firepower are mentioned many times. This is a very good resource to read. I believe Mr. @firepower is a spammer. You can go to @ace108's post to check the statistics to make your own judgement whether he is a spammer or not.

@kpine, @blocktrades, @thejohalfiles, @roelandp, @acidyo, @arama, @newsflash, @donkeypong, @steemaccess, @damarth, @livingfree, @vcelier, @analisa, @steemcleaners, @adm, @sherlockholmes: sorry to bother you, and I hope you could read my article and find out whether Mr. @firepower is a spammer or not, and make decision whether continue to support Mr. @firepower or not.

If any whales believe @firepower's action can be tolerated by Steemit, please kindly let me know. I believe I can write a better robot to post comments everywhere to gain attentions from more users.

Thanks for reading.

观察与分析 之 奇葩列传

作为草根的我每天绞尽脑汁写什么文章,正愁观察与分析没有米下锅,这时候 @firepower闯进来了。这不是送上门的菜吗,今天就写他了。

前几天次人给我的两个帖子写了热情洋溢的评论。作为草根,我是门前冷落鞍马稀,好不容易来个评论我都认真对待。去看了一下 @firepower是何许人,结果发现声望是69,SP是三万多。虽然不是大鲸,也应该算个牛人吧。再看他的资料又是steemit.chat,又是steemcleaners,感觉像个人物。


但是 @firepower不一样。去看他的对别人的评论,每分钟一条,很多评论都是一模一样,目测是用一个机器人拿几个模版四处发评论,每分钟一条垃圾评论发给不同用户。


此人的首页信息让我感觉他是steemit.chat的一个负责人,也是 @steemcleaners的负责人。也许我理解错了,反正我是这样感觉的。cleaners不是复杂清理垃圾的吗?怎么负责人带头发垃圾?

然后看到了 @ace108统计帖子发现此人是发垃圾评论最多的人之一。

大家如果感兴趣可以看我写的英文和ace108的统计。我在英文中呼吁赞 @firepower的大鲸们辨别一下此人到底是不是垃圾制造者,这种行为到底能不能容忍。如果这种行为是可以的,我分分钟可以写一个机器人做同样的事情吸引更多用户来赞我的贴。

另外我还想问这个 @firepower到底跟 @steemcleaners到底什么关系?有没有大鲸出面管一管?





© Copyright 所有照片与文字皆为 @nationalpark原创。All photos taken by @nationalpark. All rights reserved.


best post ever today i found out some here in steemit who got balls respect @nationalpark and shame on @firepower

Thanks for supporting

Spamming is a huge problem on Steemit. It's not just these comments though, it's also the masses of low quality posts that seem to constantly get put out by those hoping for a quick buck. Many are often just copying what they have seen in the news, rather than creating anything original. These users need to be removed from Steemit; it is not Steemit's responsibility to feed the third world by allowing them to make 1 SBD a day if they're lucky.

That’s true. Many posts are very short and lack of useful info. Steemit should take some action to reduce those kinds of posts.

Yes, the spamming from high reputation users are much more harmful that the spamming from the low reputation users. Spamming from a former @steemcleaners member is unbelievable.

the spamming from high reputation users are much more harmful that the spamming from the low reputation users.

I agree with this!

I totally agree with you. Yes, spamming of low quality posts is a problem. But the comment spamming of @firepower is more intrusive. The authors may believe the comments come from a real reader, but it is not.

@firepower spamming steemit

i stand with you

nice post keep it up fully agree with this post start following you

Since June 1, 2017, he wrote 91 exactly same comments.

To me it seems he looks at a lot of pictures, and is trying to encourage the people he left the comment "These are some incredible pictures! I loved your work!" To me that is not spam, but I guess to each their own. 4 months and 8 days, 91 same comments, thats what less than 1 same comment a day, and that makes him a spammer? If you took the time to scroll down on his page and look at his comments it took me quite awhile before I even saw a similar comment and the only exact same comment I saw was "Thank You" So I disagree with your view on him being a serial spammer.

  1. I believe I already listed enough evidence to convince me that firepower is a spammer
  2. I showed some evidences in my article and let readers to make judgement whether he is a spammer.
  3. If anybody like you don't believe he is a spammer, I fully respect it
  4. I just did a random search to check how many comments are exactly same as the one he put in my post. The following screenshoot was in my original post. On Oct 7, he sent out this comment 9 times.
  5. I can show you more evidences that he is spammer. But I believe the evidences I showed in my original post is already enough. For more evidence, please go to @ace108's page to read his reports. There are many reports in @ace108's page. This is a sample report. Please read @ace108's reports and make the judgement whether firepower is a spammer or not
  6. I found firepower is spammer. Then, I noticed that firepower mentioned many times in @ace108's reports. And those reports confirmed that firepower is a spammer.
  7. The following screenshot was also in my original article. Please pay attention to the timestamps. About 1 comment per minute, almost distributed evenly for 20 minutes (The burst may be longer than 20 minutes, my screen size limited to 20 records). Can you do this manually? I cannot do it, because I am not a robot
  8. Please check the above and make the judgement whether he is a spammer or not. Whatever conclusion you have, I respect it.
    Thank you very much for reading and leaving message. I do appreciate it.

Thank you. He may use a bot, I don't really know. All I know is when i scrolled back on his comments for a couple of days, I did not see an excess of repeat comments, granted I did only scroll back through 2 days of comments.

I guess he learned how to behave in the last 2 days for not spamming too much 😄
However, he claimed he banned the users who support my post at steemit.chat. Steemit community needs to know the censorship and dictatorship of steemit.chat:
Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.10.10 PM.png

Sometimes people for whatever reason just can not get along. I am sorry you and he have issues that can not be resolved. He is only one person among thousands here on steemit. Why fret over the actions of one individual, when there are so many good people on here. Spam, abuse, and plagiarism, are like beauty, in the eyes of the beholders.

If his reputation was low, then I would simply mute him. But his reputation is 69. His irresponsible spamming action is very harmful for the community. Some of my friends were fooled by him. He post trash to my posts twice in one afternoon. Therefore, I wrote the article. Then he down voted me like mad and use s4s to down vote me. Then 3 whales came to down vote me, though these whales removed the down votes later. Firepower harassed me and threatened me. Then he kick users who supported my post from steemit.chat. I am not able to login steemit.chat. Steemit.chat is a website for appeal, where do I appeal?

As a bystander, please let me know what I should do now?


Perhaps you could re-look at what you consider spam. Re-look at the comments @firepower has made, and who those comments are made to. When I looked at those 2 days, he "Welcomed" a lot of new users to Steemit. I had like 3 people, one of which was a bot, and the other two my wife and her friend welcome me to steemit. Yes his welcome comments may seem trite to you and be seen as spam, but at least he took the few seconds needed to watch the new user post and make a comment to them. As for all the "Spam" on picture post, did you look and see what level some of those people posting pictures were, how many of them got upvotes from him. I don't think, (I looked at 20 random post comments he made) any of them did not receive an upvote from him. Not one that I looked at asked them to come and see his page or to upvote his blogs, or to follow him, He just made some generic comments, upvoted the people's work and moved on. That is not a serial spammer. If you just can not move beyond your narrow definition of spam, then mute really is your only other option. A spammer will not upvote, a spammer begs people, a spammer does not give a shit about steemit community. Your view of @firepower somewhere along the line I think, got extremely skewed, I am not sure how, it happens, conflicting personalities, or archetypes, sometimes people just for unknown reasons can not and never will get along, in those cases, it is either all out war, or mutual tolerance and ignore each other however they can.

Thanks. You may want to check his older comments before I published my article. If you believe it's not spamming, I respect you. I believe it's spamming. Please also respect me.

If you think what he did is not spamming, I have another article for you.

In this article, I proposed a robot to do what firepower can do and can do it better: sending comments to 200 users each day and hopefully to get followers.

The article is just for fun. I will not make this robot, because it's too low for me. I just want to know if there are many users to use this kind of robots or method, whether you still think it's not spamming.




Steemit 是真实世界的一个迷你版,牛鬼蛇神都会有,不要太在意。当然,Steemit 如果想长久发展下去,应该采取相应措施。不过,可能没那么简单,否则早就采取了吧。你的文章都很有意思,谢谢给我们带来这么多独到的见解。


爬楼看了一下发的关于点赞的帖子 👏 ,这里水真深,看来要学会游泳


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I know about him. Tight ass with Upvotes.
He don’t deserve my respect. All talking only he did.
Why don't we just MUTED him
Resteem this for more audiences.

Stop being such Butthurt douchebags! First go and do something useful for Steemit and it's community! Losers!

Dear friend, whatever you say you cannot hide the truth that you are a spammer. Spamming is the cancer of Steemit and need to be cured.
What I am doing is revealing the spammer, that is useful for Steemit. What you are doing is hurting Steemit.
Shame for you! Shame for your country!

You are the real spammer bad mouthing others for your own gain! I've done plenty of work that has benefitted hundreds if not thousands of people on this platform in over a year that I've spent here. Get your facts right!!

But you are still a spammer

Keep thinking whatever it is that you want and live in your misconceptions!

@firepower u r chutiya

Stop flagging me, you spammer. You brought shame to your Country, India!

If anything you have brought shame and ruin upon yourself for trying to defame me and the work I have done towards the Steemit community. If you are really out there looking for spammers then go and look at the platform and catch the real bad ones and you'll find plenty you sock puppet of an idiot! If you are going to come after me for making a bunch of comments and encouraging noobs joining here then prepare to get nuked! Dont complain you weren't given a fair warning! I have people supporting my work just as any other top user and if you cant digest that fact then get ready to make few pennies instead of the dollars that you are! Good luck!

@nationalpark say anything about that asshole dont say anything about india

Are you even part of steemcleaners? The steemcleaners site doesn't mention you. Also, why post the same post twice in such short time?

@nationalpark i think firepower surfing with piles problem hahahhaahahahah @firepower shame on you

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Yes, I totally agree that he doesn't deserve any respect. It takes 2 second to mute him, but if I don't speak out to reveal his spamming action, more readers will be cheated by him. We need to tell the whales who upvoted him that his is a spammer and is harmful to the system of Steemit.

He think other are dumb and voted him up. Think that while he commented he will upvoted theirs post.

You need to look at his comments (@firepower) before making such a comment. I looked at 20 random comments made by @firepower, and he did upvote each and every one of them. Just because a friend or someone that professes to be an expert tells you something you need to verify before accepting it as fact. How many new users on a daily basis do you welcome to steemit, and give a vote to?

I believe you misunderstood what he said

Okay, I may have misunderstood. I am getting tired, and I think I am done with this situation, and will refrain from making any further comments about it. I have already been hit twice by @berniesanders and his house of cards, and do not need to deal with another situation like that, so as I said, I will bow out of this thread and situation.

How many new users on a daily basis do you welcome to steemit, and give a vote to?

Well said!

he did upvote each and every one of them.

Not true.

Actually, many whales upvote him. I am sending messages to the whales to let them know that he is a spammer. If you have any other ideas how to alert @steemcleaners and the whales who upvoated him, please let me know. We need to do something to clean the garbage.

Apparently, he run the site

I host steemit.chat but @firepower does a lot of work as an admin and community manager.

@riverhead , why did he kick me out from steemit.chat just because of this post? This kind of behavior is unacceptable!
I respect your respond to this post.

Also , he don't have the authority to use the Curie Guild keys for his personal vendetta to downvote anyone here.

I plan to write an article about the censorship and dictatorship of steemit.chat. Do you want to provide information? Do you want me to mention your id in the article? Thanks

Did you also kick me out of steemit.chat? I cannot login.
Spamming is spamming, no matter from whom. The spamming from a high reputation user is much more harmful than a low reputation user.
Past contribution to the community should not be the excuse of spamming.
I plan to write an article about censorship of steemit.chat, your help is high appreciated.

I don't believe he is the owner of steemit.chat. Also, I don't believe he is a member of steemcleaners. What do you think? Any evidence?